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Der vergessene Buddha
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120x50x50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Aquarium Der vergessene Buddha
Aquarium decoration:
50Kg silica sand with a grain size of 0,1-0,3mm, "highly pure and natural-looking" (according to the manufacturer). And I have a plexiglass plate to the floor with silicone glued to the glass to protect them from falling stones if a resident then nevertheless times would dig something. I also painted the plate with silicone and then sprinkled with sand, so that can not be up to the plate and always gebudelt of sand can be seen.
4 x Bund Vallisneria americana - asiatica
3 x collar Vallisneria americana Mini Twister / twisted Vallisneria
The Vallisneria Bunde I have opened and have then distributes the individual plants in the basin.

2 x Pot Anubias beard. var. nana
2 x pot Petchs water cup / Cryptocoryne beckettii 'petchii' '
Special features of the facility:
50Kg basalt stones in grit 60-120mm and two large stones which I unfortunately do not know the exact name. The left stone has a weight of 14 kg and the right stone about 12Kg. And of course the small Buddha made of clay
Rechter Steinhaufen
Linker Steinhaufen und HMF Eck
Aquarium equipment:
Golden Tulip® Aquarium Lamp T5 4x54W Countertop Hanging Lamp 120cm, used me as an attachment lamp. Equipped with the lamp 4 tubes is à 10,000K of 2 white and 2 in blue (as was the purchase jointly contain).

Because the pelvis is in my living room and I want to look at it in the evening, I switched the timer for lighting rather late. Because the pelvis but is for sunlight in the distance, the basin has little sun light and thus my residents have then just as they would otherwise prevail for normal daytime in my relationships at sunrise.
Lighting hours:
I have installed in the corner a 50cm high, 37cm wide and 3cm thick filter mat behind a Plexiglas structure, behind this is also on my heater. Wanted so use a HMF Eckfilter. But since I do not want to pass up my external filter I have simply used an external filter instead of an air jack, internal filter or Umwelzpumpe.

External Filter is:
SunSun Aquarium external filter 2000l / h with 4 filter baskets and 9W UVC lamp
Filter baskets I equipped with:
- Ceramic rings
- Bio-Balls 28mm
- Activated carbon
- Filterwatte - Filter Fabric

For external filter is to say that this was an expensive purchase and received will be 2000l / h far from being reached. Rather, it is 1500l / h.
Mein Mini Labor :)
Hier mein Unterschrank mit dem Außenfilter
Here I ask still like to advice.
The listed fishing as well as the number is an idea. Advice I listen to like. Likewise, you may like to give me advice whether the species can jointly maintain or whether I should refrain from better socialization of the species.

I thought so far in the following trim:

Pseudotropheus saulosi 2/4
Labidochromis Hongi Red Top 2/4
Synodontis petricola dwarf / Synodontis lucipinni 6

Alternatively, I would like to keep Non-Mbunas. Here I would like to maintain Aulonocara stuartgranti Ngara-Mdoka or Aulonocara stuartgranti Usisya. But since I know not really by what species I this in my pelvis can socialize and what kind of relationship would be optimal in view of the pool, I hope on your advice.
Water parameters:
Pool has been completely left alone on 08.24.2014 and until yesterday the 08.29.2014 initially filled. After I read but now that the nitrite peak may occur after up to 6 weeks and recommended me an acquaintance has Denitrol use of JBL, I am now yesterday the Council followed. Started with Biotopol and an hour later the Denitrol now the next day always comes back with a little Denitrol inside.

In order to check if it really happens to what causes I immediately something gained to test my water parameters. After I've read so much negative about the sticks, it was clear there is the drop test.

So here happens to be the values ​​prior to vaccination with Biotopol and Denitrol

Water temperature: 26 °
GH: 6.5
KH: 5.5
pH: 8.2
Nitrate: 20mg / l
Nitrite: 0.3 mg / l

Next test is then made 48 hours after vaccination.

For water changes I'm planning to go a week between 75-100 liters.
Is then selected according to stocking.
Further information:
Cabinet is a self-made from 2 x 60cm x 155cm countertops 3.9 cm and 4 stable stone columns. The stones of the towers can be used actually for outdoor fountain or flower beds and give a slight rounding.
The countertops were stuck by me with foil.
Between worktop and Aquarium is a 2cm thick styrofoam mat.

It still follows a panel of Styrofoam by baseboards and an illuminated plexiglass cover Milchglasfolierte to bridge the gap between the stone pillars of the cabinet to close.