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l128 30.03.2017
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
200x80x60 = 960 liters ~ 253 gallons (us)
Specific features:
In this basin is my 3rd Aquarium. From I with a 60 liter tank, a short time later came a 240 gallon tank that now mitlerweile been running nearly 10 years. In the fall of 2014 hats then grabbed me and I have made to the planning of my 1000 liters tank (become Items since then "only" 960 liters gross).
So far, I am as always about "quadrupled", let's see if I can do that again;)
For cost reasons and because I like to tinker, I tried as much as possible to build itself. Cabinet and cover I of aluminum profiles, plywood and plastic sheets assembled, is illuminated with LED self-constructed compilation of various components and the water change is carried out semi-automatically by means of a modified Y-tube piece.
Blick von rechts.
Linke Hälfte.
Schauen ok, anfassen nicht:)
Aquarium decoration:
AZ Wels sand for aquariums 0.1-0.6 mm approx 60kg.
I started in the pool with different kinds. Through natural selection, the planting reduced to a few different types that can cope with the conditions in my pelvis. Due to the moderate lighting and the sandy soil in the basin are currently growing:
Various Anubia species
Java moss and another moss species,
2 fern species
Red Tiger Lotus,
Horn sheet,
Green Wend Türtscher water cup (Cryptocoryne wendtii)
Moss balls.
Cryptocoryne wendtii. Meine einzige Pflanze im Boden.
Anubia auf Stein.
Farn auf Wurzel.
Special features of the facility:
4 x XXL root,
Slate from the Tyrolean Alps,
Clay pipes,
Aquarium equipment:
4 x approx 120cm waterproof LED strip: 6000K 3000lm SMD 5050 ("cool white")
4 x approx 120cm waterproof LED strip: 3300K 5000lm SMD 5630 ("warm white")
1 x approx 120cm waterproof RGB LED strip for daylight simulation.

Attached is everything to a LED controller with 5 channels, each channel can be programmed individually. I currently programmed as to constitute a complete simulation of the daily routine, so having sunrise to sunset the Channnels. You could also simulate thunderstorms with this setup, I'll try again soon. The whole construction will cost less than 100 € and is in my opinion a 300-500 € Ready LED lighting to nothing after.

Sunrise begins at 07:00 clock, red light goes on in orange and yellow until then at 11.00 clock in the smooth transition full daylight is reached. From 18- 20:00 clock the main lighting is reduced gradually from 100 transferred to 0% while the RGB LEDs from red-orange to violet and blue. From 20:00 clock there for 1 hour blue moonlight and then ists dark.
2 x Eheim professionel 3600 external filter 2075, theoretical total pumping capacity 2500 l / h.
Filter outputs with diffusers are a front left and rear right attached, so there is a rotating flow in the basin.
Both filters are inputs with 3 Eheim Vorfiltermodulen stocked as the original filter inputs due to their small Ansaugöberfläche the combination of trim and ground are simply unable to cope. There are particles in the prefilter since I've installed significantly reduced and also the filter flow into the two outer filter does not clog more quickly.
Other equipment:
1 x Eheim StreaMon flow pump 1800 l / h to enhance the rotating flow movement in the pelvis.
1 x 300W heater Jäger
1 x DIY airlift helps super against the formation of surface scum.
2 mal Eheim Aussenfilter. Falls die mal lecken sollten, stehen sie immer noch im
Vorfilter Fächer zur Vergrößerung der Ansaugfläche.
Blick von Oben - in der Spiegelung sieht man die LED Streifen.
Y-Stück am Filter Ausgang zwischengeschalten. Beim Wasserwechsel wird ein Gardena
LED Controller. Links Strom und USB Anschluss zur programmierung, rechts die Channels
Strömungspumpe gesichert mit Wasserpflanzen Blumentopf.
Eigenbau Artemio, Kosten: 0€ wenn man die Pumpe schon hat.
4 Segelflossenskalar (Pterophyllum scalar), 2 fixed Couples
17 black Phantomsalmler (Hyphessobrycon megalopterus)
3 Panda armored catfish (Corydoras panda)
9 metal armored catfish (Corydoras aenaeus)
3 Frying catfish (Bunocephalus coracoideus)
2 Witches catfish (Hemiloricaria eigenmanni)
1 catfish Albino, m (Ancistrus sp., "Gold"),
2 L018 "Golden Nugget"
2 L128 "Blue Phantom".
2 butterfly cichlids (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi)
27 Red neon
10 Corydoras Julii
Turmdeckel- and Ramshorn snails.
Besatz im Aquarium "das Große"
Mahlzeit! 13.01.2016
Metallpanzerwels Nachwuchs.
L128 und L018. 21.05.2015. Beide haben Gurke und Zucchini gewittert.
L128 am 13.01.2016.
Panda Gruppe.
Skalar Gruppe.
Panda einzeln.
Skalar im `Stress` - er glaubt gleich gibts was zu fressen.
L128. 21.05.2015
Ancistrus sp. 21.05.2015
L018. 21.05.2015
L128 mit seiner Leibspeise. 21.05.2015
Auch die Hexenwelse stehen auf Gemüse.
Was ist da passiert? Siehe Updates.
Schwarze Phantomsalmler im Vordergrund. Neue Eichelaub-Ecke im Hintergrund.
Eines der zwei Skalar Pärchen mit Gelege. Das andere Pärchen bewacht sein Gelege
Bratpfanne closeup.
Bratpfanne beim abhängen.
L128. Dezember 2015
Besatz im Aquarium "das Große"
Mal mit einer ordentlichen Kamera zur Abwechslung:)
Water parameters:
Temperature: 27-28 ° Celsius,
° dGH: 4-5 (comes with me in Tirol so from the line :))
° dKH: 4-5
PH: 7-7.5
Nitrite: before water changes 0-0.02 mg / l.
Nitrate: before changing the water <20 mg / l.
Iron: 0.1-0.3 mg / l.

Water changes every 1-2 weeks 40-50%.
Water change is carried out semi-automatically by means of a modified Y-tube piece at the filter output. In normal operation the filter pumps the water back to normal in the basin, the water change a Gardenaschlauch connect the leads to the sink and turned over a switch, already Pumps Eheim gradually empty the basin. To fill the hose is simply plugged into the sink and hung into the basin. The whole thing is done in about 60 minutes.

Fertilize with ProFito universal fertilizer 50-70 ml overall at water changes.
* Flakes with or without Spirulina percentage,
* Various catfish chips and pellets,
* rarely bloodworms,
* himself cooked frozen foods (<10% prawns, the rest are peas, broccoli, spinach, garlic and spirulina flakes. The whole was mixed and cooked in vegetable gelatin and then tiefgefrohren.)
* Daily cucumber, lettuce and zucchini, potatoes or peppers pieces.