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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Multi-Becken
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
65x40x37 = 80 liters ~ 21 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Multi-basin? Actually, the name originates from multifunction. I wanted an additional pool, which I have an option in all possible situations that may befall one so in aquatics. The pool is not only for rearing breeding there. Good - will certainly happen to anyone. But the intention was another!

Special production of Jeko-hunting . All my wishes have been implemented to the fullest satisfaction.
Longitudinal struts 2cm below the upper edge over the entire pool length. Then there are e-profiles and take two cover disks 4mm thick. Similar to the pool Branjo Bay Lake Nyassea.
A vertical strut on the rear disc, which divides the tank in 1/3 and 2/3. This is for the HMF, so that seals better and makes room for the heater. For more information see Filtering. There is also a shut-off valve in order to divide the pool accordingly.

The multi-basin is in the cabinet from the pelvis Branjo Bay Lake Nyassea.
Aktuell mit Pflanze & Feinfilter
Becken mit Abdeckscheiben
Dreiseitig schwarzmatt foliert
Becken mit Filter und Trennschieber
Trennschieber mit Dichtung im Detail
Trockenübung ohne Trennschieber
Aquarium decoration:
5kg Zanzibar red + ca a handful of gravel grit 2-5mm.
Plfanzversuch a Cryptocoryne usteriana.
Need this for the Great Basin Branjo Bay Lake Nyassea at a later date for a restructuring.
For this I had put in a plant pot and used me from the Dennerle "in Virto". As a planter I took a commercial plant basket ø 13cm & this cut to 5cm height.
Furthermore, I have taken a filter bag and this filled with gravel. Then transshipped Rein in the plant basket and the filter bags - see pictures.
Reason for the action is that I will bring the plant to move as a whole.
Did in the old pool the experience of Cryptocoryne that by reacting the plant, this does not find it so hot and first reacts with a growth arrest. During this period, then even with algae like the leaves before. The Cryptocoryne tolerate just very bad damage to the roots. Therefore, the filter bag. Hope that the roots do not grow through the filter bag.
Learning by doing - let's see. Should funzen, you can always plant the different position in the basin - according to your mood!
Pflanzkorb mit Crypt. usteriana
Special features of the facility:
Spartan! A few stones that are left over from the basin Branjo Bay Lake Nyassea. Just in case, the basin Ruckzuck must be empty to evacuate!
Aquarium equipment:
Is illuminated by a LED 50cm of LEDAquaristik in the light color Sky.
Partially obscured with pipe pieces of pipe installation.
Filtered is again HMF.
Have the Junior Line J35-2 in Black from the HMF shop.
The lower base plate I have separated and replaced with a small PVC sheet. The reason is that I sometimes have to push something along the filter.
In addition, I glued two black U profiles to the filter.
A profile engages in the vertical slice on the rear wall. Ins front profile, a shut-off valve to be introduced. For the action you have to push a little to the filter (sponge). ;)

For infeed support is the fine filter from the Branjo Bay Lake Nyassea included. Did the three weeks not cleaned. From experience I know that SUFFICIENT "sour cream" in it. Scheduled for 2-3 weeks. Then I'll wring the filter cartridge in the tank several times. Should then be seeded enough.
Other equipment:
A 50W Eheim heater.

The rest of the technique is used with the pool Branjo Bay Lake Nyassea.
Both the lighting control via the PL2 light and the power of HMF on Halea V20.
No concrete Bestatz planned.