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Das Becken direkt nach dem Einrichten in der Übersicht...
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
20x20x25 = 10 liters ~ 2 gallons (us)
Specific features:
No special features, the basin is a Dennerle 10L Cube.
...erste Pflanzen...
...fertig eingerichtet...
Aquarium decoration:
As a base for the increase in the back right corner natural gravel (1-5 mm) was used, over a layer of soil (Stratum Fluval "red").
As a groundcover Hemianthus callitrichoides was used, in the background a few sprigs Staurogyne repens.
The root is planted with Vesicularia montagnei (Christmas Moss), is scheduled to follow a Bucephalandra and a nice background plant.
Special features of the facility:
A few lava stones and a small root - see pictures.
Aquarium equipment:
3W DIY LED consisting of
- Aluminum cooling profile
- 3x 1W LED (6500K; 350mA; 120Lumen)
- Appropriate KSQ

In brief, the light is complemented by two 1W LEDs.
I'll probably use a Dennerle Eckfilter (2W max. 150L / hr.), The final decision is made ​​but once water is filled.
Other equipment:
BioCO2-conditioning (also DIY, here is but but hopefully follow in the long term back pressure gas ...)
The stocking is as yet unspecified - either the selected few animals out of my Sakurabecken or a small force Red Bees.
Water parameters:
Still no water is available for testing ;-)
Much more accurate follow ...
Further information:
The basin is underway by Drystart method - so I can avoid puffing of HCC and moss.
In Sakurabecken I've had very good experiences with it, water is replenished Expected in 3-4 weeks.