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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Diskusjuwelen
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
121x 51 x 66 = 350 liters ~ 92 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Foil Back with rock samples.
Futterangebot/ Dünger
Aquarium decoration:
- 40 Kg Dennerle Crystal quartz gravel (fawn) in the grain
1-2 mm and
- Dennerle Refresher Tabs Depot balls and are distributed in the soil.
- Amazon sword plant,
- Indian water friend,
- Water Star,
- Anubia,
- Vallisneria gigantea and spiralis,
- Echinodorus and Osiris
- Java fern.
Special features of the facility:
- Slate,
- 7 Caves,
and 4 different roots.
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Aquarium equipment:
- 1 x Econlux Solar Stinger Led Light Bar plans in the light color.

Is illuminated from 12.00 clock bis 23.00 clock (dimmed sunrise and sunset).
- 1 x EHEIM professionel 3e 700 (set at the lowest level) equipped with EHEIM bioMECH, SUBSTRATpro, MECHpro and filter fabric. With EHEIM Interface, to control the filter over the PC.
- 1 x Juwel Bioflow 6.0 (internal filter, equipped with NitratEx, at full power).
Other equipment:
- Profilux 3n with webserver. Control of lighting, EHEIM filters, pH and temperature (via an app on the go).
- CO2 system (2 kg bottle), between 11.30 und 21 clock clock in operation (with 12 bubbles per minute, extra low).
- EHEIM Thermocontrol 300 for aquariums up to 1,000 liters. Temperature is kept constant at 28 °.
- EHEIM Twin Feeder with 2 food chambers.
Profilux 3n
Filter Eheim
Düse/Ansaugrohr Außenfilter Eheim
Innenfilter Juwel
Co2 Flasche
Co2 Flipper (Dennerle, 300 Liter)
Eheim Heizstab
3 x L 264,
2 x L 134,
2 x L 200,
1 x two hundred and first

7 discuses:
- Cobalt Blue (m),
- Malboro Red (w),
- Fire Red (w),
- Leopard Scribble (m),
- Red Turquoise (unknown),
- Checkerboard Red (unknown) and
- Pigeon Blood Blue (unknown).
Feuerrot (w)
Kobalt Blau (m)
Malboro Red (w)
Rot-Türkis (unbekannt)
Leopard Scribble (m)
Pigeon Blood Blau (unbekannt)
Checkerboard Rot (unbekannt)
L 134
L 200
L 201
L 264
L 264
Water parameters:
PH: 6.8,
KH: 2,
Total hardness: 6
Nitrate: 20 (max. 40),
Phosphate: 10,
Ammonium / ammonia / nitrite: undetectable.
Values ​​will measured with a JBL test sets.

- Water change: 1 x per week 120 liters.
Lunch (13.00 clock):
Feeder Chamber 1: Tropical Astacolor color lining and Tropical D-Vital Plus discus.

In the afternoon (16.00 clock): - 1 blister frozen food -
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
Different sorts:
- Super Vital 2000
Beef heart, beef heart Supercolor, beef heart garlic and onions, Trutharnherz.
- Benker
Premium shrimp finely.
- Mieling Discus Quick
Intensive Red and Blue.

Late in the afternoon (18.30 clock):
Feeder Chamber 2: Zajac Spirulina flakes.

In the evening (22.00 clock): - 1 blister frozen food -
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
White / black mosquito larvae (rarely), Mysis, Krill, clam meat, shrimp or Artermia.

- Tetra jelly (1x weekly) -
Natura Bloodworm Mix, Fresh Delica Brine Shrimps and Fresh Delica Daphnia.

- Catfish feed:
Tropical Mini Wafers Mix,
Sera Catfish Chips,
Tetra Pleco wafer,
Tetra Tablets TabiMin,
JBL NovoPleco,
JBL NovoTab,
Vitakraft Tabs or
Yady Gold Snacks - Algae Wafers for catfish.

- The frozen food is enriched 2 times weekly with JBL vitamins.
- In addition, live food regularly (black / white mosquito larvae,
Artermia or white worms) fed.
- For the catfish 1-2 x is a piece of cucumber or zucchini sunk a week with a stone.
Further information:
- Fertilizer: Happy Life Plant and Ferro, 1x weekly 10ml.
No other additives!