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Teuto canyon 15.03.15
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
50x30x30 = 45 liters ~ 11 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Standard glass tank with black silicone seams and conditions on cover disks.
-The Part cover is a Hand-made plexiglass
-Black Backsheet
mein Aqua-Büro
Teuto canyon
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Aquarium TEUTO canyon
Seiryu Rock
5 Moosbälle - fertig zum Abweiden
Seiryu Rock
Seiryu Rock
linke Beckenansicht
Aquarium TEUTO canyon
Aquarium decoration:
JBL Manado, about 10 liters

front 4 cm, rising towards rear right 11 cm

Manado is a natural ground which filters and enhances plant growth
- Supporting the filter by its huge settlement area for pollutant-degrading bacteria
- The structure promotes plant root formation
- Its rounded shape protects sensitive barbels of ground-dwelling fish
- Very natural look
Have the plant for the first time based on aquatic flora and am very satisfied with the quality.

Grassy dwarf Amazon - Echinodorus tenellus
Mini Glossostigma - Micranthemum "Monte Carlo"
Flat-leaf water screw - Vallisneria spiralis
Vallisneria americana Mini Twister - Vallisneria twisted
Moss ball - Marimo
Java moss - Taxiphyllum Barbieri
South American frog bite - Limnobium laevigatum
Peer dwarf leaf - Anubias barteri

is fertilized with:
-sera florenette, approximately every 2 weeks cut a tablet directly to the plant roots
-EasyLife Profito, every 2 days about 1 ml
-EasyLife Carbo, daily 0.5 ml

The liquid fertilizer I admit with a syringe, a day in the water. Using this method, I have better experiences made than with the weekly allowance.

Plane to purchase in the future nano-CO2 system and / or an osmosis system. In particular, the pH and total hardness are not optimal.
Ausläufer - Grasartige Zwergamazonas
Mooskugel - Aegagropila linnaei
Grasartige Zwergamazonas
Limnobium laevigatum
Limnobium laevigatum
Limnobium laevigatum
Südamerikanischer Froschbiß
Vallisneria twisted
Anubias / Vallisneria
Special features of the facility:
Stones Mini Landscape (Seriyu Rock)
Shrimp tube
small bog wood branches

Seemandelbaumblätter, beech leaves, Erlenapfen as decoration, natural water purifier and additional food source
Mini-Landschaft (Seiryu rock)
Aquarium equipment:
2 top luminaires: Dennerle Nano Light AmazonDay with 11 Watt lamp.

Lighting time controlled by timer:
1. Lamp of 13.00 - 22.00 clock (9 hours)
2. Lamp of 14.00 - 21.00 clock (7 hours)

Since some daylight falls into the pool, it seems for the plants, with the illumination time to be sufficient.
Eheim Aquaball 60 - Pump capacity 150-480 l / h - 5 Watt
throttled to lowest setting about 150 l / h and equipped with original filter cartridges
Filter dressed with black ladies stocking to protect small shrimp prior to aspiration.
-genialer internal filter, because the pump very quiet and reliability

Hydor heater thermostat 50 watts
after 6 weeks run-in phase:

- 10 antler snail yellow-black striped / Clithon spec.
- 24 shrimp Red Fire / Neocaridina davidi var red.
- X Tower snails

planned is still a small swarm (10 animals) Moskitobärblinge / Boraras brigittae or Perlhuhnbärblinge / Danio margaritatus
Garnele mit Eiern
Besatz im Aquarium TEUTO canyon
Besatz im Aquarium TEUTO canyon
Besatz im Aquarium TEUTO canyon
Besatz im Aquarium TEUTO canyon
Neocaridina heteropoda
Garnelen beim Futtern
Neocaridina davidi im Javamoos
Neocaridina davidi
Exuvie (leere Panzerhülle)
Besatz im Aquarium TEUTO canyon
Besatz im Aquarium TEUTO canyon
Besatz im Aquarium TEUTO canyon
Neocaridina heteropoda
Neocaridina heteropoda
Clithon spec.
Red fire Garnele
Garnele bei der Arbeit
Geweihschnecke gelb/schwarz
Geweihschnecke gelb/schwarz gestreift
Clithon spec.
Verfolgungsjagd der Geweihschnecken
Water parameters:
Temperature: 24.0 ° C
pH: 7.0
KH: 6
GH: 13
Nitrite: nn
Nitrate: 10 mg / l
Phosphate: 0.1 mg / l

measured with sera droplets test

Water change weekly 20 liters prepared with sera aquatan.
- Dennerle ShrimpKing complete
- Dennerle ShrimpKing color
- Dennerle ShrimpKing pea leaf & Loops
- Sera Spirulina Tabs
- Tropical 3-Algae pellets
- Nagerpeletts Fressnapf with alfalfa
- Mixed sticks consist of FRAKU hunting and 20% each from nettle, dandelion, plantain, spinach, Echinacea
- Almond leaves, beech leaves, alder cones

- Cucumber, pepper and sometimes frosted red, black, white mosquito larvae and Cyclops.

- Spirulina powder 100% pure for shrimp babies (a pinch of powder is dissolved in the aquarium water and added to the filter outlet, so that it is distributed throughout the tank so I get through more pups, because the small prawn after birth only once a few days at one. stay place / site and initially not looking through the whole pool for something to eat.)

Lined is daily, economical! Irregular periods of fasting is inserted.
Further information:
How or why was this little project?
The pool was supposed to end up in the basement, because it had served as a breeding tank for Endler guppies.

An unused, empty pool in the basement? No, I could not long tolerate. So the idea for this project, which is a low budget project should be developed.
Aquarium, Filter, heater and cabinet available. Lighting bought, made themselves coverings.
At the Aqua Expo-days in Dortmund and by Adrie Baumann my loose projects was then confirmed by countless Scapes, which you could admire there. So ground, decorative plants and was worried and furnished.
The first result you see here now.
More photos and updates will follow.

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