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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Malawien
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
123x87x65 = 350 liters ~ 92 gallons (us)
Aquarium decoration:
Were mixed here white sand (20 kg) with black sand (5kg)
I myself, despite the conditions in the lake chosen something green, purely for aesthetic reasons. Have decided here for Vallisneria gigantea.
Special features of the facility:
Have built here pebbles of Aqua della. These have the advantage that they are hollow inside and thus have more hiding options. It resulted from the arrangement some caves.
Aquarium equipment:
In Trine 2 lights are installed. Have a light walk and 2 lamp to 90.% darkened with Allufolie, so I've centrally placed light and Andean sides enough shade zones are present.
Bioflow 8.0 Juwel internal filter
Other equipment:
Jewel eccoflow 600 is used as a flow pump, and flow direction of the water surface in order to ensure oxygenation.
When stocking are the ghosts. Since I am a complete newbie to the world of Malawi, I have read a lot to advance. I decided finally and after mature consideration to put a slight overstocking in the AQ, the current is made up as follows:

4 Labidochromis yellow
5 Labidochromis Mbamba Bay
5 aulonocara firefish
5 Sciaenochromis iceberg
3 Pseudotropheus demansoni
3 pseudotropheus saulosi

Up to now, all kinds very well tolerated and there is harmony in the basin. But'll closely monitor and, if necessary, give the aulonocara and Sciaenochromis still in a separate pool.
Water parameters:
Temperature: 25.7 degrees Celsius

pH - 8

kH - 9

gH - 9

Nitrate - 10.0 mg / l

Nitrite - 0.0 mg / l

is regularly measured with droplet test of JBL

Water change: Every 3 weeks 30%
Tropical Malawi
Tropical Spirulina
1 x week Cucumber
1 x week White mosquito larvae