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Description of the aquarium:
West / Central Africa
Tank size:
200x40x40 = 320 liters ~ 84 gallons (us)
Specific features:
This aquarium has a special dimension with 200x40x40cm.
I consciously chose this degree because here a wonderfully fast flowing stream can be imitated. It is not usually necessary to select such a low depth and height perfectly, who, however, has even found it fun, it does not want to miss. The animals are almost all grown with the exception of 10-15cm bichirs.
Aquarium Kongo-River
Aquarium decoration:
Beige / mocha color Direction sand 0,7-1,2mm grain. (Pool filter sand, washed several times, fire dried, pH-neutral, food-safe)
River gravel 10mm grain
Crinum natans, Broad African Hakenlilie
Again aware a flow-loving plants meet from the Africa region was chosen so that all occurs from a region in the aquarium.
Special features of the facility:
Pebbles in 50mm and boulders from the natural stone dealers
The colors go from light beige to dark granite with white margined over. Mostly you will find also reddish pebbles in the aquarium.
The device was used before the sediment to prevent undermining is possible by the cichlids. The stones are all on a foam rubber mat to protect the floor. Just because the rocks below the sand, the cichlids deep niches are free to dig themselves how they handle it in their natural environment also. I could very well already recognize how smaller and less dominant male rest with me in this niche and built their little area.
Findlinge mit groben Kies
Wurzelwerk mit groben Kieseln
Rechte Ecke
Aquarium equipment:
2 x 10 Watt LED 5800Kelvin Spots
4 x LED clip light a 4Watt (Warm White)
1 LED Spot in color cool white to complement the moonlight's.
Eck-HMF (20x20x40) 1000L / H
Other equipment:
4600L Stream Ross Mont (Rover M 4600)
1.1 Chromidotilapia kingsleyae:
Origin of the animals is West Africa: Ogooue system, Gabon
They are about 16cm tall (usually slightly smaller) They are polygamous and the female takes over the parental care (mouthbrooders). There is no pairing statt.Grundkörperfärbung light brown to ocher

7 Series Group Ctenochromis Polli F1 (young group):
Spreading lies in West Africa: Stanley Pool (border with DRC) and RK between Kinshasa and Brazzaville. And more
The erwatende to size is around 8-10cm
Males develop a beautiful red throat in the courtship or posturing. Also conspicuously beautiful blue lips.
Aged males may well develop a nuchal hump.
This type is a mouthbrooders - Art.

5 Series Group Micralestes sp. "WF CAMEROON"
These tetras come from Cameroon, are in principle before and Zambezi systems in the Congo. If maximum 9cm long and is very beautiful in the behavior of a flock animal. Eaten is very hectic and without pardon. A very pretty kind requires the very oxygen-rich water.

3 Group Steatocranus Casuarius
The Steatocranus is no pair, as these fish came from inventory resolutions and accept rare friends forever, they are monogamous.

1.1 Pelvicachromis Pulcher

4p group Polypterus senegalus

1 Polypterus Teugelsi

(The Polypterus be relocated when required and final size)
Chromidotilapia Kingslyae
Ctenochromis Polli
Polypterus Senegalus
Steatocranus Casuarius
Micralestes sp. WF Kamerun
Micralestes sp. WF Kamerun
Micralestes sp. WF Kamerun
Ctenochromis Polli F1 weibchen mit Eiern im Maul
Chromidotilapia Kingsleyae male
Chromidotilapia Kingsleyae male
Ctenochromis Polli F1 male
Ctenochromis Polli F1 male
Polypterus senegalus
Polypterus Teugelsi
Ctenochromis Polli F1
Ctenochromis Polli F1
Chromidotilapia Kingsleyae male
Steatocranus Casuarius male
Ctenochromis Polli F1
Ctenochromis Polli F1
Steatocranus Casuarius
Pelvicachromis Pulcher female
Ctenochromis Polli F1
Pelvicachromis Pulcher male
Pelvicachromis Pulcher male
Pelvicachromis Pulcher female
Polypterus Teugelsi
Steatocranus Casuarius
Steatocranus Casuarius
Chromidotilapia Kingsleyae male
Ctenochromis Polli F1
Water parameters:
ph: about 7.8
Conductance: 250-300
Temp. 25 ° C
gh: 12
kh: 9
Mussel meat roughly
Krill gross
black mosquito larvae
Spirulina dried fodder
Washed cucumber, zucchini peppers.

Shrimp among others are excellent for strengthening the natural color of the fish.
Further information:
I tried to represent a zone of a shore area, which slowly flows into the stream. The soft sedimentary surface is mixed with coarser pebbles and relaxes the whole package on.
The animals love to live in niches and columns resulting from the arrangement of the pebbles.
Very happy to present this to the stones from and rest (preferably reophile cichlids) ((reophil = underdeveloped swim bladder))