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Aquariumfundamente im Wohn/Essbereich
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
200x80x100 = 1600 liters ~ 422 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin is made of Joos aquariums. It consists of 19 mm glass. In the basin, there is a center downcomer with 3 holes (inlet, outlet and emergency drain.
Kernbohrungen in Keller zum Filterbecken
Fundamente im Keller für das Filterbecken
Aquarium decoration:
As substrate I'll use vorraussichtlich the JBL Zanzibar in Black.
Special features of the facility:
In planning rock constructions are with or from Grüntenstraße Engenstein .......
Aquarium equipment:
Expected to float with 1.5 mtr length above the pool 2 Daytime Cluster Control lamps.
Color will probably be the UltraBlueRedWhite.
Is controlled throughout the Daytime Lightning Control which is to appear this October.
Filtering is the whole thing with an in-Keller filter tank (150x50x60) with five chambers. Chamber content is not yet known.
With a NEWA NewJet 8000 the return delivery is carried out.
Other equipment:
Flow pumps, heaters but further details at a later date.
Frontosa Blue Zaire
Further information:
The basin is located in the planning or already partly in the implementation.
Get here in future all interested to keep you informed.