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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 31866
Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
65x65x65 = 274 liters ~ 72 gallons (us)
Aquarium Becken 31866
Aquarium Becken 31866
Aquarium Becken 31866
Aquarium Becken 31866
Aquarium Becken 31866
Aquarium Becken 31866
Aquarium decoration:
20kg CaribSea Aragamax aragonite sand
Special features of the facility:
ca.30kg live rock
3D back wall with 2 holes for the circulation pumps
Aquarium equipment:
AquaLight Galaxy (100Watt) LED light, dimmable and programmable (sunrise / sunset, clouds, moonlight)
Sunrise begins at 8:30 clock and takes 30 minutes until the lamp at 100% is then simulated through the day all 75min clouds and by 21 clock starts the sunset at again 30 minutes but takes time is the moonlight switched ,
Other equipment:
Aqua Medic Ecodrift 4.0 for the wave simulation
2 times Wave MAREA 2400 MAGNETIC, 2400l / h
Eheim 150W heater
The technology we komlette controlled by a self construction in the cabinet.
Technik im Aquarium Becken 31866
Technik im Aquarium Becken 31866
1x Entacmaea quadricolor
3x Capnella
some disc anemones
3xChrysiptera cyanea
2xAmphiprion ocellaris
2xLysmata amboinensis
1xArchaster angulatus
Lots of hermit and snails
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 31866
Water parameters:
PH 8.1
CA 410
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 4
Magnesium 1310
KH 8.0
Phosphate 0
Salinity 1023
Frozen food, brine shrimp, flake food, Mysis, Krill
Further information:
Since I am still very fresh in the sea water area I am pleased with all advice and suggestion.