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Das neue Becken (ein Beispielfoto vom Hersteller)
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
180x50x60 = 540 liters ~ 142 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The combination was delivered on 11.25.2014.
Das neue Becken mit neu frisch eingeklebter Rückwand
Beginn der Einrichtung
Der halbe Weg geschafft.
Seit 22.00 Uhr mit Pflanzen:-)
Aquarium decoration:
Styrofoam plates 2cm thick
about beige and gray sand of 25 kg, and about 10kg of white sand from the old aquarium, grain 0.4-0.8 mm
It is planned to replant Vallisneria gigantea, Hydrilla vertivillata, Myriophyllum spicatum, Ceratophyllum demersum and Najas marina.
Let's see what can be found ;-)
Der kleine Unterwassergarten
 Ceratophyllum demersum
 Vallisneria gigantea
  Hydrilla vertivillata
Special features of the facility:
Aquarium 3 D rear panel THIN Aquarium rear wall motif: Rock
200x50x2cm ordered. (03.11.2014)
Rear wall was shortened with Flex and glued with aquarium silicone.
50 liters of fieldstones, had 50 liters of water from the basin pull during stacking.
Die Rückwand
Aquarium equipment:
Eheim 2215 (now Classic 350)
620 l / h, 4l filter volume filled with 3 liters and 1 liter of zeolite Siporax


1 External Filter FAUNTY 1100 l / h with ca.
10 liters filter volume equipped with 4 liters Siporax and 1L ceramic body of Papilion, about 500ml Korallenbruch and Filterwatte

Both external filters are equipped with pre-filters from Eheim.
Other equipment:
SunSun flow pump 5000L / h 12W WaveMaker is ordered. (03.11.2014)
Runs smoothly and quietly.
planned stocking:
Alteinwohner (after completion)
1/2 Siaenochromis fryeri
1/3 Labidochromis caeruelus
2/5 Labidochromis "Hongi" red top
1/3 Gephyrochromis moorii

Protomelas kirii 3/6 od. Lethrinops marginatus 3/6
Placidochromis electra 1/4
Schwierig die Kleinen zum Stillhalten zu bringen
Wird nicht besser
Gephyrochromis moori
Frozen food: white mosquito larvae, daphnia, brine shrimp
Live food: water fleas, white mosquito larvae,
Flakes and Granules

vegetarian food: cucumber, spinach, peppers, duckweed

Feeding takes place irregularly, or every 3 days are taken duckweed from another aquarium and incorporated into Malawi's pool.
During this period the cichlids chase the quasi through the water or floating on the surface of duckweed. In the two days little is fed up nothing.
Has anyone given this spectacle? Once the duckweed are in the water, the little ones to keep predators and after two days is no more water left lens.
Further information:
The pool is shallow shore area, ideally represent the transition between Vallisnerien forest and rock zone. So the range of up to 7 m water depth.