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Becken nach ca 3 Monaten
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
120x50x60 = 360 liters ~ 95 gallons (us)
Specific features:
12mm glass
Aquarium Südamerika Becken
Aquarium Südamerika Becken
Aquarium Südamerika Becken
Aquarium Südamerika Becken
Aquarium decoration:
Coarse filter sand 0,7-4mm
Echinodorus, Valisnerien, etc.
The red Ludwigia unfortunately had to get out because they infest the time of seaweed but got roots too many things.
Special features of the facility:
Mangrove roots
Aquarium equipment:
2 T5 light bars 2x2 35W
1 100cm LED strip 14,4 V
Sunrise / loss simulation + moonlight LED
Eheim External Filter
Other equipment:
CO2 2KG bottle
JBL pH Controller
Sera pressure diffuser (substitute for CO2 Flipper)
Eheim Jäger heater (in the summer out of service)
4 bol. SBB
6 Marbled armored catfish
12 Red neon
6+ Ancistrus spec.

As some have already gone neons and there are only 12 animals to Plan a group of peaceful tetras should admit that I am still not sure.
Water parameters:
PH6,9 - 7
20mg CO2
25-28 degrees
Dry flakes + granules / Wels Tablets / Frostfütter Red Muelas with Garlic / live food from time to water fleas
Further information:
Of particular note was the cabinet of the aquarium builder should not be completely covered with a thin foam mat but only in strips along the back, middle and sides ca 5cm wide.
Stupid was that I did not know this in advance and the helper from the vendor which has been paid for the pool with me carry high first did not want to wait and I did not help when cutting. Has then erbahmt, I found an insolence had an extra € 60 paid for the service because I do not have the could have helped me carry the high basin. has over 100Kg with 12mm glass the becken..War ne ordeal ..