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Hauptansicht im September 2015
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
Breite: 43 cm, Tiefe: 26 cm, Höhe: 22,4 cm = 23 liters ~ 6 gallons (us)
Specific features:
There is almost nothing eigepflanzt but most of all plants (except for the few Cryptocorynes in the corners) are glued to the handy root pieces. I can so see that almost all the equipment within a few minutes from the basin. A real advantage if you know how small the opening of Edge. Besides, I can so transform the pool in no time at will.
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September 2015
September 2015
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Februar 2015
Aquarium decoration:
coarse sand (about 0.5 - 1 mm grain size) and Aqualit
- Spiky moss, Taxiphyllum spec. Spiky
- Java fern, Microsorum pteropus Narrow
- Anubias nana petite barteri
- Smallest Dwarf peer journal, Anubias nana Bonsai
- Cryptocoryne petchii

Fertilization with JBL Ferropol

Ride on all plants were secured solely with solvent-free instant adhesive (cyanoacrylate) at the roots

the Anubien will never rumgegärtnert in the basin but outside, after which they are rinsed well, I had to complain about no losses in the shrimp because these plants
Anubias barteri nana petite
Cryptocoryne petchii
Anubias nana Bonsai
Taxiphyllum spec. Spiky
Microsorum pteropus Narrow
Special features of the facility:
sawed desert roots and lava rock, black craft cardboard as back wall
Aquarium equipment:
LED unit for Fluval Edge II with 42 LED (for lumen and / or Kelvin does the manufacturer not specified)
Lighting period: 12h
AquaClear Mini external filter cartridge for Eheim airlift sponge as a prefilter
Other equipment:
Hagen 25 Watt rod heaters
Filter und Beleuchtungseinheit
estimated 60 Red Fire shrimp (probably more) that proliferate very well

Bladder snails, snails tower
Na, Frau Nachbarin
nützlich und schön
Water parameters:
Water values ​​of tap water: GH 17, KH 9, pH 7.4
I do not measure the water values. It will be given from me regularly alder cones and almond leaves into the water. I attribute a 30% partial water change weekly.
Shrimp feed (pellets) and almond leaves and natural algae and vegetable waste :-)
Further information:
My desire was to create a wild possible root and plant thickets. The current planting still consists of seedlings that are still proliferate and enlarge. So I hope that also the background and the technology are even more hidden.

I did not want a "miniature landscape" as in Aquascaping produce - even though may well please me something.

I would not really want to imagine the aquarium invertebrates in the category, because I am aware that other users to give an enormous amount of effort significantly more optimal habitats for shrimp produce.
Dear would "Nanoaquaristik" been my category. However, the animals reproduce with me very well, are active, thus appear to feel safe and are beautifully dyed up.

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