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In der Einlaufphase
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120x40x55 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Did my first Malawi basin set and is currently in the running-in phase.
It is a jewel Rio 240 pools in white.
Provided it was on a self-built cabinet.
After the stones and gravel introduce summarizes the aquarium still 150 liters of water.

Sorry for the blurry photos yet, but the camera is not the best, but is next on my list.
Bei der Einrichtung..
Bei der Einrichtung...
Bei der Einrichtung...
Aquarium decoration:
Sand 0.4 to 0.8 mm black mixed with white.
Ensuring that the black portion predominates, so as not to be too bright. Acts on the photos but not so.
Anubias hastifolia
Anubias nana
Microsorum pteropus
Moss balls

is fertilized with Easy Life Profito and EasyCarbo and Easy Life Ferro
Special features of the facility:
Stone constructions with different types and shapes of stones.
These were glued to the security to have no damage at any burrowing fish.
Juwel Background Granite Stone.
Juwel Filter Cover Stone Granite.
Jewel thermometer digital
Aquarium equipment:
Rising Sun 3 LED lights with moonlight and pale blue light. It depends on some photos over lighter than it really is.
Daylight from 08.00 bis 19.00 clock.
Prior to 1.5 hours sunrise with red and yellow tones and then 1.5 hours sunset with yellow and red tones.
Furthermore, after and before a 2 hour moon phase with clouds and slowly Dimmphase.
Jewel Bioflow 3.0 with Eccoflow 600 pump.
Different filter media in the 3 liter airbox.
Sponges fine
Sponge coarse
Carbon sponge
Basket Phorax
Basket Cirax

. 2
JBL Cristal Profi E901
7.6 l volume
900 l / h

This set includes:

Filter sponge coarse
Filter sponge fine border with JBL ClearMec granules in bags center
JBL Micromec Biofilter

The inner filter is located on the left side of the aquarium. This draws in the water at the surface and the center. The outlet of this filter is directed to the water surface in order to move it.

The intake strainer of the external filter is located on the bottom left in the aquarium. The inlet into the aquarium via the supplied nozzle and is also left in the aquarium, at the top, showing the center forward. Again, the surface should be kept in motion.

By Movement I would like to hold or drive the PH value in height. In addition the flow pump and diaphragm pump to ensure that by the hour switched.
Other equipment:
Hydor Koralia Evolution pump flow 2800 l / h pump power, which is activated by a timer hour. This is left in the aquarium medium magnet attached to the disk and directed to the surface.
Then, when times fish are fed, I'll see if I set the pump down in order to push the dirt to the filter.

. 2
An included 200 watt heating element in the filter box ensures a constant temperature.

. 3
Air Pump Ferplast Airfizz 200 with a 12 cm air stone which also runs on an hourly basis. Yes I know, old fashioned, CO² drives and so on .... but I like it and it runs only by moonlight and it helps PH value.

. 4
A Grässlin Rondomatic 400 `Feeder is also attached. This was attached to a regular feeding of the pups when I am with the service or family vacation.
So you can very well portioned and can also feed varied, when there is the longer way. But hands off the flake food with this unit.
Not yet available, as the Aqua yes is still in the running-in period. But there are 2 Mbuna species, because more is not possible with this pool size.
Envisioned I Labidochromis Caeruelus and
Labidochromis Mbamba Bay.
1 males of any kind and the number of females I am myself still not sure.
Several males of the Yellows are not just possible, I think.
As I said, in the division I'm still not sure.
Water parameters:
Currently in the running-in phase:

PH: 7.8
GH: 18
KH: 11
NO²: 0.1
NO³: 5
NH4: 0.1
O²: 6
Temp .: 26 °
Still in the planning stage ... but for the above two types, I have taken the following selection in the eye:

Tropical Spirula
JBL Novo Rift
JBL Novo Stick (small amount)
Cucumbers, zucchini, vegetable, etc.
sometimes frozen food
Further information:
Water change at stocking will be 50% weekly.
Preparation I'll probably with EasyLife liquid filter medium, as I have heard of this really good means only.