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Description of the aquarium:
West / Central Africa
Tank size:
60x30x30 = 54 liters ~ 14 gallons (us)
Specific features:
After more than 20 years I have decided to enter the reef keeping hobby territory and to occupy myself with the care and breeding of killifishes. The pool is my old South Basin "... from Brazil with love ...".
Noch leer...27.02.2014
die selbstgebauten Wandteile, sowie die Kabelkanalführung für die Filtermatte sind
Die Filtermatte für den HMF ist auf Maß geschnitten und eingepasst. 27.02.2014.
Das Becken am 08.05.2014
Aquarium decoration:
2,4 KG Dennerle DeponitMix Professional 9in1 and 5 kg of fine aquarium gravel grit 1-2mm.

In addition to be placed on the floor in the entire basin peat fibers. This acidify the water with and are often used by the Killis as Ablaichsubstrat.
Vallisneria spiralis
Javafarn mounted on Mopani
Small Büschelfarn as a floating plant cover
1 moss ball

The aim is, by means of planting to create safe havens for the females and the basin total darken slightly.
Vallisneria spiralis
Vallisneria spiralis
Cryptocoryne x willisii
Knospe von Cabomba caroliniana und Schwimmpflanzen
Special features of the facility:
Styrofoam, tile adhesive, granite spray, some branches and epoxy-built rear and side walls.


Fibrous peat
Damit die Pflanzen gut anwachsen habe ich einen Nährboden eingebracht.
Aquarium equipment:
Cover jewel Korallux 60, equipped with a jewel aquarium Daylight 15 Watt tube.

The lighting is on a timer of 12 - is 22 turns clock.
The pool is filtered with a HMF.

Behind the mat Siporax and Peat are additionally introduced. The latter is intended to push the pH in the acidic range.

The HMF is a Eheim Compact 300 pump operated running throttled.
Other equipment:
50 Watt Tetra - heater
1/2 Epiplatys dageti monroviae
Aphyosemion australe 2/2 "Gold"
Aphyosemion striatum 1/1
Männlicher Aphyosemion striatum
Aphyosemion australe `Gold` Weibchen
Aphyosemion australe `Gold` Männchen
Aphyosemion australe `Gold`
Aphyosemion australe `Gold` Weibchen
Aphyosemion australe `Gold` Weibchen
Epiplatys dageti monroviae Männchen
Epiplatys dageti monroviae Weibchen
Epiplatys dageti monroviae Weibchen
Water parameters:
Temperature: 24 ° C
pH: 6.5
KH: 3
GH: 5
No2: 0
No3: below 10 mg / liter

The remaining values ​​are submitted.
Since Killis prefer relatively nourishing food, the animals are mainly fed with live and frozen foods.

In between there and TetraMin Tetra Rubin Crisp feed.
Further information:
Fertilize with Dennerle Bio CO2

1 x weekly administration of EasyLife ProFito liquid complete fertilizer.

Water change every 7 days 10 liters, treated with oak extract.