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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Over the Rainbow  nur noch als Beispiel
Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
100x40x40 = 160 liters ~ 42 gallons (us)
Becken wurde Ausgerichtet
Schrankplatte mit doppelseitigen Klebeband versehen
Styrodurplatte wurde Aufgeklebt
Becken fertig zur Befüllung
Hauptansicht Stand 09.02.2014
Durchsicht durch den Raumteiler Stand  09.02.2014
Seitenansicht Stand 09.02.1014
Aquarium decoration:
Aquarium gravel 1 to 3 mm Black (rounded) Had this remained of another pool.
Now it is so far the covered with trees is now complete and consists of:

Vallisneria nana - Narrow-Vallis
Temperature of 15 to 30 degrees
Hardness 2-21

The Vallisneria nana comes from the north of Australia. In your home country this Vallisneria ereicht a height of 15 cm, in our aquariums but they can reach up to 70 cm length growth ..

Its leaves are bright green and just three millimeters wide. With its ribbon-shaped leaves that Nana is a beautiful plant, suitable for medium as well as the background of the aquarium .. In good circumstances, it is very joyful growth and multiplies over offshoots very good.

The Nana has a good level of light, from 0.4 watts / L upwards. If the light intensity is less, the leafes grow longer. The nutrient conditions in the basin affect the growth length.

For a regular fertilization, CO2 and iron addition, the plant is grateful.

Vallisneria spiralis Striped - Striped Vallis
SAGITTARIA subalata (natans) dwarf arrowhead
Crytocoryne Beckettil

Hyorophila pinnatifida
Temperature: 18 to 28 degrees
Kh: 2 to 12
Origin: India

Hygrophila pinnatifida is an endemic in India Water-type friend. They inhabited streams in the western coastal region.
The leaves are fiederlappig to pinnatisect in agriculture as in the underwater shape. Submerged leaves also have a special, resembling some Cryptocorynes coloring.

H. pinnatifida develops submerged both upright shoots and streamer-like creeping shoots, which can baste with their roots to rocks or wood.

H. pinnatifida copes with medium illuminance, but intense light contributes to compact habit with. A good nutrient and CO2 supply is recommended. This Hygrophila species, it can apparently quickly lead to potassium deficiency, which manifests itself in small, pinprick-like holes in the older leaves.

For propagation are best the streamer-like Runners use.

The growth rate varies considerably depending on the conditions and level of development of the plant.

H. pinnatifida can be emersed cultivate on moist substrate in a good light and nutrient supply. In daylight culture the plants come mainly in spring to flower.

detailed descriptions follow.
Hyorophila pinnatifida
Hyorophila pinnatifida
Pflanzen sotiert , Wurzel beschnitten, bereit zum einpflanzen
SAGITTARIA subalata (natans) Zwergpfeilkraut
Cryptocoryne beckettil
VALLiSNERIA spiralis Striped - Gestreifte Vallisnerie
VALLiSNERIA spiralis Striped - Gestreifte Vallisnerie
VALLiSNERIA nana - Schmalblättrige Vallisnerie
Special features of the facility:
I just decided this time for artificial stones. Since they have a considerable size, they were cut with a miniature circular saw to size.
Art root, Red Moorkienwurzel, small pebbles.


Since I was not at peace so right with the result, now a rear wall with stone decor came into the pool. The rear panel is anchored only in the sand, not geklebt.Durch an inclined position and by the presence of 3D structure, a flow behind the rear wall is provided. It is also a swim behind, guaranteed over the entire length, to the fish. Although the rear wall takes away from the base, a larger optical depth is given.
Künstliche Wurzel
Aquarium equipment:
The lighting currently consists of a Sun Glow 30 watts and a 30 Watt Aqua Glow.
Sun Glow 2200 lumens / 4200K
Aqua Glow 900 lumens / 18000K
Both lights package of the aquarium were in comp. Case.

Lighting time non-stop from 16:00 bis 23:45 clock clock

Conversion to LED in work.
The filtering is performed by a Eheim BioBall 240. This internal filter is suitable for pools up to 240 liters and has a capacity of 8 watts.
Other equipment:
The CO2 fertilization assumes a homemade organic Co2 system. In a Gärkanister a sugar-yeast mixture is prepared. Through a tube goes the Co2 that is formed during the conversion of sugar into alcohol, in a scrubber (around 1 liter container to 2/3 filled with water) the spout now leads an adjusting to a Sprudelstein into the pool.

Heating with 200 watt heater of jewel
Eheim Bioball 240
It should actually etheostoma, Etheostoma move. Apart from the price for Wild, the cooling was for me in the summer, the reason of this sight.
I do not know if me the path that leads towards Florida, Burma or even to Australia.

The destination is now clear it is warm. Australia and New Guinea, is already booked ;-)
There will be rainbow fish, is new territory for me. Liebäugele with Melanotaenia praecox, Melanotaenia sexlineata and Melanotaenia parkinsoni.


Stocking at the time:
Melanotaenia maccullochi
Melanotaenia praecox
Melanotaenia parkinsoni
Melanotaenia boesemani
 	  Melanotaenia boesemani
 	  Melanotaenia boesemani
Besatz im Aquarium Over the Rainbow  nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium Over the Rainbow  nur noch als Beispiel
 	  Melanotaenia boesemani
Besatz im Aquarium Over the Rainbow  nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium Over the Rainbow  nur noch als Beispiel
Melanotaenia praecox
Melanotaenia parkinsoni
Melanotaenia maccullochi
Melanotaenia parkinsoni - Weibchen
Water parameters:
Not measured because unbewust changed their home during the relocation of mosses and a root from my Little jungle, some shrimp. Are these my indicator of water quality.
Large selection of frozen food: Black, red, white mosquito larvae
Artemia, Cylops.

Live food: daphnia, bloodworms, glass rods, and more. Jeh to offer.

Miscellaneous Flakes Tropical, Sera, tetramine (with animal and vegetable ingredients, feed flakes with extra vitamins)

Feed delivery 3 times daily in small quantities
Further information:
The basin has passed its tightness test. After the cabinet was weighed, came up with the cabinet panel double-sided tape. This serves as an assurance that the 2 cm Styrodurplatte not slip.
The Styrodurplatte protects the pelvic floor and is also a very good heat insulation. The board sides are still covered.
Sand, Deko and water in the basin. Filtering runs. (Retracted Fitereinsätze taken from another pool.)
Run-in period begins.