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Aquarium Hauptansicht von "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
71 x 51 x 65 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Specific features:
a jewel Lido 200 in white, without original base cabinet instead of a TV cabinet in maple / white set
Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Aquarium decoration:
consisting of 15kg JBL Sansibar Black (10kg) and Grey (5kg) mixed in per 0,2-0,5mm grain together
to protect the bottom disk of stone building located on a 3mm PVC plate
the basin is pflanzenlos, for diatoms and grow quite strongly (also beautiful green ;-))

Update 08/10/2014: 1x Javafarn (Microsorum pteropus)
Special features of the facility:
for the stone building about 120 kg of processed black basalt rock, is not glued together, from the Building Materials
the rear wall is merely stuck me black foil
Aquarium equipment:
through High-Lite Day, modern T5 lighting technology jewel with an output of 2x28 Watt.
The lighting system of the Lido 200 allows comfortable working in the aquarium even with the lights on.
Both fluorescent tubes are wrapped left and right with aluminum foil about 12cm (This creates a cone of light + shade)
* Lighting time - 14:30 bis 23:30 clock *
by Bioflow Filter M - internal filter system with 3 liters filter volume.
The Bioflow 3.0 is equipped with five powerful filter media (filter wool 3.0, 3.0 carbon sponge, Nitrax 3.0, Filter sponge coarse 3.0, 2x filter sponge fine 3.0) and a silent, powerful Eccoflow 600 circulation pump, 600l / h.
Other equipment:
For the right temperature in the LIDO 200 JEWEL heater thermostat provides 200 watts, which optimally integrated 3.0 filter system in the water cycle of Bioflow is (temperature range 20 - 30 ° C possible), set at 25 °

digital thermometer of jewel (battery operated)

Eheim 3000 StreamOn flow pump for optimal water circulation, a natural smooth flow pattern, increase the oxygen content, producing near-natural living conditions
in operation of 7-9Uhr, 13-15Uhr and 19-23Uhr
digitales Thermometer
10 pcs pseudotropheus saulosi -. Pure species basin (desired 3M / 7W)

Pseudotropheus saulosi lives in sediment-free rocky habitat and preferred because the upper areas of strong flow around rocky reefs.
This species lives absolutely endemic at Taiwan Reef northeast of Chizumulu Iceland.
P. saulosi lives mainly in 5-15 meters deep, but was observed even up to 20 meters.

The type described belongs to the limnivoren cichlids of Lake Malawi.
It feeds from the nursery, respectively. diatoms (diatoms) and micro-organisms which they picked from the nursery out. Females and non-territorial males are busy almost all day looking for food.

Females (golden yellow) and area-less juvenile males form large schools (50 and more animals) and pull steadily through the rock habitat, always in search of food.
Territorial bucks (bright blue colored and have 6 dark blue to black stripes. On their
Anal fin is a large Eifleck) defend their relatively large areas (ø up to 2 meters) up on the rocks aggressive towards conspecifics and try pairing willing females there to lure.

Mating takes always place directly on the corresponding rocks. The bucks are constantly balzaktiv and only tolerate estrous females in their territory, all the others are distributed consistently.
Very interesting is that older females may take the colors of males when no blocks are available in the area.

(I wonder Synodontis possibly with use, your opinion counts)
P. Saulosi M/W
P. Saulosi M/W
P. Saulosi M/W
P. Saulosi W
P. Saulosi M
P. Saulosi M/W
Männchen im Wandel ;-)
P. Saulosi M (Umfärbung)
P. Saulosi M (Umfärbung)
P. Saulosi W
P. Saulosi W
Besatz im Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Besatz im Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Besatz im Aquarium "Lido 200" - "Saulosi Artenbecken"
Water parameters:
GH: 7
KH: 9
PH: 8.0
NH3: 0
NH4: 0
Nitrate - <0.5
Nitrite - 0.01
Phospaht - <0.02
FE - <0.02

Water changes weekly of 50%
Mainly Tropica Spiro Lina 36% (several times smaller servings daily)
Sera granugreen "green fodder"
Cucumber, lettuce and peppers
Malawi Frostfutter (Wolffia, spirulina, spinach, banana, Artemia, Moina, Cyclops, Mysis)
* Irregular fasts *
Further information:
The juveniles were translated in May of this year with about 2-3cm in size and have increased over the past 3 months all just 1cm in size.
Meanwhile, 2 goats have recolored, with 2 more of my "yellow pupils" with egg stains and black hem are provided and also could even color! The two official guys are splendidly together ...

(I wonder Synodontis possibly with use, or NEN Cancer / Crab. Your opinion is needed)