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Aquarium Hauptansicht vom Südamerikawürfelchen
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
60 x 60 x 50 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The dice combination is a special production of the company Giesmann hunting. She is from the year 2007, when it was not yet too often to buy off the shelf cubes. The aquarium glass is 12 mm thick. The upper rim has two cover plates and a light bar for 2 x T5 tubes and two cable openings for heating etc.
Two Eckglasplatten below the cap, so that less water can evaporate and heat / energy is saved.
Südamerikawürfelchen - Beckenansicht
Aquarium Südamerikawürfelchen....
Neue Einrichtung....
Zwei neue Wurzeln....Anubias folgen.... ;-)
Aquarium decoration:
As substrate I have chosen 25 Kg medium fine gravel (or I did this so taken). Had only thought he was too coarse, however, has found out, that can be dug enough.
6 x bamboo canes
1 x audio / Welsh oils
1 x XXL mangrove roots (approx 45.cm high)
1 x L root
4 x slates which lie above one another / each other
4 x medium sized stones
In two corners of the basin, I have about 40 cm high Vallisneria spiralis.
A Echinodorus martii has been planted recently.
A Cryptocoryne balansea Brown continues to grow in front of him and in the foreground I tenellum a Helanthium. Although the plant is considered as a little tricky and I have no CO2 system proposes bravely :-)
To have- hope the plants correctly described'm not 100% sure.
Special features of the facility:
6 x bamboo canes
1 x audio / Welsh oils
1 x XXL mangrove roots (approx 45.cm high)
1 x L root
4 x slates which lie above one another / each other
4 x medium sized stones
Aquarium equipment:
Giesemann Super Flora 24 Watt T5
Giesemann Tropic 24W T5 light 15-23 clock the aquarium. Tubes were this month is erneuert- done once every year.
EHEIM professionel 2224th

Filter Material:
Eheim Mech pro
Eheim Pro substrate
white fleece
Other equipment:
Jäger 125 watt heating element (will soon be in a stronger ausgtauscht- because the current is not schafft- about 26 degrees)

Pay also a aquarium air pump I anschaffen- there at the aquarium height useful consider it?
12 x red neon (large animals about 3-4 cm)

2 x serpae tetra (were taken over and now spend their well-earned retirement in the basin)

1 x Rio Negro scalar (height approx 13cm. I have also übernommen- unfortunately I'm not sure whether m or w would like to have a suitable partner for him / her find- me but it is in the size too risky, that it not at all works :-()

1m / 1w butterfly cichlid gold Mikrogeophagus ramirezi

(I took a female and her set a partner to it. Unfortunately, the smaller partners and is younger than her. She tries to constantly "get down to it" and has her belly verfärbt- strong red it really can be so far but not on a ,

12 x Corydoras aeneus in different sizes

4 x L201 about 3-4cm
(Got my four favorites here from breeders around the corner and they have equal their fortified places not taken as intended in the bamboo / Caves) among Wurzlen (. At first you hardly every day as seen yet believe in to the "supper "more front and assert themselves :-)

8 x Amano shrimp

By Planzen or gravel Mini worm Should PHS Scattered be.

I would like to have the South Americans, the surface a little populate .... hatchet-stomachs !?
Goldis- Bonny & Clyde
Die Meatball Armee...
Der Chef - Walter White
frohes Fressen--- und sogar ein scheuer L201 kommt angeschlichen...
Das Lieblingsverteck der gepunkteten Räuber....
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerikawürfelchen....
Das große Fressen...
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerikawürfelchen....
Water parameters:
NO3: 70 mg / l
NO2: 0
Chlorine 0.2
PH 6.5
GH: 5- 7
KH: 3-5
Temperature 26 degrees

Water change: weekly 15%

The values ​​are only determined with chopsticks test and therefore not very well read.
Food tablets MIX
Staple food for aquarium fish
Tetra EnergyPlus
Sera Flora Forage

Feed is mixed and fed alternately. Wanted to start sometimes vegetables such as cucumber feed
Further information:
New Heater: 200W JBL

two new roots: one was bound to the vent and a small glued to the glass with suction cups. It will follow Anubias- who come to the roots ;-)

The largest root is now moved into the center and the plants were a little "repotted" ....