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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Oldschool Panorama
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
140x55x56 = 400 liters ~ 105 gallons (us)
Specific features:
There is a panoramic pool with trickling filter and an overflow chute
Nothing runs all without cover I will but finished at a different time nor himself.
The pool has 3 holes in the base plate. One each for the filter inlet and filter outlet and a hole in a pipe up about the water level is sufficient. It is used as a cable channel, thereby the basin could be completely pushed to the wall.
Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Rechte Seite des Beckens
Linke Seite
Jaques- Folge mich
Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Die Schwimmblätter des Tigeslotus
Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
eines der ersten Bilder mit besatz
Während des Einrichten
Der Hesteller des Beckens und des Filtersystems
Aquarium decoration:
The ground consists of simple game of sand previously washed well, below that is a breeding ground and there were FertilizerBalls distributed.
A large part of the basin is occupied by various Anubiasarten.

Other plants:
Echinodorus argentinensis
Vallisneria gigantea
Red Tiger Lotus (it always remain a few floating leaves are)
a kind of water friend but I also can not determine precisely
2 Cryptocoryne species I do not precisely know
Special features of the facility:
2 Large roots that they look like lying in each other like a dead tree trunk

some black river pebbles

a coconut shell was planted on an Anubias

Various stones from Bach and shop
Die Kokosnusshöhle
Aquarium equipment:
LED lighting company Blueline hunting with the sunrise and sunset and a moon light

The day and night time is 10.5 hours

The sunrise and sunset be 1.5 hours each

The moonlight turns 2 hours after sunset from 4 hours before sunrise again.

Since me the light was a little too diffusely I placed centrally on the basin still a ca 80 cm long T5 tube that goes in the morning after sunrise and in the evening remain until shortly before the end of the sunset at.
As the sunset by having a more beautiful effect and the pool is better illuminated.
The filtering is performed by an overflow duct and a Rieselfiltersystem. The filter tank stands in the cabinet.

The whole system is very old but works fine.
Now after 5 months the filter has not been cleaned and has not lost any of its power.
The pump capacity is 1250L / h
Other equipment:
An old Bodenfluter I have placed in the filter basin is used as a normal heater, thereby a more uniform heating in the pool allows.

CO2 plant is currently not in operation because my bottle for 10 years no longer has any TÜV. Pay with but soon a new set.
Das Filterbecken
Stocking which was planned for the time being:
1/1 flag cichlids
5 (M / W?) Still quite young Scalar
2/2 butterfly cichlids (2x nature, 2x Electric Blue)
11 Diamond Tetra
6 metal armored catfish
2 Sturisoma festivum
1 Dwarf Pleco
1 L 18 Orangesaum splendor Loricariid
1 L 204 Ringelsocken-Loricariid
3 Peas puffers (a small break in style but my girlfriend also has a small word to talk to)

Remainders and acquisitions:
these fish are non-stocking since I'm looking for new owners for them.
3 serpae tetra
2 Siamese sucking loaches
2 ancient Keilfleckbärblinge (which might no longer could be a move)
1 Ringelhandgarnele
Wabenschilderwels und Sturisoma
Besatz im Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Besatz im Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Besatz im Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Besatz im Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Besatz im Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Besatz im Aquarium Oldschool Panorama
Water parameters:
GH: 4
KH: 6 (acid neutralizing capacity)
Temp: 25 ° C
PH: 7.5 (I'm still trying to find the right method this value to get under 7)

Water levels are measured with JBL droplet tests.

Water change:
Every 1-3 weeks 30-60%. Depending on the frequency.
Frozen Food:
Most of the time, a mixture of white and black mosquito larvae fed.
Where sometimes to bring some variety and bloodworms, brine shrimp and Cyvlops be fed.

Dry food:
Normal Flakes
Adhesive tablets
Green tablets
Cichlid Sticks

Fresh food:
In summer, everything can be collected from a small garden pond and the rest of the garden.
Throughout the year, there are more or less regular intervals and cucumber salad.
Further information:
As fertilizer Ferrdrakon used.
As water conditioner Aquadrakon black is used.
A CO2 continuous test has been installed in the aquarium.
At times when the fish are spawning Seemandelbaumblätter and a tea made from alder cones placed in the water.

From time to time some dried oak leaves is put into the water.