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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
81/36/50 = 125 liters ~ 33 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Standard Jewel Basin Rio 125
Original jewel filter removed and replaced by an external filter.
Standart cover removed and replaced with self-made from acrylic glass
Aquarium Tanganjika Buddelzwerge
Aquarium Tanganjika Buddelzwerge
Selbstbau Abdeckung
jetzt auch mit Mondlicht
mit neuer LED Beleuchtung
frisch eingerichtet
Aquarium decoration:
Sand 0.4 -0.9 grit 25kg
Coral sand fine 5kg
Initially 10cm high!
2 × Anubias barteri var.nana on and tied to stone
Growth: slowly
Light: low
Special features of the facility:
Holestone ca.20kg
Vineyard snail shells about 60 pieces
Styrofoam plate 1.5cm to protect the soil under the stones
Backsheet with stone patterns and tree roots from previous
Dekoration im Aquarium Tanganjika Buddelzwerge
von der Seite mit LED
Aquarium equipment:
Led Strip 60 cm in light blue for Malawi basin
Lighting time: 11.00-21.00 clock
Moonlight Led strip 25 cm long
Lighting time: 21.00-22.00 clock
Tetra Ex 800 plus
Original fitted but without charcoal but with Korallenbruch
Ca.800l / h
Other equipment:
Heater from Eheim 100W
Power strip from Brennenstuhl 6 compartment with 3 switches
Surge protector in the AC outlet
Timer for light and one for the moonlight
Auströmrohr leicht nach oben gerichtet
Led Streifen und links Led Mondlicht
Tetra Ex 800 plus
Technik im Aquarium Tanganjika Buddelzwerge
Neolamprologus multifasciatus (Much Striped shell dwellers)
3m / 4w and to my delight after a short time young
Size: 4cm figure 2.5 to 3cm females
Offspring with different age
Wendy und Bob
Besatz im Aquarium Tanganjika Buddelzwerge
Besatz im Aquarium Tanganjika Buddelzwerge
Besatz im Aquarium Tanganjika Buddelzwerge
Water parameters:
Temperature: 26 ° C
Ph: 8.0
Gh: 14 ° dGH
Kh: 14 ° GCH
No2: nN
No3: 5mg
Water change weekly 20l
Tropical Tanganyika Flakes
White mosquito larvae frozen
Daphnia frozen
Further information:
After four weeks of run-in phase are on the 12.31.14 7 multinationals drafted
When ratio males to females not so beware when buying well!
Brown algae sometimes more, sometimes less, and other algae are now also slowly.
But I think belonging to a pool so somehow it!
In the lake everything is not sterile!

The Led lighting looks in the pictures brighter than it is in the pool !!!