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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Umgestaltung  nach 4 Wochen mit mehr Lumen und neuer Rückwand (Richtung Südamerika Scape)
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
80x35x40 = 112 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Used pool made with cabinet by a carpenter.
Aquarium Umgestaltung (Richtung Südamerika Scape)
Aquarium decoration:
Plant Growth substrates 3kg
30kg. Dennerle Black quartz gravel 1-2mm
Hygrophila corymbosa Stricta 2x
Echinodorus cordifollus Harbich Red 1
1 moss ball
Java moss
Echinodorus cordifolius Harbich Rot
Special features of the facility:
Large driftwood root
1 Small Mopaniwurzel
Several large and small stones
Kokosnushälften as sand playground realized per 1 half underground filled with sand and to an aboveground.
10 alder cones
Aquarium equipment:
Light -Glo-covering light
Sun-Glo fluorescent bulb
Aqua-Glo fluorescent tube
03/29/2014 timer installed for lighting
Light time 6.00-22.00 clock
LED tip I like that needs me but until the technology deal
Fluval 3 plus internal filter
Filtering tailored with filter wool, sponge material and ceramic rings.
Other equipment:
Thermal Compact heater thermostat
October 2014 homemade organic Co2 system installed with Ph endurance test, Ph thus stable at 7.2 or he was often between 7.5 to 8.0.
If the armored catfish benefited feel significantly better and are more active again
Eheim Außenfilter Classic
CO2 Einweganlage mit Druckminderer von JBL
CO 2 Dauertest
Guppies 4m / 4w, including 1w grown, rem juveniles
2adulte metal armored catfish 1w / 1m 5 metal cory boy from our own breeding,
2 Albino armored catfish
ca 40 +++ Rili shrimp - are still several feels visibly better has become bright red to implement.
8 antlers horn worm
Platys 4w / 1m
3 zebrafish
Diverse Turmdeckelschnecken - eingeschleppt
Besatz im Aquarium Umgestaltung (Richtung Südamerika Scape)
Metallpanzerwels weiblich
Erste Bilder von den Metallpanzerwelslarven
Metallpanzerwels 2 Monate alt
Rilli Garnele
Rilis mit Zucchini , Riesenandrang
Water parameters:
from 01.14.2015
Temp.23 C
No3 00
NO2 0
GH 16
KH 10
PH 7.2
by partial water changes
white mosquito larvae, black fly larvae
Artemia Hatchling
Water fleas,
Frozen food mix for tropical fish
raw zucchini, carrots, nettles from your own garden
Tetra staple food for GUPPIS
Tetra Tablets for bottom fish
CrustaGran for shrimp,
Eiweisstix for shrimp
Dennerle Nano Catappa Leaves
Dennerle Nano crusta Mineral
Further information:
Recommendations on establishment and trimmings - Number welcome.

3/25/2014 partial water change
Sand playgrounds furnished.

Furnished sand playgrounds
5 Catappa Leaves floated fall in a few days and be placed in the foreground.