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Description of the aquarium:
Central America
Tank size:
110x24.5x119.5x50 = 422 liters ~ 111 gallons (us)
Specific features:
New, identical glass basin with Sicherheitsverklebung because the old man was no longer tight.
Among the masses: The legs measure each 110cm, front it has a diameter of 150cm, at the lowest point it measures 95cm and is 50cm high.
Meekis Home 24.10.14
Aquarium Central American River
29.6.14 (mit Sera blackwater aquatan)
23 8.14
Das Becken am 10.9.14
fish taaank :) 24.10.14
Aquarium decoration:
25 Kg fine gray sand
I'm trying a section of a Central American River Habitat for Thorichtys meeki replicate, for example Mexico, Tabasco, Guatemala or Belize.

Interesting info over the biotope can be found here

over the fish here
Meekis in nature

The pool should have rocky and sandy areas, as the Meekis also like to chew through the sand.
These things I have implemented so that all stones and pebbles are placed in the middle of the pool and at the edge is free of sand.

Plants I have none.
Nakajuka lagoon, Tabasco, México
Pichucalco river, Grijalva system, home of Thorichthys meeki
Thorichthys Meeki aus dem Pichucalco river, Tabasco, México
Pflanzen im Aquarium Central American River
Pflanzen im Aquarium Central American River
Special features of the facility:
unsealed Rockzolid modules http://www.riftlakes.ch
Merci Ronny :) for good advice
Stone G, H, E
Riverstone O
Wood (Wood Spider), book branches
Various stones and pebbles from the garden
Black rear panel foil
Im Fluss...
Riverstone O
Dekoration im Aquarium Central American River
Dekoration im Aquarium Central American River
Aquarium equipment:
Tropic Marin SunaECO 500 Tropical White LED lamp 12W

+ Energy saving light bulb 11W 600lm what I can to turn separately

Lighting time: 10 hours -> 12:00 to 22:00
EHEIM professionel 3 2075
Aquarium size up to 600 liter
Pump capacity: 1,250 l / h
Delivery head / m: 1.80
Filter volume: 6.5 liters
Power: 16 Watt
Dimensions in cm L 45.3 x W 23.8 x H 24.4
Other equipment:
Eheim Jäger adjustable heater 200W
10x Hyphessobrycon anisitsi Buenos Aires Tetra
Family: tetras (Characiformes)
Size: 7-8 cm
Home: South America, current areas of the river Paraná and Rio Uruguay.
Biotope: Small rivers, flood zones
Temperature: 18-27 ° C
pH: 6.0-7.5
Total Hardness: 5-19 ° dGH
Lining: Smaller live food, flake food. Even a vegetable diet.
Aquarium: 150 liters

Actually, I would like to use habitat faithfully Astynax tetras, unfortunately, the nowhere to get here. So I decided for the Buenos Aires Tetra (from South America), which see the Astynax's outward appearance very similar and are on the water values ​​robust.
If should form a couple at the Meekis times, I hope that the cheeky tetras will eat the young fish to stress in the aquarium to prevent possible.

1/1 Thorichthys meeki firemouth cichlid
Family: Cichlids (Cichlidae)
Size: 12 - 15 cm
Achievable Age: about 13 years
Provenance: Guatemala, the Yucatan in the rivers Rio Grijalva and Usumacinta-catchment, Laguna de Terminos, Rio Hondo, Belize River
Biotope: Flußbiotop with moderate flow and gravelly-sandy bottom
Temperatures 21 - 26 ° C
pH: 6.5 to 8
KH: 8-16 °
Total hardness: 8 - 12 °
Lining: live, frozen and dry food
Aquarium: min. 100 cm (approximately 200 liters)

A great fish, especially if they threaten the gill :) Let's see how the color of animals will not change, currently there are still some gray mice, the animals but also only as 6- 10cm. Among themselves there is already rather rough, it is threatened and sometimes gestuptst.
Depending on the changes in the group dynamics, I would reduce the animals, currently it works but quite good.

1x Rocio octofasciata Eight binding cichlid
Family: Cichlids / Cichlids
Size: 20 cm
Achievable Age: about 14 years
Origin: Atlantic coast of southern Mexico-Yucatan (Rio Papaloapan) to Honduras (Rio Ulua).
Biotope: swamps and slow moving water bodies
Temperatures: 22-26 ° C
pH: 6.5 to 7
Total hardness: 8 - 12 °
Lining: Both Lebend- and dry food
Aquarium: 150 cm

I could not let it :) The "Jack Dempsey" fascinated me for some time. The animal gets along well with the Meekis, only at feeding time he / she is little bit more dominant. Let's see how it develops, if aggression should come up, I'll respond.
Mein Baby <3
April 2015
Besatz im Aquarium Central American River
Besatz im Aquarium Central American River
April 2015
April 2015
Besatz im Aquarium Central American River
April 2015
Januar 2015
Meeki Paar am 26.4.15
Meekis 26.4.15
Rocio Octofasciatum 26.4.15
Besatz im Aquarium Central American River
Rautenfleck Salmler
Rocio Octofasciatum 25.10.14
Thorichthys Meeki 25.10.14
Thorichthys Meeki weiblich 25.10.14
Hyphessobrycon anisitsi
Hyphessobrycon anisitsi
Besatz im Aquarium Central American River
Meeki am 25.8.14
Besatz im Aquarium Central American River
Besatz im Aquarium Central American River
Rocio Octofasciata
Meekis mit Larven
Water parameters:
Tap water

PH: 7.6
Kh: 11
GH: 18
No2: 0
No3: not measured
O2: not measured
Temperature: 24 - 25 ° C
Water changes: 1x per week ~ 150L

Sera aquatan Blackwater
Easy Life fluid filter medium
Black, white mosquito larvae
Spinach from time to time
Bloodworm (very rare)
Crystal Shrimp
Cichlidenmix (is not so popular)

Dry Food
Tetra Pro Colour
Tetra Pro algae
Söll Organix Kelp Pellets green fodder (soaked first)
Aquarium Münster Biofish food garlic
Further information:
The primary reason for a Central America aquarium was only once that I wanted to run no Wasserpanscherei by osmosis system more and our CH tap water is quite hard.
After I have dealt intensively with the Central American cichlids, I realized that there is really great fish in this division!
) I am pleased now to follow the development of animals and try to offer them a homelike as possible Habitat :); Initially Meekis came for me not in question as it is the geek suddenly becomes favorites