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volles Haus am 11.01.15
Description of the aquarium:
Other tank types
Tank size:
100x50x50 = 250 liters ~ 66 gallons (us)
Gesamtansicht 25.01.15
Gesamtansicht 11.01.15
Gesamtansicht 02.01.15
Gesamtansicht 02.01.15
Aquarium decoration:
No ground, thus the droppings and any uneaten food can be better aspirated.
No plants.
Special features of the facility:
Aquarium equipment:
- 1x 50cm LED strip lighting (cool white)
1x Bio Sponge Filter

Operates with 2x 230 l / h flow rate with an air pump "Mouse 103".

2x Eheim Biopower 240

Due to the internal filter concept, which is not optimal, frequent water changes are essential. See underwater values.
Better would be a high-volume external filter. Is unfortunately not, because the pool is almost on the floor.
70-80%iger Wasserwechsel 14.12.14
Stand 01.25.15

7 San Merah Discus * born in August 2014



Bought 15 San Merah discs in 7-9cm. The small attempts to get now in a breeding tank 250l up, then let's see if I put it into the large pool. :-)

- 9:10:14

There are para-free San Merah Discus in 7-9cm. With only 2 pieces have 9cm and the rest has about 6-7cm.
What should I write, after less than 12 hrs. In the pool they eat all mega greedy, I have never experienced in the form! After 12 hrs. Not eat anything is out of the ordinary, but I've never experienced that discs come off so blatant and so extremely greedy go to the food! This morning they did not want to, well maybe that was 05: 45Uhr still a little early, but this afternoon it went around. Let's see how they evolve, 5-6 are showing very good potential, the "rest" is to see what comes up in rum.

- 10:10:14

Today, the "new" for the first time have eaten the entire food range, which is already the hammer.
I feed them with a mixture of beef heart Marcus Stocker (The parents of my little shits are by him), with black and. White mosquito larvae and Artemia.
Yes, there are beef heart, is important to me here is that the water temperature is for constant 29 ° C and that they eat anyway Artemia and mosquito larvae, thus the switch later no problem is, wenn's goes into "large" pool and they there then get no more beef heart.
They are fed every day 4-5x in "large" quantities of which are 2-3 feedings with beef heart mixture. The advantage of large rather than small amounts is that all discs gotten something. I feed 8x in small amounts usually get only the dominant animals from and something for the "weaker" discs remains nothing about.

- 15:10:14

The small scheisserchen developing splendidly and eat me out of house! Let's see how many I can bring them to a decent size ...

- 26/11/14

Today times when changing the water and feces aspirate the 1st measurement is performed.

The little ones get caught -> 9cm (there are 4)
One of the biggest out trapped -> 11cm * happy * (there are 5)
One of the middle out caught -> 10cm (there are 6)

So I am very satisfied! It says so on the rule of thumb, after 6 months, the discs should have 10cm, mine are 5 1/2 months old -> running! :-) Course under professional conditions far better growth stocks can be reached, but I'm very pleased with myself and my animals :-)!
Is it so, then a move into Great in February / March should not stand in the way.

- 11:12:14

Today a small measurement carried out and measured the second largest discus -> 12,3cm! * Smile * If this continues, the San Merah can not stay until March in the breeding tank. :-)

Today 4 Leopard Snakeskin (5cm) and 1 Leopard discus (4 cm) to set.

If all goes well will pull into the big pool 10 San Merah and 4 Leopard Snakeskin and possibly the Leopard disc.

- 23:12:14

Today time the youngest San Merah Discus measured -> 10cm
An average measured -> 12cm

At the moment, 4 properly crystallize large herraus, but the swim I no longer catches into the grid and since I do not want to unnecessarily add even more stress when measuring, I can not say what the four of cm unfortunately. Micht offend, but for the sake of the animals, it will be probably have been first the last measurement until they move into the Great, then the animals are measured again.
It is estimated that there are likely to be 13cm, if I compare it with the others. So it is ... ;-)

- 14:01:15

5 San Merah discs sold. Water stress was me with the time now too high. On Saturday go out again 2 San Merah. Then look at how to develop the Snakeskin and if I then also of those who sit in the Large.

- 17:01:15

Today again 3 other San Merah discs sold.
Say [...]
San Merah Diskus 09.10.14
San Merah Diskus 09.10.14
San Merah Diskus 09.10.14
San Merah Diskus 09.10.14
San Merah Diskus 09.10.14
San Merah Diskus 09.10.14
San Merah Diskus 09.10.14
San Merah Diskus 21.10.14
San Merah Diskus 21.10.14
San Merah Diskus 21.10.14
San Merah Diskus 27.11.14
San Merah und Leopard Snakeskin Diskus 13.12.14
San Merah und Leopard Snakeskin Diskus 13.12.14
San Merah und Leopard Snakeskin Diskus am 14.12.14
14.12.14 beim WW 11cm Wasserhöhe, da erkennt man ganz gut wie hoch die kleinen Scheißer
San Merah und Leopard Snakeskin Diskus 03.01.15
San Merah und Leopard Snakeskin Diskus 03.01.15
San Merah Diskus 03.01.15
San Merah Diskus 03.01.15
San Merah Diskus 03.01.15
Disken am 25.01.15
Disken am 25.01.15
Water parameters:
- PH: 7.0
- GH: 6
- KH: 3-4
- Nitrite: 0.02 (before the water change)
- Nitrate: 10
- Temperature: 29.8 ° C

Every day the feces is sucked and thereby changed about 50l of water. In addition 1x / week 70-80% water change.

26.11.14 now is no longer a week for 3 weeks changed 1x 70-80% water, but every 3 days 50%.
- Beef heart mixture of Marcus Stocker
- Mielings beef heart mixture
- Artemia
-. White & Black mosquito larvae
Further information:
This is my 2nd attempt discus raise. This time in a breeding tank.
The first attempt failed. At that time I had tried more out of ignorance, raising the discs in a community tank. I had 6-7cm small disks, all had stunted growth and had died at the latest after 1,5 years. Today I know that to min. 90% goes wrong!

I want to describe with this Beck example of how the rearing of young discs can run. Will keep you updated with pictures and updates to date.