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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
92x35-45x50 = 180 liters ~ 47 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Detail Zentrum
Aquarium decoration:
very fine sand tanks, beige, 15 kg without substrate or fertilizer
between each plant shoots three JBL clay balls high Eisentanteil
1 Cryptocoryne crispatula (var. Balansae)
Cryptocoryne Crispatula
Special features of the facility:
75 Kg "freckle Stone" (fruit slate, light to dark gray), rubble (200-500mm) (on 2.5 cm polystyrene case)
an old jewel 3D backplane "Stone granite"
Steinaufbau mit Blitzlicht photographiert
Aquarium equipment:
2 old T8 tubes, darkens to 80 percent with aluminum, also a 50cm tint tube for T8 (blue) back and a 20cm tint tube for T8 (green) Front
HMF, rear right (r = 18cm), a pump "AquaBall" 180 without filter material about 600l / h
Mat black, 50x30cm, medium, 3cm thick
Mount two 55cm long pieces cable channel glued with aquarium silicone
Other equipment:
Bio-CO2 with a small reactor (installed directly on the plant in the light zone)
7 (2m / 5w) Aulonocara sp. "Lwanda" (approx 1/2 year old)
6 (2m / 4w) Labidochromis sp. "Yellow" (about 4 months)
2 junge Aulo Ws mit 4 kleinen Yellows
Water parameters:
KH: 11
GH: 18
PH: 7.8

Temperature: 23 C

Water changes are made, the nitrite and nitrate (with JBL test strips) is not detectable - every 3-5 days 60 percent (with a garden hose)
JBL Novo Tanganyika (;))
JBL Novo Sticks S and M
Further information:
The pool is intended as a youth's pool (approx still 8-12 months).