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Aquarium 4.0
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
150x50x50 = 375 liters ~ 99 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin is inserted under a floor pedestal and is therefore, from the seen one half of the room from the ground floor.

My old basin (100x40x40, 160 liters) was leaking suddenly. So I had increased incentive to implement quickly the long-cherished dream of a larger basin. The space, I had already provided during the installation of the underfloor podium in Winter 2013 in my living room.
Unfortunately, the shipping took care not particularly in the delivery of the new pool, so it's got broken and I had to again wait a week and hope that the old (leaky) pool with now lowered water level by holding. The manufacture of the structure's rear panel of steinzeit-design.at though went relatively quickly but under the existing time pressure also these 2 weeks have become (from order to delivery) long to me.

Meanwhile, the fish are fed (without losses). You can tell the animals to properly how to record the double space cheerful.

(Photos to follow) Meanwhile, the LED lighting has arrived and installed.
Aquarium 4.0 | Stand: 28.10.2014
Das alte Becken. Die Verklebung ist am oberen Rand undicht geworden, daher läuft
Beim zweiten Versuch hat es die Spedition geschafft das Becken in einem Stück zu
Der direkte Größenvergleich - ALT gegen NEU
Der erste Dichtheitstest beginnt.
Der erste Dichtheitstest geht weiter und immer noch keine Fützen auf dem Fussboden.
Der erste Dichtheitstest ist geschafft und alles hält.
Nun heißt es warten auf die Strukturrückwand. Solange wird die Mangrovenwurzel
Das neue Becken nachdem die Fische eingezogen sind.
Das neue Becken | Linke Seite
Das neue Becken | Rechte Seite
Linke Seite, jetzt mit LED-Beleuchtung
rechte Seite, jetzt mit LED-Beleuchtung
Die zukünftige Mulmecke, hier ist wenig Strömung und es bildet sich hoffentlich
rechte Seite
Geringer Besatz - weniger ist mehr!
Noch ist das Becken ein wenig zu hell. Die Beleuchtung muss gedimmt werden.
Aquarium decoration:
Aquarium sand 75 kg Rosnerski 0-1 mm, white
Aquarium sand 75 kg Rosnerski 1-2 mm, white

Medium sera floredepot 2 x 4,7 kg (only at the later planted sites, about the aquarium sand)
I took some plants from the old pool, however, was the amount that had grown there now too much even for the twice as large new pool. So many copies will be given away.

Dwarf Peer sheet (Anubias barteri var. Nana) on the root and on some lava rocks.

Small dwarf Peer sheet (Anubias barteri var. Nana 'Petite') on some lava rocks.

Java moss / Bogormoos (Taxiphyllum Barbieri) on the root.

Javafarn / Schwarzwurzelfarn (Microsorum pteropus) on the lava rocks on the left side.

Dwarf sword plant (Helanthium bolivianum quadricostatus) spread over the ground, in the assignment of its kind I'm not sure with.

Karolina-Haarnixe (Cabomba caroliniana) floating on the surface.

Red Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea lotus 'red') in the middle of the pelvis between the lava stones.

Argentine water plantain (Echinodorus argentinensis) middle left of the rear panel.

Giant Vallis (Vallisneria americana 'gigantea') left before the back wall.

Water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) floating around the basin darken on the surface a bit.
Anubias auf der Wurzel platziert
Special features of the facility:
Structure backplane "Old wooden board" of Stone Age design 150cm x 60cm. To put it in my lower pelvis I just separated below a strip having a fine saw. Unfortunately, there was my favorite design not in a 50 cm high version, but the adaptation was not heavy work.

An XXL mangrove root of ZOO & Co. Stoczek in Halle / Saale

15 kg lava stones (originally designed for the pond filtering) grain size 80-150 mm from Samore GmbH

10 kg lava stones (actually for the pond filtration thought) grain size 20-40 mm of feed trade "Mansfelder Land" in Augsdorf

A large Tonröhre (30 cm long, 8 cm in diameter) from the rubble.

A brick with two longitudinal cavities out of the rubble. The two cavities I cross drilled to connect them. The Netzschmerlen love it there to swim through.

Several small clay pipes, but I have small planters partially drilled below.
Der Sand und der Heizer warten auf ihren Einsatz.
Kleine Lava-Steine (Körnung 20-40 mm) sollen die Zwischenräume der großen Dekosteine
Die Rückwand ist angekommen. Nun kann ich mit dem Einrichten beginnen.
Nährboden unter dem Sand eingebracht
Lavasteine, der Rest nach dem Dekorieren
Höhlen sind für einige der hier gepflegten Art sinnvoll, aber müssen es immer
Ein Ziegelstein mit Hohlräumen. Am hinteren Ende ist er aufgebohrt, so das die Höhlen
Kleine Tonröhren und viele Zwischenräumen in den Steinaufbauten. Die Dornaugen
Aquarium equipment:
LED daylight bar Econlux Solar Stinger Sunstrip Starter Set 1400 daylight. To adequately illuminate the rest area behind the root of the plant, the light runs diagonally across the basin, from front left to back right.

In addition to create a modified Jewel Cover with 55cm 1 x T5 plant tube over the left back there a better range of services for the plants.

In addition, 2 small 75cm LED strip for the morning or at dusk. Well lit at noon so that the algae be curbed is then from the main lighting.
External filter Eheim eXperience 250 (formerly EHEIM professionel) which ran for many years in my old pool.

External filter Eheim eXperience 150 (formerly EHEIM professionel) brought down from the attic and 2 weeks in addition to running my old pool behind so he could fix the filter bacteria.
Other equipment:
Heater Fluval E300 advanced microprocessor technology with dual temperature sensors arrangement ensures an accurate real-time measurement of the water temperature.

Maybe I'll even install an old small internal filter as a flow pump. Since the two outer filter are throttled to increase the filter efficiency, the flow appears to me very low.
Econlux LED SunStrip noch ohne Befestigung
Econlux LED SunStrip noch ohne Befestigung, außerdem die zusätzliche Leuchtstoffröhre
Econlux LED SunStrip (endlich ist sie da!)
Fluval E300 Heizer (an der rechten Seite, dahinter der Ansaugkorb und Filterauslaß
Filterauslass und Ansaugung mit Skimmer (Oberflächenabzug) vom linken größeren
2 catfish (Ancistrus spec.) M / f - 1/1
The female is a remainder from our own breeding, the male was supplemented on 11.08.2014.

14 black tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) m / w undefined
The swarm consists of animals of different ages.

11 pangio (Pangio kuhlii) m / w undefined
The group consists of animals of different ages. Since the animals are in the new pool they have now finally fine sand for dabbling which they spit it out through the gills to the rear.

2 loach (Botia lohachata) m / w undefined
Since the animals are in the new pool they have now finally fine sand for dabbling which they spit it out through the gills to the rear.

4 Siamese algae eater (Chrossocheilus siamensis) m / w undefined
Since the animals are in the new pool they have now finally fine sand for dabbling which they spit it out through the gills to the rear.

16 Glowlight (Hemigrammus erythrozonus) m / w undefined

2 Flame Tetra (Hyphessobrycon flammeus) m / w 2/0
The animals are a remainder from another basin, there have they afflicted the other fish, so they had to move.

1 Amanogarnele (Caridina japonica) m / w undefined
Once the animals are larger in my other aquarium they also attract here with.
Trauermantelsalmler (vorn) und Glühlichtsalmler (hinten)
Water parameters:
25.5 ° C
various dry food (flakes, catfish chips, daphnia, gammarus, crushed oatmeal, rare food tablet)

Frozen food (Artemia, bloodworms)

Live food (seasonal mosquito larvae from the water butt, guppy offspring from my smaller pool)

Vegetables (often scalded and crushed frozen peas, cucumber, lettuce scalded)