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Nach Umgestaltung und Erweiterung des Felshangs
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
160x60x60 = 576 liters ~ 152 gallons (us)
Specific features:
12mm float glass with all-round windscreen made of white glass. 2 long and Querstreben.Rundum stoßverklebt with Wulstsicherheitsnaht.Bodenscheibe 12mm, einteilig.Abdeckscheiben 2 x 4mm with grip hole for losing weight
The substructure consists of a gray patterned kitchen countertop with the dimensions 180 cm / 60 cm / 4 cm W / D / H. This is on an original base cabinet a Juwel Rio 240, which is centered, and 2 columns of aerated concrete blocks on the sides auf.Ich found the the cabinet in the middle of the appearance goes very well and also have enough storage space for food etc. offers.
A 1cm Styrodur plate is to compensate for any unevenness between the basin and countertop.
Unterbau linke Seite
Unterbau Mitte
Unterbau Rechte Seite
Becken Mitte mit neuem Aufbau und Besatz
Rechte Seite mit Schattenzone
Von links gesehen mit dem Schattenbereich und dem etwas helleren Bereich in der Mitte
Von der linken seitenscheibe aus gesehen
Mondlicht nach runterfahren der Hauptbeleuchtung am Abend
Nochmal mit Mondlicht ;-)
Aquarium decoration:
0,4-0,8mm to obtain from a known hardware store ;-) a mixture of black and beige to a dark ground of the light does not dig or Very little reflected and contribute to the well-being of Fischies ;-) The fish washed aquarium sand it also constantly to ensure and so on for good mixing, lol
I know that but to find usually provide only Vallisnerien at various in Malawi are I did not want all the plants from my old aquarium throw away therefore has a Echinodorus Tropica found in the middle of their place and serves as a little as a screen and also has left Reviergrenze.Vorne still a Anubias var. Nana found a place.
I fertilizing not because I think that the 2 plants that are in the pool without it.
The last plant standing, die letzte Anubias die noch nicht ganz zerpflückt wurde
Special features of the facility:
Basalt stones offering from the left to the right side windows form a structure of many caves, crevices and hiding places are thus bildet.Auch gebildet.Basalt limits many area is also a natural rock and is very nice of nursery colonized the fish another food source and promotes the natural behavior of Mbunas.
All abutments are on 1cm Styrodur protects the entire bottom disk.
Where necessary I have interconnected selectively with aquarium silicone to prevent the stones to all the dangers of falling rocks.
As a back wall I have at the moment a printed PVC plate with Vallisnerien and a few other plants on a dark Hintergrund.Aber seen by the Hohenstein build little thereof.The whole stone building is freestanding with a few cm from the rear wheel. So the whole structure can be good hinterschwommen.
Aquarium equipment:
I have after many years with the standard neon lighting to a switch to LED lighting entschieden.Im moment operates a 1m Warm White and Cool White 2x50cm strips with 60 piece 50/50 SMD per meter together. Both are controlled by a LED Time controller identical to that of LiWeBe ist.Der Controller can individually and precisely controlled and I am of the performance so far fully excited of. For this he also controls 2x1m RGB Stripes with 30x50 / 50 LED's / M for simulating suns and doom and moonlight and daytime lighting mix in a blue component that comes close to the preferred habitat of the fish.
I have spread over the day enhance the lighting in different intervals and programmed to simulate Wolkenzug etc.. The general lighting but runs from 9am morning, with dawn and dusk to dawn and Abendrot.Dann 21,30Uhr with the then up 1am scheint.Dann followed by a pause until 7am and then the moonlight dims slowly back up to the dimming of moonlight follows seamlessly Transition to dawn to make gentle.
The white LEDs are ramped up at lunchtime to 60% and give the blue of RGB up to 50% to the light a blue component.
The Led lights indicate the following data
-1m Warm White 12W / m, approximately 620lm 3000-3500K
-50cm Coldwhite 6W / 50cm, approximately 310lm 6000-6500K
IP67, plug connectors and waterproof screwed.
The LEDs have a lifespan of about 50000h, by the extreme dimming probably much longer.
I have converted a metal cover of MP from a pool to a 120cm hanging lamp and fastened with chains to the ceiling. The original T8 light bar could complete entfernen.In the blank cover, I then installed the LED components. The front page can be open and I will come without the light pull on the handle holes in the cover plates through the I Feed.
I find the LED light head and shoulders above fluorescent lighting because effects from the movement of water beautiful sun curls arise.
Fluval FX 5
Data - For aquariums up to 1500L
Filter circulation 2130L / h
-Pumpenleistung 3500L / h
-Förderhöhe To 3.3m Max.
-Mechanical Filter surface (foam) 2.100 cm / 2
-Biologisches Volume 5,9l
-Filtervolumen 20L
-Wattzahl 48 watts at 230-240 V / 50 Hz
A and outlet at the far corner of the right are two outlet openings Seitenscheiben.Die aligned the that water once flowed on the rear wheel along and even diagonally towards the center of the basin strömt.Zusammen with powerheads creates a predominantly counter-clockwise current ring Slight flowing the transport the resulting deposits towards filter intake.
It is equipped with the filter material of his two predecessors.
From top to bottom -1Korb ceramic rings, 2Korb zeolite 3Korb zeolite and coarse filter sponge. For this purpose in the FX has 5 each basket completely filter sponges as a prefilter which serves all coarse impurities rauszufiltern before the water through the filter media ensures läuft.Dies for an enormously prolonged lifetime of the filter media.
Other equipment:
A heater thermostat the company Jäger 300W power is set to 26 degrees.
1 attached flow pump of Sun Sun with 3000L / h on the left side wheels and controlled by a time switch in different lengths intervals. Overnight from 24 clock until 7am break.
In addition, there runs an aerator with 85L / h of output the firm Hagen, model Marina 100.Über a ceramic Longlife Sprudelstein with dimensions 1cm / 15cm is attached by suction cup rear right just above the ground, the air is then introduced.
Today I a second flow pump, a Tunze 6045 (4500L / h) installed, I get cheap on ebay habe.Die Tunze is now installed on the left side windows and the Sun Sun pump is now on the right Seitenscheiben.Beide are now on timers controlled alternately, always between 45min. - 1.5 Stunden.Teilweise over the term cuts to ca.15min and then run both zusammen.Die Tunze brings really neat living in them Bude.Die Sun Sun itself was good but you can see and remember the 1500L / h more of Tunze doch.Ich was skeptical at first because of the magnetic holder but I have to say though, holds bombproof and is quiet.
Hängelampe 120cm, mittig über dem Becken aufgehängt.Ich habe drei verschieden
Hagen Marina 100 Durchlüftungspumpe, 85 L/h
Tetra Analyse Set zum testen aller wichtigen Wasserwerte
Led leisten die anstelle der original Neon röhren in die Hängelampe eingesetzt
1m led leiste in warmweiß mit 60x50/50 SMD LEDs pro Meter
2x 50cm led leiste in kaltweiß mit jeweils 30x50/50 SMD LEDs
2x1m RGB Streifen, eingeklebt in die Hängelampe. Jeweils vor und hinter den weißen
TC 420 LED controller zum ansteuern von 5 Kanälen, 2x weiß und 1x RGB. Jeder Kanal
Technik im Aquarium Mein Malawi im Wohnzimmer
Ein/Auslass des FX 5,alte Strömungspumpe der Marke SunSun die jetzt in einem meiner
Tunze Strömungspumpe auf der linken Seite,in verschiedenen langen Zeitabständen
Sicce Voyager 3 auf der rechten Seitenscheibe des Becken
Wasser aufbereitet, zum sofortigen umwandeln von Leitungswasser in fischverträgliches
Malawi Mbunas / Non Mbunas / robbers
Currently Non Mbunas- Aulonocara baenschi Benga 1M / 2 F
Z.Zt Mbunas-
1M / 4F + a few juveniles, sex is not recognizable Pseudotropheus lombardoi-Metriaclima lombardoi even maylandia lombardoi
2M / 3F Labidochromis SP.Yellow-Labidochromis Caeruleus Yellow
5M / 0F Melanochromis Auratus Turquoise gold cichlid. Unfortunately have recolored becoming male and I'll probably order a few females at Aqua House Gaus and distribute the surplus males at my other aquariums.
0M / 2F Haplochromis Ahli Iceberg-Scyaenochromis Ahli Iceberg
Nacht Patrollie der ganzen Bande
Ausschnitt aus dem  Becken mit Teil der, der Bewohner
Mehr Bewohner
Fryeri und Konsorten
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Malawi im Wohnzimmer
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Malawi im Wohnzimmer
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Malawi im Wohnzimmer
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Malawi im Wohnzimmer
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Malawi im Wohnzimmer
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Malawi im Wohnzimmer
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Malawi im Wohnzimmer
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Malawi im Wohnzimmer
Water parameters:
Temp. 26 degrees
PH 8.1
NH4 0.0 mg / L
NH3 0.0 mg / L
NO2 0.0 mg / L
NO3- 9 mg / L
PO4- 10 mg / L
Measured with TetraTest Analysis t water test kit
Water change weekly 50%
Water purification with water recycled from hunting paradise additionally Aloe Vera and Vitamin B Complex contains
Green flakes plant-based with Spirulina Algae
chicliden flakes
Chicliden granules
Artemia FD, anything from a food delivery of how to find very good quality at very reasonable prices provides ;-)
Plus I've had good experience Tetra Pond Flakes and algae wafer around which all almost always "Spanking"
When frozen food I feed now and then Chicliden Mix and Malawi mix with spinach.
Plus various vegetables such as cucumber, peppers, zucchini.
The feed everything always changing but the small clearly have their favorites as it then looks at the feeding speed.
I feed always "free snout" of mornings evening times with 1-2 days of fasting / week ever on other days
Have together with the fish of Gaus also ordered the Chicliden granules, their own Hausmarke.Wird is also well received by the "old-timers residents" in the pool. Seems good to taste ;-)
Further information:
This is my first Malawi basin after a few years with pure community tank.
I have long admired the here the Malawi basin on AB and now after I was able to acquire this as new aquarium at a bargain price is trying to give the Mbunas a beautiful home.
I am grateful for any tips and advice that will help me eliminate all possible errors.