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Pflanzen Pflanzen Pflanzen!!!!  Davon Lebt ein Aquarium meiner Meinung nach.
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
92x41x55 = 180 liters ~ 47 gallons (us)
Specific features:
So this window Use simply times a little preface to write to the pool.
So I am of Alex (22) and am what aquariums still regards a beginner. I have currently 2 aquariums 20L shrimp pools and a 30L with a fighting fish.
I want to make me the October 2015 this pool and I hope that me this platform is here supportive aside. I have a dream to own a really nice pool South America and I am a beginner what it regards every tip very grateful to counsel.
So sieht es jetzt aus und ich denke damit kann man Leben ;D (14.07.2016)
Ja mein Stolz  😆
Kurz nach der Einrichtung
Unterschrank nach dem Aufarbeiten
So wurde das Becken gekauft
Aquarium decoration:
2-3mm Black gravel approx 26kg

When soil I am still very uncertain what there is the right product or whether it is even necessary. Since I have to mess up my nice black gravel fear. Therefore I consider targeted FertilizerBalls use. (One piece of advice by an expert would be really nice)
No there's not yet in operation.

Are planned so far:

Anubias barteri var. Nana 3 plants at the root (If highly bred just in a bucket with LED illumination)

Echinodorus bleherae Great Amazon sword plant
Javafarn - Microsorum pteropus rhizome
Cuban beads herb - Hemianthus callitrichoides
Eleocharis montevidensis - giant needle ledges
Wenige Zeit nach der Einrichtung.
Beschreibung kommt noch
Beschreibung kommt noch
Beschreibung kommt noch
Pflanzen im Aquarium Juwel 180 Vision (Aufgelöst 2018)
Pflanzen im Aquarium Juwel 180 Vision (Aufgelöst 2018)
Pflanzen im Aquarium Juwel 180 Vision (Aufgelöst 2018)
Special features of the facility:
1x mangrove roots
Do not know if less is more, and I should really only use alone as an eye catcher.
1x Mangrovenwurzel
2-3mm Kies Schwarz bei 100% Beleuchtung
Aquarium equipment:
eco + LED strip DAY 5500K 2x 50cm of ledaquaristik.de
eco + LED strip SKY 6500K 1x 50cm 1x30cm of ledaquaristik.de

Controlled by a LED Time controller TC420

Operated by a 120W max power supply was to be cooled by a fan.

Is planned from 10 to 22 o'clock the AQ to light with 1 hour each sunrise and 1 hour sunset.
Hamburger mat filter mat thickness 30mm / PPI 30 (medium)

Aquael Circulator 1000 flow pump throttled with pluggable pipe system for a better outlet.
Other equipment:
Dennerle CO2 Plant Fertilizer Set Reusable 300 Quantum
Osmotech reverse osmosis system Professional 380L / day
Der Filter von Oben
Hintere Led-Beleuchtung 6500k
Die TC420 mit Netzteil und Lüfter
Filter von der Seite
Vordere Led-Beleuchtung 5500k
Osmotech Umkehrosmose Profi 380L/Tag am 31.8 gekauft.
No there's not yet in operation.

It's planned :
Hemigrammus bleheri (Hemigrammus bleheri) (15-20) are happy also would like more opinions about this.
Butterfly Cichlid Gold, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (1/1)
Ear grating catfish, Otocinclus affinis (8)
Orange Sakuragarnele (ca 80 pieces from my 20L Nano Cube is to be dissolved so then can still much more to be)
Meine Beiden Lieblinge. =)
Einer meiner Rotkopfsalmler =)
Eine von vielen Posthornschnecken =)
Mal aus einem anderen Blickwinkel
Der Chef im Becken ☺
Water parameters:
No there's not yet in operation.
I'll get some advice. Guess frozen food and flakes and tabs for the shrimp.