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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Branjo Bay Lake Nyassa
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
150x55x55 = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Pool from 10mm float glass of JEKO-hunting .
The pool is on three sides with opaque film in matt black pasted. Right side window partially cut contour.
Covered with 4 x 4mm discs. To the right and left of the center bar 2 pieces that are done in black E-profiles. These are bonded to the longitudinal webs. Thus, I can cover disks relatively easy move - quasi sliding as cover.
Substructure consists of aluminum profiles of 45mm Aluprofiltechnik included T-connector in the heavy design.
Intermediate shelf and aluminum frame and aluminum frame and between each pool is a kitchen worktop and a foam rubber mat. The kitchen countertops, similar to the appearance of my rooms are umleimt sides.
Side and the aluminum frame with IKEA shelves is covered, I sawn and umleimt to the appropriate dimensions. The shelves are the same color as the furniture in the room.
From a front aluminum frame is fitted with sliding doors made of 4 mm float glass. This I did with a frosted glass sheet provided.
As a top end I have built a cover - completes the overall picture better. This cover is also made of aluminum profiles. Cable penetrations I myself have worked. Covered the whole thing with 3 aluminum composite panels 3mm in white , whom I have glued a recessed grip. The cover plates make a very high-quality impression. Are dimensionally stable to date and can be edited quite easily.
Aquarium Branjo Bay Lake Nyassa
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Relaunch bevor das Grünzeug drin war ;)
Aquarium Branjo Bay Lake Nyassa
Aquarium Branjo Bay Lake Nyassa
Komplettkombination mit Multi-Becken
Kabeldurchführung im Alu-Profil
Alu-Rahmen ohne Abdeckplatten
Abdeckplatten aus Alu-Verbund-Platte
Abdeckung komplett
Alu-Profile mit T-Verbinder
Gesamtansicht: 3-Cluster-Variante auf maximaler Länge verteilt.
Gesamtansicht: 2-Cluster-Variante auf 45cm verteilt.
Becken von oben mit Abdeckscheiben & Beleuchtung
Blick aus der Chilling-Position ;)
Aquarium decoration:
To protect the floor plate, I have the basin completely covered with 5mm Plexiglas.
For use 2 types have come from sand.
Once 25kg beige Aquarium gravel from Chic-mineral in the grain 0,63-1,25mm. In addition I have partitiell 10kg Zanzibar red mixed.
Furthermore, approximately 0.5 kg of natural colorful pebbles in 2-5mm. Pay a little gravel / rock bring me in 1-5cm around it to finishing visually.
Currently there are no plants are introduced.
Games but to make the idea even one or the other. In my predecessor's pool me the facilities have fallen with plants always best.
Have some ideas about what you could do so. Surely there's what's going to happen ...;)
Special features of the facility:
Most of the facility is equipped with modules of AF-style were realized. In addition, isolated few natural stones to round out the overall picture.
The following modules in optics Basalt / gneiss I've used:
1x module S - centrally divided and glued to the rear wall.
1x module E - divided longitudinally and respectively glued to the side windows.
1x module M1 - glued to a glass plate 60x15x0,6 cm.
The glass plate is commercially available from the bath department of a hardware store, conceived as a mirror shelf. The first attempt to glue the module on Plexiglas has at least not work for me and the adhesive dissolved.
The module M1 can be moved depending on your taste in the pool now.

The two sections of the module S are still provided with 50mm holes and round grilles in order to ensure a circulation behind the modules. Top Abedckung for the modules are open. Optional I could still fit the space and use it as a filter.

The two sections of the module D to the side windows hide a filter and the flow pump (right side). Secondly, I have thus created a niche (left side). Optional I could hide a quick filter here. Took over from my predecessor pools this niche. There was / is integrated heater and then a quick filter. This has done Hervoragende work. I've always been very happy with it - no suspended solids in the water! This option I wanted to leave me again.
The modules on the side windows are hinterschwimmbar. Have accordingly space left.
Trockenübung ;)
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AFStyle Module
Dekoration im Aquarium Branjo Bay Lake Nyassa
Aquarium equipment:
Illuminated the basin by means of a LED strip.
I had several options on the screen. Then got me but ultimately for a Daytime Cluster Control with the light color UBRW decided.
UBRW = Ultra Blue Red White. The LED strip is dimmable.
I chose the special of 80.2 plus additional cluster - thus I have 3 Cluster.
80 for the pool length - 2 for two clusters.
However, the length of the lamp is reele only 73cm (aluminum body).
The cluster can be positioned as required on the aluminum body. In the beginning I had the cluster a center, as well as one at the ends of the bar. Meanwhile I test different placements of the cluster in order to realize the best result for the illumination of the pelvis for me. Currently I have 3 cluster at a distance of 15cm each other in use. Thus, I come to a total length of the cluster set of 45cm (measured at the outer edges of the two outer clusters). This pleases me personally much better than before.
My wishful thinking was that illuminate the center of the pool and the pool edge darken down slowly.
Further tests are still tackled, eg the use of only 2 clusters or a cluster of another color Spectrum. Do I have to but yet aufschlauen ...

The light color of the cluster (UBRW), in combination with a controller / controller or an aquarium computer displaying an imitated daily routine with sun up & ruin and, depending on the controller, additional lighting scenarios.
By controlling, the individual color channels (blue, red & white) control individually.
Since the clusters are equipped with high-power LEDs, you get very nice to see the so-called "sun squiggle".

In the current configuration of the cluster I have a maximum illuminance on the color channel for white of 28% and for Blue to 30%.
In the first arrangement of the clusters I had with White a maximum of 35% and at Blue unchanged at 30%.
The maximum illumination runs from 13-18h. Sunrise 2 hrs (from 11h). Sunset 3 hrs (21-0h). Between 18-21h reduced Taglicht. A Manual furnished Mondlich expires 0-1h from 2.1 to 0% in blue.

Additional 31.01.2015:
Have now also the 2-cluster variation tested and these I keep at first. It pleases me personally best. The distance between the two clusters is now 25cm.
Accordingly, I had to raise the illuminance. Maximum I now operate the cluster at 40% on the canals blue & white. Red is only mixed with the evening to a beautiful light scenario to represent sunset. The course of the day is almost identical gebleiben opposite the 3-cluster variation.
The basin is a gefilte HMF. I am an absolute fan of HMF.
After a self-made variant with curved mat I had the predecessor Basin in use, I have decided on a diesemal Profiline P50-3BL from HMF shop. In addition, the HMF is filled with Siporax Mini. In this combination of filters is titled as "reactor" - Let's see ...;)

Operate the filter via an air pump and two airlifts from the HMF shop to Czech design.
In various communities is recommended as air lift the so-called GN-airlift. I had my times come two of the variant 1, these two species tested airlift. Mich could not convince this GN airlift, even if the GN are touted as maintenance-free over the Czech. The Czech must be regularly "waiting" - in other words, the air inlets (0.8mm) in the riser must be freed because they clog over time. With a toothbrush just for the aquarium (!!!) that's done at WDW in 2-3 min.
The soundscape that develop the GN are not suitable for living rooms, in my opinion. For breeding facilities in separate rooms or in the basement are certainly top - but I can not judge.

To make the HMF virtually invisible to the pool, I have chosen this in the version with black filter sponge.
Furthermore, I had the filter by Plexiglas plates lift by 3.5 cm, as this is designed for pools with the standard height of 50cm. A special size would have to get over the HMF shop, but apart from that. Lined with little decoration, it can not be seen.
More information can be found in HMF shop - there is also a pro Line Data stored with any information about the filter, such as filter area, filter performance, flow velocities after Deters ... etc
I saving me now.

I have written above in the section "Other facilities" nor the options to use a mechanical quick filter and I could assemble the rear wall modules with various filter materials and these also operate as a filter.
Let's wait ml from which the "reactor" may and if I have to refuel when it comes to filtering again. Prepared every which way I'm sure!

Addendum 11.02.2015:
Due to rising pollution of the water with suspended particles I have since 2 days a filter run for mechanical cleaning. As a quick filter I would not describe this as the max. Pump capacity 650 l / h has nothing "fast" to do with. Nevertheless, the filter met his service.
After a few days recherche what the market offers so, I have decided on the following combination:
I use the Eheim Powerhead 650 with a filter sponge from Tetra, the Brilliant filter. The filter sponge is very fine.
I have chosen deliberately for a small pump capacity because the filter compared to the HMF & SP sits and I wanted to create no counterflow. The filter is turned by 180 ° and is upside down in the basin, so that approximately 0.5 cm of the filter cartridge look out of the water. This measure is intentional, as the biological filter narrowing may not get the full power, I have a slight ridge skin on the water and this will filter out with. The effect of mechanical filters can be regarded as very good, as previously the light cone of the cluster was to be seen in the water - a result of reflection from airborne particles. Now the water is almost "invisible". The beam of the cluster is no longer perceptible.

Addendum 04.27.2015:
Since I was not 100% happy with my filtering, I have again intervened in the system and modified the following points:
HMF: The HMF I first "lowered" - ie I have the 3.5 cm Plexiglas plates removed. Furthermore, I was now forced to close the HMF top, so that the water flows over the top not in the HMF. This I have done with a piece of 3cm filter mat PPI20. At the same time I decided for a new LH. Although the LH with 90 ° bends have a better water management, but lose again (subjectively) to power [...]
Other equipment:
To operate the HMF an Air Pump V-20 AquaForte is in use. This is currently operated with a power controller, since the power of 20l / min air currently still too much are two airlifts. My multi-basin, what is to come, is then also supplied via the V-20.
With the power regulator the V-20 runs super quiet and is very well suited for living rooms.

As a flow pump (SP) is a Tunze Nano Stream 6040 electronic controller in use inclusive.
The SP is an evolution from the house Tunze and has been available since the end of 2014. Due to the compact construction method, the SP can hide behind the super Deco, so this did not really stand out.
Another reason for my purchase decision was that the pump can be controlled via the associated controller.
I use the SP with waves and night setback. Is certainly not a must-criterion in the aquarium, but I wanted to have that! Since I am a certified diver, I know it, like fish in Habbitat with flow, Wellenschalg & Surf deal. That's what I wanted to portray in my pool!
To take advantage of the night mode of the controller is for a photocell from emergencies - there are suitable in Tunze and is not included.
Short few data on the SP: for pools up 500l. Strömugsleistung to 4500L / h. Consumption to 13W. Hab powerful "wind" in the tank. For pools with an edge length of 150cm it should be appropriate in any case. Let's see how the next few months is reflected so ...
Addendum 31.01.2015:
Unfortunately, the night setback funzt not so, as I have wished. The TUNZE 7097.050 Moonlight on the night set a photocell. However, this photo cell reacts only when light is coming right off. I would have this photocell directly under a cluster Laying & this with min 70% brightness operate, so they switched. Well .. shame ...
I now turn the SP in the waves on the PL of 10-22h.
PS: For lovers of the sea water division - I have an Moonlight left)

In order to ensure a good flow through the rear wall modules, I have a Eheim compact 300 in use. This is throttled down to a minimum and to promote the manufacturer 150l / h. I suck in a module and pump a Schlachreduzierung to 12/9 to 9/6 in the other module.

When I use a heater Eheim Thermo Control 125W.

As MSR unit for my pelvis a GHL ProfiLux 2 is light in use. A combination of aquarium computer and power strip. One can the PL2 light than the spartanischste version of an aquarium computer call. This is no longer selling by GHL and you may get it again even for any remaining stock. I got my friend on the display portals needed. Current firmware and software are still made by GHL available, so you can still use this very well.
The following functions do I use it:
Lighting control: means ProfiLux Controll & integrated LightComposer you can create very beautiful light settings. Among the courses you can also turn on specific scenarios, such as cloud flying, rain with lightning, real moon phase, etc. I only use the clouds as flight scenario.
Temperature measurement: I oversee the PL which Beck temperature. A probe was there. In ProfiLux Controll I have the monitor assigned to an electrical outlet, would turn my heater if temperature is exceeded, for example. Exactly the same could be done with a temperature falling below. I use only the Temp Max.
Usually working today usually very reliable heater. Since I am not a day at home, there is a security feature to a boil the fish, the so-called fish soup, to avoid for me.
Maintenance function: This function has the nice advantage that one off at TWW relatively quickly, the relevant consumer as heater & pump & various can reconnect. If you want, you could also deposit an appoint for light, eg LED channel 1 to 100%.
For me the light PL2 is the entry into the world of the aquarium computer.
Latest Models & developments are one of all over the world, as far as [...]
Position HMF & SP. Seitenscheibe ist jetzt foliert.
TUNZE Turbelle nanostream 6040 electronic
GHL ProfiLux 2 light
Umgebauter HMF
LH 2/3 eingetaucht
Tunze Comline 3162
Currently there are:

0,0,6 synodontis petricola
ACEI Pseudotropheus 0,0,6
0,0,6 Labidochromis caeruleus
1.2 Otopharynx tetrastigma
1.2 Fire Fish
1.1 Sciaenochromis fryeri

The Ps. ACEI I'm not sure yet. Between 2.4 and 4.2, anything goes. The plan was 3.3 - a look ...
The Labidochromis I'm sure 99% that it is u 2.4. One of the 1.0 but has not risen in the well 3 months übehaupt. He's still a pipsqueak, as I bought it. The other 5 have sharply risen, as well as all the other fish!
Meanwhile there the first "full cheeks"! ;)
Die Cheffin ;)
Lab. caeruleus + Sciaenochromis fryeri + Plac. sp. Jalo Reef
Plac. sp. Jalo Reef + Lab. caeruleus
Otopharynx tetrastigma
Synodontis petricola
1,0 Sciaenochromis fryeri
Lab. caeruleus, Ps. Acei und die Fryeri-Dame
Otopharynx tetrastigma
Pseudotropheus Acei
Kampf ums Grüne Teil 1
Kampf ums Grüne Teil 2
buntes treiben :)
Water parameters:
Stand 01.05.2015

Temp: 24 ° C
pH: 7.66
LW: ≈ 633 s / cm
GH: 12
KH: 8
NO3: 20 mg / l
NO2: 0 mg / l
Small addition to nitrite value. About the droplet test I measure 0. About a photometer I measure residues of NO2 <2 mg / l. Unfortunately, the indicator should be no finer to accurately measure it.

City water over a period of 4 months and 3 measurements.
pH: 7.38 to 7.66
LW: 587-621 s / cm
GH: 13-16
KH: 7-9
NO3: 18.4 to 22.1 mg / l
NO2: <2 mg / l
Copper: <0.01 mg / l
Chlorine & phosphate: <0.3 mg / l

I could go on to continue the list.
All values ​​city water through various instruments from Hach Lange measured.

Broadly & whole, I am not particularly happy about the water chemistry of my adopted country! Especially since it is from time to time came the last 2 years back to the fact that entire neighborhoods "boiled" were due to Legionella (flow-Temp> 70 ° C).
Make your own seriously considering various measures of the water improvement / Treatment!
On the other hand, the aquarist really disturbing in this country do not matter!

Addendum 04.27.2015:
The water has now stabilized! I have fairly constant values.
Temp I have lowered by 0.5 ° C on average. This is noticed in diving videos from the lake.
Temp Min. 23.3 ° C
pH: ≈ 7.5
LW: ≈ 670 s / cm
GH: 13
KH: 8
NO3: ≈ 30 mg / l
NO2: undetectable
PO4: 0.9 mg / l

Meanwhile, I have also good growth of algae in the form of diatoms .
The following dry food, I use:

Nature Food Premium Chichlid M
Nature Food Premium Chichlid Plant M
Aquatic Nature Afr.Chichlid Energy S
Söll Organix Chichlid Flakes
Söll Organix Kelp Flakes

The three first-mentioned are granules.
For the Yellows & ACEI I plan alternatively cucumber 1x a week in the form of green zucchini. Maybe I test yet of something else.
When frozen food Daphnia are planned. So I've had good experiences in the past. From bloodworms I'm gone.
Furthermore, I have to see how I get used to the Tetrastigma of forceps or Käscherfütterung the fryeri & times. I have in mind as frosted Scampi & live food before. Do I need to try out a few things so times ...

Since the majority of the fish is not yet fully grown, is still fed daily. But which is reduced with time.

Addendum 04.27.2015:
As it had to, I am again convinced only the two products of Premium Naturefood at the dried fodder. The others will probably soon reach the HBK & then migrate to the ton. I can which abgewinne nix.
Zucchini or cucumber go! 1x a week. Would like to mention that I'm the "inner workings" removed at the cucumber - say the "soft" and the cores. Peeled is both.
When visiting the "dealer I trust in my new adopted home" (oh man ...) this Frostfutter offered me. We have little discussed and had informed me by I-Net quickly. I have taken frosted Artemia GREEN . A very good food, especially against the background of my impurities. Get it usually 2x a week.
My favorite daphnia there now every 2-3 weeks as live food.
Shrimp I have also tested. Go well, but I "personalized" Stop feeding difficult.

Feeding breaks, there are now even every 2-3 weeks for 2-4 days.