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Imponierende kleine Juwelen
Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
70 x 40 x 40 = 112 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Update März 2019 mit veränderter Bepflanzung nach dem Gärtnern
es wuchert/01.07.2015
4 Monate später am 26.09.14 nach dem Gärtnern
14 Tage nach dem einrichten
Aquarium decoration:
Gravel 1-2 mm (from the specialist aquarium trade without admixtures)
Bucephalandra cf. motleyana "Melawi" (Borneo, Family Araceae)
Cryptocoryne wendtii green (forms spurs)
Eleocharis acicularis Mini - Miniature needle ledges (forms spurs)
Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' - dwarf Perlkraut
Heteranthera zosterifolia - heteranthera (growing rapidly)
Hygrophila corymbosa'Thailand' - cherry leaf
Nymphoides sp. Taiwan Flipper (growing rapidly, every leaf is a plant)
Sagittaria subulata (forms spurs)
Staurogyne spec. Bihar (Brazil, family Acanthaceae)
Staurogyne repens - creeping Staurogyne (not easy)
Vesicularia ferriei - Weeping Moss (staked)
Cryptocoryne pontederifolia, neu eingesetzt ca. Ende 2018
Cryptocoryne spiralis/eingesetzt ca. Ende 2018
Blüte vom Trugkölbchen
Unterwasser-Blüte von Bucephalandra cf. motleyana `Melawi`
Bucephalandra cf. motleyana `Melawi`
Hygrophila Siamensis
Nymphoides sp. Taiwan
Staurogyne sp. Bihar (ist noch nicht lange im Becken)
Vesicularia ferriei - Weeping Moos (leider wächst dieses Moos nicht auf der Wurzel
Zwergnadelsimse - Eleocharis acicularis Mini
Fadenalgen, extrem hartnäckig
Special features of the facility:
Aquarium equipment:
3 Daytime Cluster 7000 K
Eheim external filter (eXperience 150)
Other equipment:
Dennerle CO2 disposable 300 Space (Organic CO2 worked only at warmer temperatures, in winter the CO2 bottle was probably too cool)
Bladder snails
Ramshorn snails
Antlers worm
8 Amano shrimp
Vietnamese cardinal fish (13 employed on 26.09.2014 - now they have tripled)
ausgewachsenes Männchen
ausgewachsenes Männchen & im Hintergrund ein Weibchen
Imponierender Vietnamesischer Kardinalfisch
Ist er nicht schön?
ganz aus der Nähe - Imponierender Vietnamesischer Kardinalfische
noch näher
Imponierende Vietnamesische Kardinalfische
Imponierende Vietnamesische Kardinalfische a
Imponierende Vietnamesische Kardinalfische b
Imponierende Vietnamesische Kardinalfische c
Vietnamesischer Kardinalfisch
wie weit er sein Maul öffnen kann...
Tanichthys micagemmae - Vietnamesische Kardinalfische
Tanichthys micagemmae - Vietnamesische Kardinalfische; hier sieht man sehr schön
Vater, Mutter, Kinder
Seiten- und Frontansicht
Vietnamesischer Kardinalfisch
Vietnamesischer Kardinalfisch - vermutlich ein Weibchen
vermutlich ein Weibchen
Vietnamesischer Kardinalfisch
Vietnamesischer Kardinalfisch
Vietnamesische Kardinalfische
Lieblingsbeschäftigungen - Rivalen verjagen, Imponieren und nicht zu vergessen fressen
eine der Lieblingsbeschäftigungen - Imponieren und dann verjagen
Vietnamesische Kardinalfische
Vietnamesische Kardinalfische - zu schnell für ein Foto
beim fressen, am liebsten pausenlos
Gruppenfoto meiner hungrigen Meute
kaum zu erkennen die beiden Babys
schon etwas größere Kardinälchen, man kann schon ein wenig Farbe erkennen
sieht aus wie ein Neon, ist aber ein Kardinälchen
junger Vietnamesischer Kardinalfisch
Junger Kardinalfisch, man kann schon den Streifen erkennen
Guten Appetit - Geweihschnecke beim abweiden der Scheibe
noch eine Posthornschnecke
Amanogarnelen, so gierig nach dem Fischfutter, dass sogar das Wasser verlassen wird
schwangere Amanogarnele
schwangeres Amanogarnelen-Weibchen
Amano Männchen
Amanogarnele beim fressen
Sakura Garnele
Water parameters:
Room temperature so at about 22 ° C
KH 6
PH 7.6
Dry food from Tetra, Dennerle, JBL Novo and ELOS SV0 (Tetra Pro, Delica menu, daphnia, mosquito larvae)
Frozen Food:
Daphnia, krill, Lobster Eggs
Live food:
Micro worms
Turbatrix aceti
in the summer mosquito larvae bred in otherwise white mosquito larvae (rare because the mosquito larvae are huge)
Water fleas (unfortunately, usually too large)

Leaves for shrimp
Further information:
Tanichthys micagemmae - Vietnamese cardinal fish (running since May 2014)

This aquarium should appear larger and deeper than it actually is. As stocking therefore even small fish came into question for me. In addition, the fish should be room temperature and hard water and like a bit of color would be the icing on the cake.

The Vietnamese cardinal fish meets these conditions. Absolutely peaceful, 3-4 cm tall, like room temperature, hard water also fits inconspicuously and can also call him not just. On 09.26.2014 are now drawn 13 of them.
I think he is a little lively shining jewel (the Latin name gives me right: micare = gloss and gem jewel =) and the red mouth I find simply cute.

I think the pool Like and fulfilled their claims. In nature, it lives only in anscheindend Ben Hai River in Central Vietnam and may well verkrautetes fast flowing water. The flow I have set so that about half of the basin takes place a visible water movement.

The adults (mainly) swim several times a day for a short time in the swarm, but occupy most of the time and defending the male Mini areas. Every adult intruder is either sold or it will impress each other - open fins, mouth tear or sometimes ramming plants. The teenagers show the display behavior already, sometimes against bigger males. Injuries do not occur.
The breeder I know that with him in a basin districts are formed and in another bowl rather the swarm formation is a priority. For me, both versions are shown.

With the young, it has already worked, now I have three times the number estimated. Counting is difficult because they never sit still. However, it seems at this number to stay far, for whatever reason. Since I had a while no dwarf Perlkraut and little moss in the aquarium and I'm not sure if they can spawn in the moss and / or dwarf Perlkraut may be due. Perhaps the adolescents eat the smallest easy to ...
Until the children look like their parents, it takes a while. At first, they are barely visible, there's no color. Then they turn slowly, so they look like little neon weeks.

At feed everything is now swallowed up what there is, whether from the water surface or descending, food - preferably they would eat constantly. If I Locke (I lure always with the same words), all swimming in an uproar around on the windscreen, even the shrimp will come forth.
Brushing Even before the disks and vacuuming no longer flee. Perhaps because the young has a role model, as these are not at all shy. Even the gardeners will been watching curiously, could even drop what to eat. Have seen how they have eaten by the algae scraped scraping the algae.

Really a nice lively little fish!