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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Jojos Cubicus
Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
50x60x50 = 150 liters ~ 39 gallons (us)
Specific features:
I have started the basin initially only with reef ceramics and the Sangokai Basics. The first coral covered and most PLC after a few days after two weeks.
Gradually, I still used for the expansion of biodiversity and for more parking space about 4KG live rock.
Becken mit Lampe nach ca 14 Monaten
noch ohne Wasser
Der Anfang nach etwa einer Woche
Übersicht nach 5 Monaten
Ableger`Becken` im Technikbecken
von Oben
Beckenübersicht nach einem Jahr
Aquarium decoration:
2-3cm Dupla Marin Coralit
Special features of the facility:
Riffsäule and little Lendgestein.
Aquarium equipment:
Zetlight Qmaven ZT 6500 90W 4300LM
Activated carbon in the filter sock, if necessary briefly filter sponge in the overflow and Silicate.
Otherwise, permanent use of Aqua Medic Turboflotor 500
Other equipment:
Aqua Medic Turboflotor Blue 500
Tunze Nano Nachfüllanlage
Jebabo WP10
AM Titanium heater with separate control
Jebao DC 2000 pump
Aqua Medic 4 channel dosing system for Sangokai Ca and Kh compensation
Seriatopora Hystrix / Caliendrum
Montipora digitata in red and green, as well as plate-shaped
Acropora echinata

Pavona cactus

Soft / anemone / leather / horn coral:
Mushroom Leather Coral
Kenya sapling
div. Zoanthus
dimpled disc anemones

3 small hermit
grave Ender starfish
2 cleaner shrimps
div. Schencken
an unknown crab

2 Kaudernis (breed regularly)
1 fridmani
1 blenny
Krustenanemonen im Detail
Seriatopora Caliendrum
Water parameters:
Temperature 24-25 ° C
Density 1.023
KH: 6,5-8
CA: 425
MG: 1300
JOD: regular addition without control measurement
NO3: 5-10
PO4: 0.05
mixed frozen food, div. sizes and varieties
JBL plankton Pur
JBL MariPearls
from time to time fresh Artemia
Further information:
The sump is used for some time as an offshoot basin. Become the rehire but because of algae growth in the technology and in the hoses is annoying by the lighting.

Water change is every 14 days 9Liter. Presumably the change due to the addition of trace elements and the Sangokai Basic dosage and the Sangokai Kalkhaushaltsstabilisierung would not at all necessary. I'm doing it anyway to suck eg detritus.