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Malawi Black
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
200 x 60 x 60 = 750 liters ~ 198 gallons (us)
Specific features:
ex seawater pool, room dividers
Aquarium decoration:
Black rounded natural gravel or SAND (basalt, no dyed material) into three zones. Coarse gravel in the turbulence zone of recirculating flow at the front end compared to the feed, as there otherwise the flow experience, exposes the aquarium floor. Fine gravel from 1 to 2 mm in the central region and 0.5 to 1 mm in the open space in front of the bay, where uneaten food and the "dirt" are collated. Since it can be vacuumed well.
Ok which, although not really necessary, but for concealing the overflow shaft are Anunbias barteri, -nana and -nana bonsai come into it. All with plastic staples (floor heating systems) pinned on Styrodyr. Went great with the tacker staples and does not cost much.
Special features of the facility:
Approximately 150 to 200 kg Brunet Gray granite boulders are on 4 mm acrylic glass, all of which are flush with the lower parking Knew cut for space and light with natural stone tile adhesive (has proven itself in saltwater) fixed. So that increasing the respective stand areas and slippage is not against each other possible. On overflow, I first fixed-degradable Styrodyrplatten with aquarium silicone that I have previously plastered with the natural stone adhesive and thereby covered with smaller granite boulders and remains from the black sand / gravel. This is followed by another large boulders sit (also fixed), so that even here some crevices and caves have emerged as the big building.
Aquarium equipment:
Complete kit of LEDaquaristik. An aluminum profile with 2 x 2 LED bar. So each 100 cm + 60 cm long, about 165 cm total length. Once SKY 6500K and 3500K once SUNSET.

All 4 bars can be dimmed separately. Therefore, the lighting runs from 08:00 clock in 40 minutes first with 3500K to 50%, and then to go back to 15%, while the 6500K strips parallel rise to 50%. Before noon the 3500K share continues to fall to 5% and the 6500K share rises to 12:00 clock on 70%. From 16:00 clock then it runs the other way around in the sunset. The 60 cm strip 6500K serves as the moonlight alone, then with 5% lights on the free stretch of sand in front of the overflow, where it generates a rather weak and white-blue light. The stone building is on the left as the right largely obscured. Looks great, but is difficult to capture in the actual colors. The pictures are unfortunately always somewhat weak, since photographed with the tablet. But should give an impression.
From the overflow introduces anstaubarer because of Geplätschers outflow in the filter tank. Parallel, there is an overflow, on which you should never do without the damming of the main flow ;-)
The filter tank is designed from the scheme as U. The water must first through two rough blue mats of 25cm x 35cm H B and 10 cm thick. The stuck in rails of cable channels between the mats. Then the water flows on the basis of a conventional up / down / up diversion through a network with about 6 ltr Siporax. Finally comes another diagonal set medium coarse blue sponge in thickness 5cm with dimensions 40cm x 35cm H B as final before the (eh existing) skimmer. The foam as though nothing so off, but blowing air violently through the water. It took some time until I get it so that there is no vast quantities are conveyed into the pool of fine air bubbles. Then there is an untapped, reserve chamber for example coal, if necessary. At the end is my proven Red Dragon 4.5 m3 of Royal Exclusive, the potters still silently for many years. The back supports and makes for my taste sufficient flow just below the surface. My powerheads plus control are therefore only times to reserve. Quite as wild as in sea water does not have the yes.
Other equipment:
About a Dennerle control two heating elements are operated in the filter tank, with 200W and 300W. A Dennerle pH controller accepts this measurement and display.
12? /? Labidochromis caeruleus yellow Mbowe (5cm)
10 4? / 6? Placidochromis phenochilus Lupingo (7cm)
8th ?/? Synodontis lucipinnis - petricola dwarf (5cm)

Do not really want to copy the already widely quoted and copied data of the fish here again purely. The Yellows are usually perk up together or in 2 to 3 small groups on the road and rarely disappeared into the crevices and caves. So far, there is no stress. The dwarves are there submerged it earlier in the coverage and particularly in the root system of Nanas. After feeding and in the evening you can see them more often. The Lupingos begin dyeing and I'm looking forward to the actual M / W ratio. So far, they are always in a large group, mostly as expected centrally over the sand surface and the lower central rock. So far, here also no stress, not with each other, not with the Yellows, but they're not really grown up. Because let's see.
Yellows später Abend
Mittag - bei abgedunkeltem Zimmer
Kamera rechts - Futterdose links... geht doch ;-)
Water parameters:
Starter bacteria were sufficiently pure and the water was crystal clear after 2 days again. After 5 days, followed by the first ridge skin, but runs out over the bay. Practically from the beginning to trim no measurable nitrite, chloride or phosphate and about 10 mg of nitrate, which is present in the main tap water.

pH 8.3 now - there was even surprised, have a new electrode calibrated concerned and multiply. It remains. Only when water changes of about 40%, the pH rises temporarily to 8,2x.

Temp .: 24.8 ° C
kH ca 7-8
GH ca 12
NO3 10mg
NO2 0mg
PO4 0mg
Tropical Malawi flakes,
Tropical Spirulina,
Tropical Cichlid Gran,
Tetra Cichlid Shrimp Sticks
Further information:
It was supposed to be a species tank because you do not sit in front of the room divider which actually stands on the base of a wall between two rooms and then act to me to many different types of 2 to 4 meters too restless. So is just my opinion.

After a few days the fish are now taking the movement to the room divider around already very left. Our Parson Russell Terrier generated after initial unrest now despite frolic at eye level no more refugee movements. I myself will obviously perceived already as the "guy with the feed."