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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Misch Masch
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
80x36x45 = 100 liters ~ 26 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Has a brass frame and is already very old. Was our reserve pool. Since we got NEN momentum Guppy and some were gnawed in Bass Basin, we have water and plants from the perch basins and the filter from the "baby pool" cleansed, then guppies pure. I know is not optimal to do it this way but otherwise we would now no more guppies. Fortunately has gone nothing broken.
diverse Steine
Drache `Achtung gefährlich!!` ;-)
Aquarium decoration:
- Mixed gravel 20 kg colorful
- Grain dimension 2 - 6 mm
- A few tufts Vallisneria Spirali
- A no aufgebundener a root Busch Anubias nana
- A few tufts of brown water cup
- A few sprigs of waterweed (from the Isar)
- A handful Cabomba
- 2 or 3 offshoot of Anubias barteri
- No fertilization
Special features of the facility:
- Lava
- 3 plastic archways
- A large plastic dragon
- Various other stones
- A lot of empty (? Tower cover) Schneckenhäuser
Aquarium equipment:
- A neon white 30w
- Aqua Bio Filter BF 100 of Resun
- Every few weeks the sponge is rinsed
- Every two weeks about 20% strength water change
Other equipment:
- Heater
- Air vent
- Constant 25 ° C (+/- 1 °)
- 14 guppies (4 m, 10 m)
- Swordtails offspring (uncountable)
- Molly Young (not countable)
- Some mini snails (presumably Wilde from the Isar)
Water parameters:
- Cl³ mg / l: 0.0 -0.5
- PH: about 7.8
- KH: 18 ° d
- GH: about 18 ° d
- NO² mg / l: are too high Switch on water
- NO³ mg / l: are too high Switch on water
- Measured with JBL Easy Test 6in1 Strip
- But set us a spot test on occasion (I think is more accurate)
- Söll flakes and tablets
- Is sometimes eaten 2-3 times daily as much as in 1-2 min