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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Klein Malawi in Haan
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
200x60x60 = 720 liters ~ 190 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The AQ has 12mm glass, Stossverklebt certainly seam of the Fa. Aquariums Kontor from Haltern
(Many, many thanks to Tim Stenzel for the top counseling and care !!! I can only recommend !!!)
Rear left is an overflow shaft incl. 3 is drilling for 4 chamber Organic external filter system with all together. 128 Ltr.
Rear right is still a diagonal shaft incl. 2 holes for the connection of a pot-filter outside. However, since the filter volume the filter sump I have sufficient decided the pot filter to sell and connect the end with the filter tank.
eine Seite offen...
Komplettansicht mit Filterbecken und Technik
Erster Mondaufgang...noch im Nebel des Grauens
Mit Steinaufbauten und voller Beleuchtung, die noch auf 40% gedimmt wird
Steinaufbauten auf der rechten Seite
Steinaufbauten auf der linken Seite
rechte Beckenhälfte
Ausschnitt aus der linken Hälfte
Rechte Hälfte, neue Aufbauten; Licht auf 30% gedimmt
Rechte Hälfte von rechts oben fotographiert
Aufbauten links, neu
aus einer anderen Perspektive
In den oberen Etagen hat sich erster Aufwuchs gebildet; schöner farblicher Kontrast
nächtliche Stimmung unter Vollmond
Aquarium decoration:
I have 20 kg beige sand (0.5-1.2 mm) with 20 kg of Zanzibar black mixed by JBL to leave a dark ground arise. Unfortunately, the ground acts on the images rel. bright ... Indian reality this is not the case!
To protect the base plate I use a 10mm Styrofoam plate and on a 2mm thick Plexiglas.
Plants I have not provided, because I really am a purist and since no plants found in this area of ​​the lake.
Special features of the facility:
Due to the insanity prices BTN- or Rockzolidrückwände ('m a father of three young children ... ;-)), I wanted to build a rear wall itself ... but I have noticed in recent months in the realization of my project that me there is no time ...
I am then also, through various examples here, the Fa. AquaDecor came from Serbia (Thanks to Carsten, Michael and Dako) and have now ordered the Model A32. In addition still various modules, one of which is to hide the Tunze. Here again, many thanks to Florian Aqua decor! Top! Is highly recommended !!!
In order to produce hiding niches and privacy, I have about 350 kg black rubble in the grain placed 15-50 cm!
Kalkstein Negro-Anthrazit-Grau für die Steinaufbauten
Rückwand von Aquadecor A32 noch ohne Aquarium
Blick von der linken Seite mit Schachtverkleidung links
Aquarium equipment:
Illuminated the AQ 2 LED strands 1900mm Fa. Lumlight (CW / WW / RGB). These are controlled via the ProfiLux 3.1A, which from sunrise, cloud flying, thunderstorms to moonlight, everything is possible. The max. Daylight level is 40%! Sunrise in the morning from 7:30 clock, the sunset in the evening. 21:15 clock ... then the moon rises, which then seems all night The lunar phases are guided by the actual moon phase!
As described above, the filtering takes place over a 4-chamber organic outdoor filtering system with 128 ltr. Volume. The chamber are fitted with foam filter, filter block and Aqua Rock.
Is conveyed back the water by means of a feed pump of the company. Aqua Medic Ocean Runner with output 2400 l / h!
Should not that rich, contrary to expectations but, I can always connect on the right diagonal shaft with a pot-holes External Filter in addition!
Other equipment:
For the required surface flow ensures, in addition to the pump, a Tunze 6055 with up to 5,500 liters. / H. Which is also controlled via the ProfiLux.
A heater thermostat that regulates the temperature to about 26 degrees, is integrated into the art chamber of the filter tank, also the temperature sensor and the pH electrode. Both are also controlled via the ProfiLux.
Verrohrung ins Filterbecken sowie der Gardena-Anschluss für Wasserwechsel
FI-Schalter, Steckdosen und Leitungen
Technik im Aquarium Klein Malawi in  - Nur noch als Beispiel
Stocking on 07/16/2014
Cynotilapia Afra Cobue 4/6
Labeotropheus trewavasae 1/4
Melanochromis auratus 1/4
Pseudotropheus flavus 3/7 -> probably rather 5/5 OD 6/4;. see also Update
Besatz im Aquarium Klein Malawi in  - Nur noch als Beispiel
in Imponierhaltung
Labeo-Weinchen mit ersten Eiern im Maul; vorne das Männchen
Schönes Auratus-Weibchen
Auratus-Gruppe mit Ps. flavus und einem Cobue-Weibchen
Water parameters:
Temperature: 25.9
PH: 8.02
GH: 6
KH: 5
NH 4: 0,0
NO 2: 0,0
NO 3: 5
Fe: 0.3
O2: 7 mg / ltr.
JBL Spirulina currently about 3-4 / day, at the moment no fasting yet
JBL Tanganyika (now and then mixed)
Vegetables (cucumbers, peppers ...) 1 x per week
Further information:
With the planning of my project I started in late vergangegen year. As I said, as a family man with three little kiddies can not does not always find time ... sometimes longer ... :-)
A decision was also to build the base unit of Ytong stones myself, since I have not the money for a for a store-bought and I just wanted to try it myself sometimes to the other. In March, I then started to build. Speaking of time ... now we have to 14.05. and he is still not quite finished ...
The structure looks here from bottom to top as follows:
- A 21mm screen printing plate, which I by 4 wedges A 2 mtr. first had to bring into balance, because in our basement floor (AQ stands in my hobby room) probably at that time the construction of the house, the term "in scale are" at least was defined differently ;-)
- 3 layers Ytongsteine ​​in e-form, two rows 250 mm, top row 200 mm in different widths. At the front 115 mm, rear 50 mm, in order to have enough space for the bushings from the pelvis. Left and right I drilled two holes for ventilation, since the filter tank, despite coverage, but certainly takes place evaporation. The average "Steg" I have excluded the upper area to have space for cables and PVC pipes. I glued the pieces with plate and with a good assembly adhesives, which is bomb-proof !!! Tip: Please make absolutely sure that really stands out with every stone and the other in scale !!! It trips us up when not !!!
Allow to dry for the whole ... then I have the stones primed with a low base, before I plastered. After that I did (let dry cleaning of course!) The whole painted with wet room and then color (right: after the paint had dried) considered the seams with silicone.
Unfortunately, the result was due to my not satisfactory for me Verputzungskünste insufficient ... I then had the idea to use a product of my training company: Alucobond
Said and done! Had my cut everything to size and the pieces then glued with mounting glue! Am now very happy with the result, even if it only in black gave the material (not just my wishful thinking ... but it was in vain! :-)) What's missing are the doors ... For this I will a Create frame construction wood planked doors as 4 x 19 mm chipboard with Alucobond with hinges provided, door handles screw, use magnetic bullet and finished.
- On top is then a 21 mm screen printing plate, which was, of course, rear left and right cut out according to the holes. This plate I have with the Ytong stones screwed (Attention: special anchors necessary), so that I can take off at any time, as long of course the pool it is not yet ;-)
Material costs for everything: about 150,00 Euro!
I hope the pictures give an appropriate impression! If you have questions, may very welcome to contact me! :-)