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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Malawibecken
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
121x50x50 = 270 liters ~ 71 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Normal glass aquarium with panoramic windscreen in Wulstverklebung.
Complete Aquarium Meduza6 (cabinet, Basin + cover).
... Erstbefüllung
.. schon bald kommen die ersten Algen
Aquarium decoration:
50l fine gravel mixture beige / black, ratio about 2: 1
Grain size: 0.4 - 0.8mm
two handfuls of coarse coral gravel, grit 5 - 15 mm
- A few Anubien
- A Cryptocoryne
- A few salsify Ferns
- A few Vallisneria gigantea
The bouncing ball has been clamped or glued hiss crevices
Something Java moss was stuck at the top of corner module. The perch were very happy about it and it nibbled the same.
Special features of the facility:
50kg coarse gravel "Spreklestone" based on water + stones,
3 large modules made from Portland cement.
- A corner / backplane module
- A free-standing module
- A backplane module.
All modules are hollow, provided with Einschwimmlöchern and completely out / hinterschwimmbar. Therefore, it is possible to fish, to swim through the entire aquarium full coverage from left to right.

Rear wall outside covered with frosted glass slide and afterwards. Painted with blue paint to create a soft transition.
LH side wall with dark tinted car window film pasted to create a little privacy.

On the right side there is the disguised HMF. Cladding is coated cement polystyrene with 3 caves of different sizes and Einschwimmöffnung. Furthermore, there are several swimming through openings. Between filter surface and the cover is some distance, so that the filter surface can be fully incident flow.
Another medium artificial styrofoam rocks located at the small cairn in the central area of ​​the basin. Also it is provided with a cavity.
In total, 8 caves were created, columns not included in the calculation by the stones.
Modules and pebbles lying on a 1cm thick Styrofoam plate.
HMF- Bau der Verkleidung
HFM, nach Überzug mit Portlandzement
Links: zwei Module, rechts: Styroporhöhlen
Steine und Sand...
Deko im Überblick
Aufbau der Deko
Dekoration im Aquarium Malawibecken
Blick von der linken Seitenscheibe
Aquarium equipment:
80cm LED "Polar" 7500K, 18W with little dimmer SIMU-1 of LED.Aquaristik.de dimmed to around 90%
a 40cm moonlight blue (self), centrally darkened.
Head Light 12:00 clock - 21:00 clock is driven in about 60 minutes from 0 to about 90% capacity
Moonlight: 21:30 clock - 23:30 clock
External filter: JBL Professional Crystal 500, 1200l / h
Internal filter: HMF with Eheim Aquaball 650l / h
SP: Sicce Voyager Nano Stream 2000L / h
- To improve the flow and prevent the flow shadow where deposits could form.
- Installed behind the corner module.
- Controlled by clock 10:00 - 21:30 clock, at intervals betw one and two hours..
Other equipment:
Heater Jäger 125W, heating 8:00 - 22:00 clock
Brennenstuhl ProfiLine 6-way splitter bar, two switchable
Digital Thermometer Europet Bernina 227 with external sensor
Three timers (moonlight, heater and flow pump)
An overflow pipe with Gardenahahn and connection for the water change
HMF-Verkleidung von oben
Technik im Aquarium Malawibecken
Technik im Aquarium Malawibecken
3/5 iodotropheus sprengerae F1
3/4 Labidochromis Mbamba Bay F1
5 Synodontis Lucipinnins
Besatz im Aquarium Malawibecken
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meine Synodontis
Water parameters:
PH 7.6
GH: 18-20 (is already so out of the tap)
KH 8
Nitrite <0.01 mg / I
Nitrate 30 mg / l (is already so out of the tap)
PH measured pHep of Hanna, all other values ​​with JBL-drop testers
Temp: 24 - 25C °
DHW: 50% per week
Dry food:
Tropical Spirulina Super Forte granules
Tropical Malawi Chips
TetraPro Algae
Söll Organix Super Kelp Pellets

Frozen Food:
Artemina (every 7-10 days)
homemade frozen food from, cucumber, pepper, shrimp, garlic, banana and Mulitivitaminsaft

fed once a day (I change the dry foods by)
Fasting once a week
Further information:
I studied a lot of ideas and examples Beck. There is hardly a jar between 250 and 300 liters, which I have not studied! :-)
Thank you, that there's this portal!
Furthermore, I thank Malawi-Guru.de - where I know much about the fish, and when Fischauge.net - where I have the exquisite suggestions for Modulbau