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mein Mbuna-Tal
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120x50x50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Standard basin, 10 mm stoßverklebt

2cm foam pad as a pressure equalization.
Aquarium decoration:
relatively dark mixture of 20 kg of black sand 0.4-0.8 mm grain size and 10 kg. beige sand 0.4-0.8 mm grain
as the natural habitat of Mbunas occur no plants, I would like to completely do without it.

The reduced appearance with the stone constructions and black back wall is impressive straight without plants and brings the colors of the fish good effect.
Special features of the facility:
because the pool is only 50cm deep I have deliberately not 3D backplane considered for the limited space does not decrease further.

The rear wall and right side window I painted with black tinting, creating a super depth despite only 50 cm wide. One can practically only imagine the rear glass pane in the rather dim lighting.

the structure consists of 25 stones 1 - 20 kg mainly Bavarian granite, in the left expiring area also black / brown basalt quarry stones (presumably) who come from the same quarry

The stones are left of our natural stone wall in the garden design.

The base plate is protected from damage by a 2 cm Styrodurplatte and 4 mm plexiglass plate

The stone structure is intended to represent a transition from the rock zone in the sand zone.
When layers of stones I have ensured that numerous hiding places like caves columns and projections arise (in some cases up to the rear continuous, contiguous, up or only open on one side), - there are a total of 30 determined in different sizes.
The largest stones almost to the surface, in between, there are individual vertical high columns.

The stone building is flowing around on the back completely hinterschwimmbar or water, so all sides can be used by the fish.
Another advantage is that the area between the rear wheel and the stones from the left is clearly visible.
Vorne - 2x T8 - nicht mehr aktuell
vorne LED + T8
vorne LED + T8
vorne LED + T8
links LED + T8
vorne rechts, LED + T8
vorne rechts, LED
hinten - Spiegelbild
von oben
vorne LED
vorne LED
links vorne, LED
links vorne, LED
hinten - Spiegelbild
Aquarium equipment:
front SunaECO 600 LED reef white with controller, Moonlight at 1%, increase from 1% to max. 70% from 6: 30-8: 30, then engagement of the rear T8 tube until 20:00, then dim until 22:00 on 1%

rear 1x Aqua Glo T8 tubes white 40W, darkened to about 3/4 with aluminum foil.
a) Eheim Professional 3600
Pump capacity 1250 l / h
Filter volume 6 l

b) Eheim external filter (1200 XLT)
Pump capacity 1700 l / h
Filter volume 12 l
Heating power 500W
Other equipment:
Tunze Nano Stream 6045
Flow Rate 1500 - 4500 l / h (set to maximum)
Expel Eheim air pump to CO2, thereby raising the pH value in the height.
Eheim 1200 XLT, Eheim 600 u. Kabelsalat
2x Absaugung, 1x Düsenrohr, Tunze
Sunaeco 600 LED und T8 Röhre
- 3/5 pseudotropheus saulosi (females are possibly even increased, but more were currently not have to.)
- 1/2 Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga
- 1/3 Cynotilapia Afra Cobue
- 1/5 Melanochromis Maingano (sex ratio unsure determinable)

Originally wanted to not use more than 3 types, but at the sight of the beautiful Elongatus Alpha Bocks I could not resist

Stocking harmonizes well at the moment, there is only a few harmless scuffles. Hide seem plentiful.
Saulosi u. Elongatus Mpanga Alpha Männchen
Elongatus Mpanga & Maingano
juveniler Saulosi Bock & Mainganos
Saulosis, Elongatus Mpangas
Mainganos, Saulosis, Cobue Weibchen
Saulosi Bock, Mainganos, Cobue Bock u. Weibchen
Cobue Bock, juveniler Saulosi Bock u. Weibchen, Maingano
Saulosi, Maingano
Becken mit Besatz
Becken mit Besatz
Saulosi Alpha Bock im Spiegelbild
Saulosi Alpha Bock
Saulosi Böcke 1&3
juvenile Saulosi-Böcke Nr. 2&3
die 3 Saulosi Böcke
Saulosi Alpha Bock inflagranti am 2. Tag nach dem Einsetzen
Saulosi Böcke 2&3
Saulosi Bock Nr. 2 mit Weibchen
Saulosi Bock Nr.3 beim Umfärben
Elongatus Mpanga Bock
Pseudotropheus Elongatus Mpanga
Elongatus Mpanga Bock
Elongatus Mpanga
Elongatus Mpanga
2 Elongatus Mpanga Weibchen
Elongatus Mpanga Weibchen - beide trächtig
Elongatus Mpanga Weibchen mit vollem Maul
Maingano Gruppe
Maingano Gruppe
Maingano Bock
Maingano Bock
Maingano Bock
Maingano extra lang :-)
Maingano Verstecke
Maingano Höhle
Maingano Pärchen von vorn
Saulosi u. Afra Cobue Böcke
junger Cynotilapia Afra Cobue Bock
Cobue Weibchen
Water parameters:
Temperature: 25 ° C
pH: 7.8
GH: 16 ° dGH
kH: 12 ° GCH
Nitrates: 20 mg (already comes with 20 mg of the line)
Nitrite: <0.01 mg

Water change 40% per week
JBL Spirulina, Tropical Malawi, cucumber slices, peppers, lettuce
Further information:
this is my first Malawi basin, it had previously operated as the Amazon basin with lots of plants. Now excites me the exact opposite very.

The aquarium is in the hobby room on an old hardwood desk.

I use my old 300L pool and relatively simple technique to make my first Malawi / Mbuna - to gain experience.

After a period of apprenticeship, I plan later mentally already a bigger pool (min. 650 liters, min. 180 cm) anywhere in the living area.