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Projekt `Tanganjika` - Hells Kitchen
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
120x60x50 = 360 liters ~ 95 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium is custom made by a befreundetem Aquarium farmer from float glass 12 mm, stoßverklebt and the windshield is made of white glass. The longitudinal struts are patched at our request, because this tank should initially follow a different determination.

The aquarium is in a self-constructed Aqua Regal. In this shelf stand two aquariums and this is the 2nd floor in our "Tanganyika - Project"!
das gesamte Projekt `SandStorm - Tanganjika`
Aquarium decoration:
Rhine gravel
60 kg with particle size 0.2 -0.8 mm
.. It's a pflazenloses pool!
Special features of the facility:
Rear Back to Nature Rocky

..... In hindsight somewhat "clumsy" solved, but with sin we must first live .. sinniger it would have been, the HMF to build behind the rear wall! Well ... you can think about it a thousand times and finally one has but at least one thing that you would do better next time!
Also this basin is from old stock and was once a "Malawi" - Aquarium, which we here do not have online under the name "Sandstorm" Mdoka "!

2 x module Back to Nature, which serves as a cave on the ground ... the other module is read from the top of the aquarium, attached to the central bar and assumes the additional shadows in the pelvis. It was only attached to the central bar and can be taken during maintenance out.
Aquarium equipment:
LED lighting:

2x lightbar Aqua-style LED RGB cool white 210 mm

Lighting control by GHL Aquarium Computer ProfiLux 3 Ex

We opted for this type of lighting, because we thereby endless possibilities of designing lighting scenarios are given.

The LED - strips were attached by self-made and are controlled by a computer ProfiLux GHL Aquarium.

In the project "Aquarium - shelf" [Sandstorm], we have for the first time the RGB - lighting changed, by affiliating color channels.

In designing the Tagesverlauf's we have tried to note any special conditions on light intensity and spectral and this held firmly in programming. For more information you can read on our site!

Find out more about light in the aquarium

In the basin are programmed with simulation. The Belechtung runs continuously in our 24 hour / 7 T!
Hamburg mat filter (HMF)

Filter mat black coarse, 50 mm thick, with dimensions 520X490 mm in the right rear corner as a semi-curved design

Thus, the HMF has a mat size of 2548 cm2, which is not used in real terms - to draw from are ground / mat over water surface and mounting! So we come to approximately 2,200 cm2!

Currently, the filter is still by EHEIM - operated pump, but the conversion to airlift is imminent ....
Other equipment:
GHL Aquarium Computer ProfiLux 3 Ex, this controls the entire aquarium - Regal (see Tanga "Cave")!

be used (partly double occupancy):
+ ProfiLux 3 Ex
+ ProfiLux View II
+ PH - electrode
+ Temp - Sensor
+ Conductance - electrode
+ 2X LEDControl4Active
+ Powerbar6D - PAB (strip)
+ 2X expansion card PLM - 4L
+ ProfiLux Tunze 1 (cable flow pump)

The controller (ProfiLux 3 Ex) is integrated in the Aqua Regal, communication technology LED - GHL was installed separately removable disk technology to a right on Aqua Regal!

Flow pump Tunze Nano Stream 6055
for aquariums from 40 - 500L
Flow capacity: 1,000 to about 5.500l / h
Energy consumption: 4 - 18W
Power Supply: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Cable length: 5m
Dimensions: ø70, emissions: ø40 / 15mm
Magnet Holder with Silence clamp up to 15mm glass thickness

The current pump (SP) is also controlled by the ProfiLux and considered, inter alia, a "night mode" / an increase in the simulation "storm" to automatic shutdown during maintenance and feeding! The SP is running a 24-hour / 7 T by, it is automatically controlled by the ProfiLux and moves a percentage between 60% and 85% power, night mode up to max. 20% in simulation it runs up to 100%!
will be given later ....
Water parameters:
will be given later ....
will be given later ....