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mein Traum Becken
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
170x170x200 = 1500 liters ~ 396 gallons (us)
Specific features:
I want to introduce you to my aquarium dream.
I decided to trust me my dream pool to build itself.
To this end, I ordered a frame of angle steel in a Bauschlosserei make for my measurements.
The bottom plate and both rear walls are made of 20 mm screen print plywood.
I opted for a Delta basin.
For this I have 3 double T steel beams encased in concrete diagonally into the wall in order to absorb the 2.5t.
However, the wood panels I had to work on the water side with NEN Hobel.Die brown layer masturbate so that the polyurethane adheres.
Then I have 4 times alternately with liquid pond liner from PolyUhretan beschichtet.Immer Blue then could be black blue again and finally I schwarz.Damit safe using the different shades, actually every time haben.Um deleted to get everything a Menbrandicke of 3 mm.
The windscreen I had my make Glazier in an online and has the dimensions of 200x70x12mm.
I opted for a float glass in Optiwhite glass.
This distorts the colors of the animals do not like the normal greenish Floatglasscheiben.Die small side windows I have from the windscreen of my old Delta basin geschnitten.Garnichts to cut as simple 28cm wide strip of glass at a glass thickness of 15mm.
I pasted all windows and wooden walls by Fixall polymeer adhesivesealant in the steel angle frame.
My 2 divided base plate is provided with 3 holes.

My 5 divided aquarium cover also is homegrown.
For that I have at the bottom of the upper steel angle cable ducts laterally glued down.
These serve me as glass panes Auflage.Sodas the cover is not attached is, but embedded in the AQ.
This has the advantage when handling water vessels when overturn what it flows away directly back into the pool and not over it.
Sperrholzplatte für Seitenwand+Bodenplatte unbehandelt
Mehrfach beschichtung aus Polyuhrethan
einkleben der Bodenplatte
Aquarium Becken 31060
Seitenscheiben einkleben
Opti White Frontglasscheibe
Einbau der Abdeckscheiben aufnahme
5 geteilte Abdeckscheibe eingelassen
Becken gesamtansicht beim befüllen
Becken besetzt
Aquarium decoration:
fine sand from the Kiessee I have to be concerned meet me at my Sandcichliden and their behavior.
In addition, the sand is not the size of grain unnatural same size, but mimics the natural sediment in rivers and lakes.
3 Anubias I as plants grow quite slowly ausgewählt.Diese and leaf debris die not from offt as Valisnerien or Crypts.
So I almost never have access to the pool to remove any abgestorbenden leaves.
Special features of the facility:
Modules Back to Nature-
Starting with the corner module which runs behind my piping and several halved and overhangs of BtN
einbau MTN Module
Fixierung der BtN Module
Aquarium equipment:
2x10W LED floodlights cool white 6500K
1x10W LED floodlight Blue
2x20 W LED flood lights Cool White
250 liters 4 chamber external filters under pool
Other equipment:
2x500W heater thermostat (rarely in operation)
Filter Raumbeleuchtung LED
Verrohrung der Filteranlage
Filterbecken 250 liter
14 Xenotilapia Nigrolabiata Red Princess
9 cyprichromis leptosoma Yellowhead
Red Princess Männchen
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 31060
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 31060
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 31060
tragende Weibchen
yellow head
Cyclops, white mosquito, Ab and down ne food tablet and granule and lobster eggs and