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Iwagumi 2.0
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
43 x 26 x 36,8cm = 23 liters ~ 6 gallons (us)
Specific features:
After long abstinence Aquarium I have found the time and pleasure, first to create me a small 23 liter tank.

It trades around a 6-sided closed glass aquarium (Fluval Edge).
The special is actually that it brings everything to as soon as possible to operate an aquarium. The package is an integrated lighting system with 21 LEDs and an Edge clip-on power filter.

As an experienced aquarists I immediately replaced the air filter, the LED lighting I run as a secondary lighting, as it is very dark, I think.
Aquarium decoration:
Dennerle Scaper's Soil 4L with a grain size of 1mm - 4mm
Gewelltblättriges pondweed (Pogostemon helferi)
Bucephalandra (Bucephalandra spec. "Wavy Leaf")
Zwergperlkraut (Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba")
Creeping Staurogyne (Staurogyne repens)
Staurogyne repens
Pogostemon helferi
Hemianthus callitrichoides `Cuba`
(Bucephalandra spec. `Wavy Leaf`
Special features of the facility:
3x slate
- Is what is not seen in the photos that an underground cave located beneath the high stone, with an entrance behind the stone, it was glued together by me (from the remains of the slate), thus the shrimp have a retreat
Aquarium equipment:
pimär: Dennerle Scaper's LED 15W
Secondary: integrated LED Fluval Edge
-mitgelieferter filter away-

External filter JBL Cristal Profi E401
- 450 l / h pump capacity
- Very very quiet
Other equipment:
Dennerle Nano 50W heater
- Continuously heated 25 ° C

Dennerle Nano CO² complete
- CO² is used only for the start-up phase, with no stocking CO² addition takes place more
- 2 bubbles per minute
- 80g CO² cartridge

Dennerle V30 Complete fertilizer, every 4 weeks later without CO² every 2 weeks
Planned are:

10x Kardinalsgarnele (Caridina dennerli)
Water parameters:
-noch not ermittelt-

- Every week 1/3 water change is made with distilled water
- Water is treated with "Sulawesi Salt" and FB7 BiActive that to make the required values ​​for the shrimp

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