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von vorn...
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
80*35*40 = 112 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Expanded with furniture boards to showcase smaller 10cm wide land portion and rear wall covered with cork and coconut matting.
So sah es Anfangs aus...
Beckenmitte von oben
Der größere Schwamm von oben
Aquarium decoration:
Grey fine grained aquarium sand of Vita Craft, thick enough for anaerobic zones below the mean root darker Kies3-4mm. Also in HMF is sandy.
Green Haarnixe (Cabomba caroliniana), rear right behind the filter mat
left it on the back wall a Schwarzwurzelfarn (Microsorum pteropus)
leftmost one bush from chickweed (I think)
Stern herb (Pogostemon helferi) as Ride on the right root
Dwarf Peer sheet (Anubias nana) as Ride on the middle root
Cuban Perlkraut (Hemianthus callitrichoides) as Fußbepflanzung the middle root
Windelow- and Christmas moss on the roots towards land part
Moss balls between roots u. Lava on Matt filters
Froschbiß (Limnobium laevigatum) as a floating plant
Duckweed introduced,

Mini dwarf water lily "Nymphea virginalis Bonsai"

Efeutute out of the water on the root on the road to the rear wall
Tilandsien, a bromeliad, a small orchid, a small palm plant behind or on the large root.
3 mini-elephant feet, 1 Zwergschwertfarn, high Stubby moss from the garden.
Right a sword fern and a "bobbed")
Miscellaneous moss and from the forest. Garden
Special features of the facility:
The AQ-rear and right side is covered with a black slate replica made of plastic. This gives a nice visual depth.
Moorkien and stone timber (3 roots) along with lava rock as a casing for the HMF, a large Moorkienwurzel in the middle.
The roots protrude slightly out of the water.
A coconut mat depends somewhat into the water and forms the transition to land part. The is equipped with wood, lava stones and orchids mulch.
Landteil links
Lansteil rechts
Aquarium equipment:
Fluval LED light bar "Aqua Life & Plant" 25W, 12h
LED double emitter 2 * 3W morning and evening, for the land plants and a "Twilight" for's Aquarium.
HMF set with Eheim-flow pump to about 120l / h, roughly shaped as a large grazing area for infantry's (invertebrates).
The mat is 40 * 35 * 5cm average density.
Other equipment:
1 Heating 100W at 21 ° C throughout the day
1 Heating 100W at 25 ° C during the day with the main lighting.
Both heating elements are housed in HMF.

So If a day-night rhythm are simulated. The differences are really not very big.

From the HMF a hose leading to the outside (through the rear wall) for easy water draining. Only valve and place the pail underneath.

CO2 will not happen.
verkleideter HMF, die Cabomba ist weg
10 marble dwarf armored catfish (Corydoras habrosus)
10 Mosquitorasbora (Boraras brigittae)
10 dwarf shrimp Red Fire (red cherry) Sakura (Neocaridina heteropda var. Feuerrot)
Mexican "fight cancers" (Hyalella Azteca)
diverse Ramshorn snails
Tower snails

8 Zebra (Triangular, hiking) mussels (Dreissena polymorpha)
6 nerites (probably Theodoxus fluviatilis) - the seller is not sure

Swelling bladder snails
Freshwater polyp

maybe a few fins sucker, flow and grazing land is available
some small hatchet-stomachs o. Zwergkärpflinge for fnish.
For then comes another cover.

When holding the invertebrates good, maybe 2-3 couples Dario.
Mosquitorasbora, Boraras brigittae
Moskito beim Füttern
Dario in `Futterwolke`
Dario Dario
Zimtfarbenes Dornauge äugt hinter der Wurzel hervor
Längsstreifen-Ohrgitterharnischwels - Otocinclus vittatus
Otto von oben
Zwergkärpfling - Heterandria formosa
Panzerwelse bei der Mittagsruhe
Flohkrebse weiden auf einer Mooskugel
Der kleinere Teil des zerbrochenen Schwammes, schon wieder angewachsen
Anadenobulos monilicornis, Neontausendfüßer
Armadillidium Maculatum, Zebraassel
Water parameters:

pH: 6.5
KH: <4
GH: <7
No2: 0
No3: <10mg / l
Temperature 22-25 ° C

Regular water changes changes are not provided. It should be a "Altwasserbecken". See "Miscellaneous"

To make the very soft water invertebrates friendly, is with Dennerle "fit fish Mineral" and "nano crusta mineral" (the latter is almost the same only more expensive because it is nano) aufmineralisiert and GH increased slightly.
Controls will be the state of the auger housing.
Frozen Food (Red rotifers, Cyclops)
Wels tablets (house brand from dealer)
JBL NovoPrawn
Sera Vipgran Baby
Sera Vipgran Family
Further information:
Regular water changes changes are not provided. The mean stress for residents in and outside the habitat. The project should be preserved as much as possible themselves. Moreover Altwasserbecken are more stable. In GDR times, we had only a small, air-operated interior filter with filter wool, to a heater, few small bulbs as lighting and a thick layer of unwashed sand creek. Nevertheless, our pool ran perfectly, even though they were overstaffed significantly by today's standards.

Is refilled with distilled water. Water. Only in the spring is (the fresh water cooler) over 2-3 weeks to simulate a kind of monsoon with daily about 10l of water exchange.