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Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
170x70x70 = 833 liters ~ 219 gallons (us)
Specific features:
- DIY Cabinet (the previous owner), repainted in Rosewood

- Glass cover (4 slices) to move via e-strip

Tinkered frame baseboards and PVC profiles, painted in rosewood -

- Rear wall and the left side wall of black garden fleece
Unterschrank fertig
leeres Becken
Unterschrank auf Position
Aquarium decoration:
- Flussteine ​​from large to small (itself collected from the Waldaist in
Upper Austria)

- River sand (itself collected from the Waldaist in Upper Austria)
sieved grit hard to define

- The sand every week right again pushed something, because the
Red Heads rebuild something repeatedly
- Anubia barteri nana - dwarf sheet Peer

- Anubia barteri - Broad Speerblatt

The Anubias are a South Stilbruch, but she really liked me and are relatively easy to maintain, and anything else I've tried did not come with my dark lighting cope
Special features of the facility:
- 3 XXXL Moor roots (thanks to Sascha - The fisherman)

- 1 XL Moorwood (thanks to Sascha - The fisherman)

- Some small red Moor roots between the stones

- Alder branches in the background

- Twigs with leaves from above the basin

- XXL Seemandelbaumblätter (approx every 2 weeks 3-4 pieces)

- Boiled beech leaves on the ground
Steine aus der Waldaist
Aquarium equipment:
- 14:30 to 00:30 (because of my working hours as long as pure in the night)

- 2 x ca 1,10m self-made LED lighting
LED Strip Cool White 6000K 14,4W 24V 5050 & 60 Leds / M IP65
glued onto aluminum rail and cover as a cable channel

- 2 dimmer so I can fix both single bars
- 3 EHEIM 1200 XL
Pumping capacity 1700 liters / h
Filter volume 12 liters
Power consumption 25 Watt

equipped with

white filter fleece
blue filter sponge
1 basket Eheim Mech
2 baskets Eheim Substrate pro

- Tunze 3162
Pump capacity 400 l / h
Power consumption 4.5 W

equipped with filter wool and blue filter sponge

- Tunze e-jet as a quick filter
Pumping capacity 1500 liters / h
Power consumption 10 Watt

equipped with black sponge 20ppi

The two internal filters are cleaned 1-2 times per week and to remove primarily the suspended particles
The Eheim 1200XL is cleaned only with strong performance loss!

I want in this pool must never suck sludge, I hope the plan works until now does my plan!
Other equipment:
- 250 Watt EHEIM heater set at 27 degrees

- 1 switch for lighting

- Digital water thermometer of Marina

- Thermometer JBL

- Magnetic Glass Cleaner Floaty
Dimmer für LED
- 4 Geophagus Red Head - eartheater - cichlids (2/2)

- 15 Carnegiella strigata - Marmorbeilbauch tomboy - characins

- 40 Thayeria boehlkei - Angular float - characins

- 7 Peru Altum Red Spotted Scalar - cichlids

- 8 Corydoras sterbai - Orangeflossen armored catfish

- 2 Sturisoma aureum - Langflossenstörwelse

- 1 Bunocephalus coracoid - Frying catfish

- 4 Hypancistrus sp. L333 - yellow Bengal Tiger pleco L333

- 1 Peckoltia sp. - L103

- 2 Hypancistrus sp. L201 - Orinoco angel Loricariid L201

- 1 Anetome Helena - Clea Helena

- Some Melanoides tuberculata - Tower snails
Geophagus Sveni Parana
Geophagus Sveni Parana
Geophagus Sveni Parana
Geophagus Sveni Parana
Hujeta Hechtsalmler
Scobina Rochen
Scobina Rochen
Scobina Rochen
Scobina Rochen
Scobina Rochen
Scobina Rochen
Scobina Rochen
Scobina Rochen
Scobina Rochen
Scobina Rochen Bock
Scobina Rochen Bock
Scobina Rochen Bock
Scobina Rochen Bock
L14 - Sonnenwels
Anetoma Helena
Water parameters:
- GH - 7
- KH - 10
- NO2 - 0
- NO3 - 20
- PH - 7.2

- Temp approximately 27 degrees with light

- Each week 40-50% water change

- Every 2 weeks something JBL Biotopol

- Alder cones (in a holder, so they do not lie around in the pool)
- Frozen foods (black, white, daphnia, gammarus, cyclops and

- Discus granules

- Cichlidengranulat

- Flake food

- Tablet food for catfish

- Self-collected black mosquito larvae

- Self-collected mayfly larvae

Buy live food -: red and white mosquito larvae

- SAK granulated food size 3

- Sometimes Red Fire shrimp

- JBL Activol about 2 -3 x on food per week
Further information:
I tried to design a visually pleasing aquarium South America.
Only the Anubias are a South Stilbruch (and of course the Schneckis), but that had to be
I hope you like my pelvis and I'm open to any advice and take it gladly.