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Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
100x40x40 = 160 liters ~ 42 gallons (us)
Aquarium mit normaler Beleuchtung 10.01.14
Aquarium in normaler Umgebung
Beleuchtung hochgedreht
21.02.15 volle Beleuchtung
Aquarium decoration:
Feiner Aquarium sand white nature with a particle size of 01-09 mm, mixed with black similar to fine sand to look darker. Gründeln Optimal for pangio for.
Ceratophyllum demersum (Ceratophyllum demersum)
Comes almost anywhere in the world before and, if you make sure that the water is clear and settle any particles in the tender plant, absolutely undemanding and fast growing. My shrimp love it in the plant to sit and browse the delicate stalks for food. Grows floating with me at the water surface.

Giant Vallis (Vallisneria americana gigantea)
Comes from Asia and is an undemanding and fast-growing plant that you should place in the background due to their large size. Makes its flooding leaves for shading of the aquarium.

Green Wend Tscher water cup (wendtii Cryptocoryne '' green '')
Comes from Sri Lanka and grows with me slowly but steadily in the foreground and multiplies by stolons plants.

Java fern (Microsorum pteropus)
Comes from Asia. Robust, slow-growing plant which is not implanted but somewhere should untie or stuck between.

Water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes)
A decorative floating plant, which multiplies very quickly, and with their long roots looks very decorative. Can be kept in garden ponds and can withstand strong currents and heat under the cover bad in the summer.
Special features of the facility:
The pool is geared primarily to the needs of the thorn eyes, so are located in the central part of the aquarium a lot of river pebbles, lime-free, from the Lahn, which are placed without danger of collapse so that make a lot of gaps and cracks love that thorn eyes, because they with fondness by all tight squeeze. So there are more than plenty of hiding places.

Also close by are two pools coconuts which have drilled holes which have approximately the diameter of a thorn eye.

For the optics bedindet at the center of the aquarium a Morkienholzwurzel.

In addition, branches (beech, oak, etc) were placed that they go from the top down into the water.

The rear panel consists of a 100 cm long cork. The rind is slightly in front of the disk so that the bark is completely hinterschwimmbar, just some holes for the thorn eyes were drilled. The bark is kept in the water, hidden by two bricks that are connected by stainless screws with the bark the bricks to the ground and the numerous stones. Additionally black Tonpappe was stuck behind the aquarium because the bark unfortunately does not cover the entire rear pane.

Zusätzlch are always alder cones, oak and beech leaves and almond leaves in the basin.
Dekoration im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Dekoration im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Dekoration im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Dekoration im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Backstein zum fixieren der Rückwand
Dekoration im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Aussschnitt Rückwand
Ein Eichenast treibt wieder neu aus
Dekoration im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Aquarium equipment:
The pool is illuminated hanging with a LED strip light in color SUNSET 3500K 80 cm long and over the pelvis.
The strip is continuously dimmable thanks to an LED dimmer and runs with me throughout on the almost lowest dimming, which is absolutely sufficient for me. (Output power: max. 24W (100cm LED)).
The LED power supply is a 12V DC transformer (capacity: 5A 60W Desktop Power Supply).

Lighting time: 11- 22: 00h, controlled by timer.

I ordered everything on the page: www.ledaquaristik.de I can only recommend.

Note: In the picture, the lighting for better pictures has turned up so brightly, it is usually never in my pelvis.
Hamburg mat filters, fixed by means of two glued cable channels in the basin. The lower mat is extremely fine and 3 cm thick, the top rather coarse and also 3 cm thick.
Is operated all with an electronically controllable diaphragm pump Hailea ACO-9610 the 600l / h can promote an hour and a Czech airlift PVC-U of 400l / h creates the hour.

The diaphragm pump and the air lift I have at: shop.luftheber.com bought this product also highly recommended.

Generally, I can highly recommend Hamburg mat filter, absolutely efficient and almost maintenance free, also to keep shrimp like on the filter mats and look for fressbaren.
Other equipment:
A heating rod: Hunter 3615010 aquarium heater thermostat 125
On CO2 I renounce what the unassuming Planzen explains.
Technik im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Technik im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Beleuchtung LED
Technik im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
12 pangio (Pangio kuhlii)
Coming from Southeast Asia and among the loaches. Although these animals are often kept them held frequently incorrect. Pangio live in nature hundreds streams, making them one should keep in an aquarium at least 6, the more the better. They are shared between leaves and stones. Stones should be abundant in every thorn eye basin and narrow gaps form because pangio columns love and it often unfortunately often happens that female thorn eyes spawning hardening die because they lack the ability to strip the spawn. There are arguments even if pangio need the stones also forced to increase or whether they are free spawners. The multiplication is already managed by chance but nevertheless are still most pangio Wild. The pangio pool should be at least 80cm long since pangio can be up to 12cm large. Dorn eyes are considered shy and nocturnal but what I can not confirm important to pangio also be seen during the day is a darkened pool with some hiding places, so that the loach feel safe. Dorn eyes are omnivores but prefer small live and frozen foods. They are very peaceful aquarium inhabitants. It is important that you still. Pangio if possible as infrequently as possible to the Net begins as thorn eyes with your thorns in it can be caught and the mucous membrane is damaged Since pangio live on the ground and there are most bacteria die the thorn eyes in most cases because of this injury shortly after insertion. They say some three months after the onset of the thorn eyes are acclimated and after this phase and if you are considered the matter of the spawning pangio rugged, peaceful and cute aquarium inhabitants that can be up to 16 years old over the mountain.

Endlerguppys (Poecilia wingei)
Include Geopraphisch definitely do not live in this basin now but from Beck shortage here because I need them as live food.

Red Fire Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda var. Red)
Come from Taiwan. Small Zwerggarnelenart the multiplies very quickly.

Apple snails (Pomacea bridgesii)
Coming from South America

Tower snails (Melanoides tuberculata)
Coming from Asia.

Ramshorn snails (Planorbarius corneus)
Coming almost everywhere.
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
und, wieviele sinds? :D
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Red Fire und Zebrabärblinge
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
Besatz im Aquarium Dornaugenbiotop
erfolgreiche Häutung
Water parameters:
PH: 6.7
GH: 6
KH: 3
Nitrite: nn
Nitrate: 5
Temperature: 25 Celsius
Frozen foods: brine shrimp, Mysis, cyclops, tubifex, black mosquito larvae, bloodworms.
Live food: black mosquito larvae, white mosquito larvae, Tubifex and especially home-grown artemia.
Vegetables: cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, kohlrabi, actually go off just the snails and shrimp.
Other: micro-organisms in the sludge, different leaves, alder cones, plant residues. The thorn eyes also like to eat a worm, preferably tower snails, but not so many that you should use pangio or other loaches for snail control.
And Spirulina and rarely something like Tetra TabiMin, TetraMin Granules, TetraMin Crisps.
Mainly there are Frost and live food and vegetables.
Is fed only every other day, as the thorn eyes can also find food in the sludge.
Further information:
Covered the aquarium with a plexiglass window.
Water change every 7 days with 60 liters of rain and tap water.