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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Caudopunc Home (aufgelöst)
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
100 x 70 x 50 cm = 150 liters ~ 39 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Jewel Delta 100
Photo poster as a background

This is my first Tanganjikabecken.
Aquarium Caudopunc Home (aufgelöst)
Aquarium Caudopunc Home (aufgelöst)
Aquarium Caudopunc Home (aufgelöst)
Aquarium Caudopunc Home (aufgelöst)
Aquarium Caudopunc Home (aufgelöst)
Aquarium Caudopunc Home (aufgelöst)
Aquarium Caudopunc Home (aufgelöst)
Nachwuchs verlässt das erste mal die Höhle
Aquarium decoration:
Dark river sand grain to 0,2 - 0,5 mm and fine gravel to 1.5 mm grain size, mixed with JBL Manado
Total 20 kg
3x Anubias barteri
2x Javafarn Microsorium pteropus
2x Cryptocoryne walkeri
Diverse Vallisneria gigantea
Special features of the facility:
Various hole rocks nature, plastic, gypsum
Div. rounded lava stones
1x small mangrove wood piece
Div. Tonhöhlen
Div. Schneckenhäuser Tonna sulcosa, Tonna dolium, Rapana rapiformis
-The Big stones are aufgestellt- on a foam mat on the floor Aquarium
Aquarium equipment:
Standard T8 strip of jewel
2x18W JBL Solar nature, the front light is darkened with upturned reflector.
3 LED lights with integrated Sprudelstein for the night
Lighting time: 9-14h and 18-22h lunch break in between, 21-10h LED lighting with oxygenation
Control via electr. Timers
Fluval U4 Internal Filter (up to 240L)
Max. Capacity 1000L / h
Power consumption 12W
Two different foam cartridge and insert with ceramic filter rings.
The insert can be flexibly used for other filter media.
Other equipment:
Eheim 200 air pump with two outputs
Bar heater 150W from Ferplast
1/0 Altolamprologus compressiceps Gold, juvenile, about 7.5 cm
6 juvenile neolamprologus caudopunctatus (1 pair has already found)
Rest will move in the near future if necessary. Currently Size: about 4.5 - 5cm.
3/0 Ancistrus sp. (Brauner Antennwels / common catfish) aquarium strain
15 Tower snails Melanoides tuberculata
10 robbery Tower snails Anentome Helena
Water parameters:
pH = 7.9
kh = 15
gh = 14
NO2 = 0 / undetectable
NO3 = 10mg / l
Temperature = 24C
weekly water changes approximately 30-40% -. d measurement values ​​each before changing
The addition of JBL Aquadur Malawi / Tanganyika when changing the water for kh-adaptation
Addition of Easy-Life fluid filter medium with the water change
JBL Novo Tanganyika flakes
Hakito Gammarus (freshwater shrimp)
FD freeze-dried Artemia
Tetra FreshDelica krill or Artemia
Vivantis frozen Cyclops
JBL Novo Fect tablet
Sera Catfish Chips
1xwöchentl. live Artemia or white mosquito larvae from ornamental fish dealer
Further information:
This is my first Tanganjikabecken. The Neol. Caudopunctatus has me very intrigued. I have therefore informed me in detail of the nature and hope to meet the needs. So far, they seem to feel very comfortable. Aggressions keep very limited. Even with the Altolamprologus there is no problem, since this also is not very aggressive. They swim together peacefully.
N.Caudopunctatus shows to threaten or impressing an interesting color change in From a stripe pattern. This can be seen in my video.
N.Caudopunctatus is a cavity nesters, which occurs in the southern part of Lake Tanganyika on the coast of Zambia in the rock-sand transition zone. It reaches a size of about 7 cm, with females stay somewhat smaller. Adult males are also recognizes a thin yellow margin on the tail fin. The fish also take large snail shells as breeding cave. Outside the entrance, a pile of sand is dug to camouflage. It is a peaceful area realtiv forming species, the space requirements are relatively low.