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Malawibecken in der Einlaufphase
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
100x40x50 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The pool was originally a terrarium, which I found. (Yes, actually found). I have cut out all the glass fixtures and cleaned the glass. Substructure, filter and reef was built themselves.

The substructure consists of 10cm thick aerated concrete blocks, including and in between are 16mm shelves from the hardware store. Since the spaces between the columns are only about 35cm tall, fit Ikea Expedit boxes, I have no expectation that bend the plates. Intermediate shelf and shelf and shelf and basin still is each an aquarium-insulating as protection.
Während des Umbaus mit Hilfe ;)
vor dem Befüllen
Es ist dicht!
Jetzt fehlen nur noch die Fische
Aquarium decoration:
approx 20kg silica sand from the hardware store. This is beautifully white and contaminated water does not, as I have previously experienced with many aquariums sand / -kies.

Under the sand is still a 1cm Styrofoam plate, so that the glass will not be damaged due to the heavy riffs.
At the moment:
(Let's see if they survived) 1x Vallisneria
1x Anubias

(qualifier I try nachzureichen, or somebody gives me a hint in the comments. I forgot the name, unfortunately)
Special features of the facility:
- Approximately 40-50kg Basalt Polygonalplatte I've crushed on the reef
- 15kg stones from a stream

Possibly even more stones come into it, if I notice that the hiding places are not enough.
Gesamtansicht im Raum
Aquarium equipment:
1x EasyLed Universal freshwater

Length 895mm
Consumption 44W
Luminous flux (lm) 3824

At the moment, even without dimmer, this was currently not available and will be upgraded, since it is so bright and pretty inflexible.
Later, should also be followed by a moonlight.
Self-made HMF. These two corner sections (black) were in the left corner glued and pushed a 3cm filter mat (10ppi). Is powered the whole thing with an Eheim compact 600th

The filter was then faced with the polygonal. These are stacked and have in between and behind many gaps and holes that can go through the water and provide various hiding places.
Other equipment:
Eheim heater 200W

Not yet purchased but in planning: current pump
Der Filter von hinten

The plan is definitely pseudotropheus saulosi and a few other colorful, small permanent Mbunas. Here I take suggestions welcome any.
Water parameters:
Not yet measured, there still in start-up phase.
Yet none