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Jawa  2.11.2016
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120x50x50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
An aquarium 300L (120cm long x 50cm wide x 50cm high), was built on a motorcycle with flatbed model JAWA. The substructure of the JAWA was reinforced for safety of the aquarium with an undercarriage. The cargo area was stabilized with 50x25x25 Yton stones and placed a 50mm wooden board. The aquarium was placed on a 30mm Styrodurplatte to compensate for differences in height and weight distribution.
The wooden structure (panel) of the Jawa motorcycle was finished with a water protection teak wood finish. The front section of the aquarium (flatbed Wider than Aqaurium) was filled with leftover stone and embellished with small decorative elements.

The pool cover
The cover is a Sonderanferigung of
Hr.Runge / www.Aquariumabdeckungen.com.
She was taken in anger dimensions 120cm x 50cm x 10cm with 3 flaps u. 3 handles, left and right rear entrances for each 3 technology.
The film of the cover in teak wood is stained appearance.

The Jawa Malawi Aquarium is in the customer area of my car and made: Workshop can Monday to Friday from 8: are gladly seen by customers and by aquarists 00h: 00-17.

Der Anfang . . JAWA 250 mit Ladefläche
Yton Steine zur Stabilisierung
Bodenplatte 50mm
Styrodur Bodenplatte 50mm
JAWA mit Aquarium 2
JAWA mit Aquarium
Holzanbau Bearbeitung
Ansicht Becken
JAWA mit Teak Anstrich und Steinen im Vordergrund
JAWA mit Teak Anstrich und Steinen im Vordergrund
Becken Rückscheibe mit Schwarz Seidenmatt Lack gerollt
Becken dekorieret mit Rockzolid Module B C E F H
Aquarium decoration:
The substrate is a mixture of sand 0.3-1.2mm grain. Color mixing is 2/3 to 1/3 light gray and black brand Dennerle and gray 0.3mm quartz sand.
It was dispensed with this Malawi aquarium on a plant facility in the aquarium. The Malwikrabbe digging day and destroyed everything is green ;-)
Special features of the facility:
By using 3D rock elements SH series retreat and ground facilities and near-natural rocky landscape and optics are implemented.

SH series rocks

Types 5x SH24, SH28 1x, 2x SH30 used.

These rocks are either durchschwimmbar or provide sufficient retreat u. Area options.

In June 2014, an attached black whereby a beautiful depth effect is created.
Rockzolid Module B C E F H
Rockzolid Module B C E F H
Quarzsand Braun Beige  0,2mm-0,8mm
Wasser Marsch !!!
Abdeckung Sonderanferigung 120x50x50 mit 3 Klappen und 6 Zugängen
Ansicht Zugänge Abdeckung hinten links
Ansicht innerhalb der Abdeckung
Probeanstrich der TEAK lasur auf der Dekorfolie der Abdeckung
Ansicht Abdeckung vor Bearbeitung
Vorbereitung der Klappen für den Anstrich
Erster Anstrich der Klappen
Erster Anstrich Rückseite Abdeckung
Erster Anstrich Vorderseite der Abdeckung
Neue Beckenansicht mit Abdeckung oben
Neu Abdeckung Ansicht vorne und oben
Aquarium equipment:
As contemporary lighting an LED is - lighting the brand EcoMarin chosen.

Type SunaECO 600 with coloring Reef White
(4 x LED Cree ML-E White and 4 x Cree ML-E Blue).
This has a balanced color spectrum with blue portion corresponds to the natural lighting conditions and improves color (sun kringle effects), growth and well-being of the aquarium inhabitants.

The lighting has been mounted and aligned with an aluminum rail to the Alustreben the aquarium cover.

Lighting control with GHL LED Control and 2 GHL Aquarium Computer
To filter an external filter EHEIM brand is used type Professional 3350


Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approximately 1,050.00 l. It inlet hose systems are also the aspiration contained in delivery u. Used.
Other equipment:
For circulation and generating a flow of near-natural water circulation and for some water for the stocking, a flow pump brand WaveMaker has been used with variable power control and 360 * Adjustments.
GHL Profilux mini
GHL Profilux mini
GHL Profilux mini
GHL Profilux Temperatur Sonde
GHL LEDControl4V2
GHL LEDControl4V2
Anschluss daytime matrix an GHL LED Control4v2
daytime 5 pol. Adapterkabel
GHL Profilux mini + GHL LEDControl4v2 installiert
daytime matrix 20.0 Gehäuse
daytime matrix 20.0  ohne matrix
daytime matrix 20.1 mit UBRW bestückt
daytime matrix Ultra Blue
daytime matrix Ultra Red
daytime matrix Ultra White
Specialist aquaria aquarium for "Gina Wild" the Malawi crab.

Malawi CRAB F1 DNZ Potamonautus orbitospinus
Current state 01/15
Width carapace (carapace) and 4cm Overall length 18cm!

German Name: Malawi crab
Synonym: Potamonautes lirrangensis
Body size: up to 18 cm
Diet: Carnivore (Tabs for crustaceans and shrimp or fish from the freezer, as is caution they offer can also weak and old animals out of the basin have enough to eat)
Habitat: Felslitoral (With sufficient crevices and caves, which are used to retreat)
Occurrence in Malawi: Seeweit widespread (often found in the rock zone)
Short description: Blue crab with red joints. Lives mainly aquatic, but examined from time to time on the water surface. (In this case, it's enough out if they can be located on a cross member in the pelvis, or the stone structure leading up to the surface)
Coloring: Various brown tones of light and dark, and an intense blue to purple
Water parameters: As with cichlids from Lake Malawi

Currently, copies rare and difficult to obtain.
Thanks again to Swen Danner from the FB group MALAWI-CICHLIDS for your use :-)

Source of information on habitat, diet, behavior
www.Malawi-Guru.de u. Google Search.
Water parameters:
Water maintenance is carried out daily and a wöchendlicher water changes to 50%.
In summertime heater shutdown in the lunch u. Main time / shutdown currently over timer.

Average results of water:

GH (general hardness): 19
KH (carbonate hardness): 11
Temperature 23-25 ​​* C
PH: 8
NO2 (nitrite) to 0.01 mg / l
NO3 (nitrate): 10 mg / l
CU (copper): 0.0 mg / l
NH4 (ammonium): 0.0
NH3 (ammonia): Up 0.01
PH4 (phosphate): Up to 0.2 mg / l

Values ​​with SERA droplets test determined.
Ansalzung of water in the ratio 1 g / 1l of water exchange wöchendlich

Conductivity tap water 505-515
Conductance aquarium water 680-735
Optionally, after belieben1-2 times daily
washed possible untreated and always fresh shrimp and shrimp feed and cancer of SERA and Dennerle. The shrimp are fed on Wochennede when Gina feels like my pliers directly to the crab.

Partly Saturday &. Sundays no feeding.
Further information:
Inspired by the Facebook group Chichlids Malawi, only so rumstehendes motorcycle in a nice show Aquarium was reconstructed. Every day my clients in the waiting area of the idea enthusiastically and admire the implementation of the hunting and the beautiful Lake Malawi crab. :-)

This motorcycle is not just an exhibit but fully functional !!

Video for Jawa Malawi Drive