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Juli 2017 (mit Rückwandfolie schwarz)
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
130x60x60 = 460 liters ~ 121 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Rear wall of RockZolid (Treebark)
November 2013 (nach Einrichtung)
Juli 2014 (etwas zugewuchert mit Vallisneria)
Dezember 2014
September 2016
Dezember 2016
Dezember 2016
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Juli 2017
Juli 2017 links
Juli 2017 rechts
Aquarium decoration:
beige sand
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Fertilizer Microbe-Lift Bloom & Grow (each at WW)
Tigerlotus, Amazonasschwertpflanzen, ...
anubia barteri
Anubia barteri
Special features of the facility:
1 large root
2 branching roots
1 large Riverstone (RockZolid CH)
Coconut Cave
Aquarium equipment:
original original 4x54W T5 lighting,
1:12:14 since:
Eheim Power LED, Daylight 34W (front), plants 40W (rear)
Lighting period from 13.30 - 22.30 clock

Currently my pool is still too light and is illuminated only with the plants 40W LED. But is still darken with increase in floating plants (Frog bite).
Eheim professionel 3 external filter
Other equipment:
Heater thermostat
JBL ProFlora CO2 system with 3 kg bottle
Aussenfilter Eheim professionel 3 + CO2 JBL mit 3kg Flasche
5x Pterophyllum scalare (min. 1 pair including, otherwise gender unknown)
2x Cleithracara maronii (m / w)
15x Hemigrammus bleheri
10x Pristella maxillary
10x Otocinclus
10x Corydoras sterbai
some Anentome Helena
Pterophyllum scalare
Pterophyllum scalare
Pterophyllum scalare
Pterophyllum scalare
Mikrogeophagus altispinosus (m)
Mikrogeophagus altispinosus (m)
Microgeophagus altispinosa beim laichen
Microgeophagus altispinosa beim ablaichen auf Laubblatt
Corydoras sterbai
Corydoras sterbai
Corydoras sterbai
Pristella maxillaris
Pristella maxillaris
Pristella maxillaris
Pristella maxillaris
Hemigrammus bleheri
Hemigrammus bleheri
Hemigrammus bleheri
Hemigrammus bleheri
Water parameters:
Water change every 10-14 days to 40% (waste water system / osmosis 1/3)

Conductivity: 200 ĩS
GH: Measurement not possible (probably droplet test to old)
KH: 4
PH: 7.2 (target value below pH 7.0 -> Customization with osmosis water, leaves and alder cones)
Live feed bloodworms, brine shrimp
(In summer / autumn regular house mosquito larvae from the rain barrel)
Frostfutter mosquito larvae, Artemia, Cyclops
Dorswal Welstabs
Tetra Sera and Tablets
SAK granules and flakes
from time to forage for Otos (cucumber, spinach Sticks)