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Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
151x61x64 = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
curved windscreen
3d rear 150x60 aquarium back wall K-Line
Aquarium decoration:
80 Kg Dennerle Color-quartz gravel Indischrot
4x Giant -Wasserkelch
2x Greater Amazon sword plant
1x Green milfoil
1x Large Amazonas - sword plant
1x Uruguay - sword plant
1x Large dimpled Wasserähre
2x Madagascar mesh plant
1x Large narrow mesh plant
1x red Tigerlozus
4x ruby ​​Ludwegie
1Einh. grassy dwarf Amazon
2 Unit. broadleaved dwarf Amazon
1x Dennerle Süsswassertang on grid
1x corrugated Javafarn
4x Javafarn
5x small deep red Ludwigia
2x Dichtblättrige Rotala
2x giant Valisnerie narrow
1x dwarf noble cornices
1x Jap. Thread herb
1x Aromatic swamp friend
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Special features of the facility:
Div. Moorkien Wood and mangrove roots, 2 large caves, with silicone and quartz gravel matched to the substrate
Aquarium equipment:
4x 54 Watt T5:

3x Solar Ultra Color
1x Sunlight 4600K JBL
all with reflector

Light time 2x5 hours, with 2 hours. Break
Eheim prof.3E 600T
Skimmer comes to .. because of the> back wall ..
Other equipment:
Eheim REEFLEX UV 800
Co2 system Dennerle Classic-Line, 2.5 L bottle
Ph - Controller Evolution DeLuxe with overnight shutdown / control
Dennerle Osmose Professional 190
CO2 Controller
Co2 Seite
Bisschen Wasserbasis ;-)
Leopardbärbling (10)
Pristella maxillaris (9)
Cardinal Fish (10)
Red Neon (12)
Diamond Head-Neon (5)
Marbled dwarf cory (12)
Black carapace Wels (3)
White Fins jewelry Almer (5)
Rotkopfsalmer (6)
Butterfly cichlids (9)
Water parameters:
Kh 5
PH around 6.8 to 7
Nitrite / nitrate (yet) not measurable
O² 4.5 mg / l
Water change every week 50L
Sera bloodworm
Tetra Pleco wafer
Tetra Color Pro
Further information:
Fertilization Dennerle over Dosator system, iron fertilizer