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Malawi 350 Liter 120x51x66
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120x51x66 = 350 liters ~ 92 gallons (us)
Aquarium decoration:
Aquarium sand grain 0,4-0,8mm 40Kg, mixed with black pebbles about 7 Kg Körnun 1-2mm
Special features of the facility:
Ca 55-60 Kg Alps rock in size from 25 to 45 cm, 3D Jewel backplane Stone-Granite
Dekoration im Aquarium Becken 31528
Aquarium equipment:
2x LED strips 100cm with daylight simulator
Simulation of sunrise and moon phase

1x LED Strip Sky with 2290 Lumen Power consumption 25W, 6500K
Luminous level was controlled at 65%.
At the same time running a bar 100cm Royal Blue with regulated to 25%
External Filter Eheim 2075 Mechanical filter media were replaced by Biological
Beck filtering 2x per hour
Other equipment:
As a flow pump Tunze 6020 was attached, as well as for surface suction a Eheim Skimmer 350th
Heater thermostat jewel 300 W.

Eheim installation set 1 and 2 with surface nozzle
Eheim 2075
Die Truppe
Pseudotropheus elongatus neon spot
Pseudotropheus elongatus neon spot
Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga
Pseudotropheus flavus 2/6
Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga 2/6
Pseudotropheus elongatus neon spot 4
Water parameters:
PH 8.0
GH 5
KH 7.5
Once a week, cooked a ca 3cm large shrimp,