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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Afrikas Erdfresser
Description of the aquarium:
West / Central Africa
Tank size:
200x40x50 = 400 liters ~ 105 gallons (us)
Aquarium Afrikas Erdfresser
Aquarium Afrikas Erdfresser
Aquarium decoration:
Gravel / sand mixture
Sagittaria subulata, which probably soon planting dates
Special features of the facility:
Rocks, roots, rear wall
Aquarium equipment:
5 x 7.5 W LED spots
HMF 1000 l / h
Other equipment:
Jebao RW 8 8000 l / h
15 raiamas christyi

Predatory barbs that are located in the Congo and Angola. The up to 18cm big fish are very active swimmers who like to fight against the strong current, and may only be maintained in accordance with large pool. They will eat anything that fits into the mouth (and that's big!) - So even small fish. Otherwise, quite peaceful. Substrate spawners, do it gladly and every day several times :)

6 Barbus trispilos

10cm large barbel found in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Liberia. At first glance, very simply, the animals develop under certain incident angle to mirror golden jewels. Free spawners.

1 Chromidotilapia guntheri (bycatch)

Was allegedly caught with Tylochromis in the Congo, which is somewhat surprising, since previously demonstrated never so south. Bi-parental mouthbrooders with pair bonding.

1 Ctenochromis Polli (soon increased with own young fish)

A rheophilic Haplochromisartiger. A fish with character who looks at the whole basin naturally than "being". But more than threats and gnashing of teeth he does not. Unusual color of this type. Maternal mouthbrooders without pair bonding.

7 pups Tylochromis cf. lateralis "Kinsuka"

Eartheater - yes they do exist in Africa! It is an undescribed species of the nothing further is known. In general it can be assumed that the animals are once between 20 and 35cm in size. Among themselves it can go quite ugly, but they are harmless außerartlich. Typically it takes a genus is a maternal mouth brooders act without every several pair bond. The few experiences with other aquariums Tylochromis have shown that the animals need a very long time to grow up, but compensate the holders with brilliant color for your patience.

5 Synodontis decorus

A very pretty Fiederbartwelsart that is up to 25-30cm tall and up to 30 years old. Fills up better in aquariums with shady places.
Tylochromis cf. lateralis `Kinsuka` - Männchen
Chromidotilapia kingsleyae
Pärchen Tylochromis cf. lateralis
Benitochromis nigrodorsalis Männchen
Benitochromis nigrodorsalis brütendes Weibchen
Raiamas christyi
Tylochromis cf. lateralis `Kinsuka`
Raiamas christyi
Barbus trispilos
Raiamas christyi
Raiamas christyi
Raiamas christyi
Barbus trispilos
Tylochromis cf. lateralis `Kinsuka`
Raiamas christyi
Barbus trispilos
Tylochromis cf. lateralis `Kinsuka` - Erwachsenenfärbung?
Synodontis decorus
Synodontis decorus
Synodontis decorus
Synodontis decorus
Synodontis decorus
Water parameters:
T 22-23 ° C
pH 7.0
Conductivity 250-300 s / cm
Sera granulated food, rare frozen Artemia