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Fußbodenheizung verlegt
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
220x70x70 = 1078 liters ~ 284 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium is currently in planning for our new building.
It is situated on the staircase wall and partly as a room divider.

First Photo from the shell

Currently, I plan everything for the sump in the basement and the location.
The sump is 130x50x50 and will be in a separate room in the basement.

The cabinet is set up by the end of November after plastering in the first stones. The screed and the underfloor heating is placed outside over.

The house is heated by district heating and the aquarium is in the cycle of under-floor heating from the sump in the basement heated (heat exchanger).
Unterschrank aus Ytong und 10cm Kernloch zum Keller
Rohbau Frontansicht
Rohbau von hinten
Abgang zum Keller
Aquarium equipment:
Lighting of LED Aquarium about GHL Profilux
Filter tank with 130x50x50 in the basement. Pump is a Aquabee with 11.000l / h and 5m head.
Other equipment:
2 powerheads with 3000l / h arrived.