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Hauptansicht von 180L Gesellschaftsbecken
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
100*40*45 = 180 liters ~ 47 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Aquarium: Juwel Rio 180

The RIO 180 combines the imperishable rectangular shape and modern equipment.
With its compact footprint of 101 x 41 cm and the classic, rectangular design, the RIO 180 fits every style of living without any problems.
The security subframe ensures a particularly secure positioning and allows easy positioning of the aquarium without any special documents.
Careful processing from Germany, high-quality materials and perfectly tuned technology ensure maximum quality and safety and guarantee the longevity of the RIO 180th
Becken 1
Aquarium decoration:
Traditional aquarium gravel grit 3-5 mm natural color bright approx 20kg.
-20x Sagittaria subulata Flood end arrowhead in the foreground.
-2x Marimo-Moskugel in the foreground.
-2x Anubias barteri var. Barteri-Broad Speerblatt (1x in the gravel, 1x to root untied) in the foreground.
-1x Hygrophila polysperma 'Sunset' ('Pink Annoying') - 'Sunset' Water friend in the foreground.
-1x Echinodorus major Gewelltblättrige sword plant in the middle.
-3x Echinodorus grisebachii 'Bleherae'-Large Amazon sword plant in the background.
-1x Limnophila Aquatica giant swamp friend (30 stems) in the background.

Fertilization with:

- Easy Life ProFito Vollgünger Weekly 20ml after water changes

- Happy Life Happy Carbo liquid carbon fertilizer daily 6ml

- JBL fertilizer balls in the ground as a root food
Special features of the facility:
-1x Great Moor Wood Root
-1x Rainbow Lochenstein
-1x Lochenstein
-1x Flowerpot made of clay
-1x Slate
Aquarium equipment:
Jewel lightbar with 2 T-5 fluorescent tubes equipped with reflectors.

The tubes have ever 45W, gives 0.5W / L

Lighting hours: 9-12 and 15-22 Clock Clock gives 10 hours, controlled by a timer.


-Juwel High-Lite Nature 4100 Kelvin
High-Lite Nature 45 Watt
The Juwel High-Lite Nature creates a warm and natural light. The special light spectrum of the High-Lite Nature promotes plant photosynthesis and also emphasizes the green colors in the aquarium.
In combination with the JUWEL High-Lite Day the High-Lite Nature is particularly suited to image the entire solar spectrum.
-Warmes, Natural light
-Natural Color effect with 4100 Kelvin
-Promotes The growth of high-growing plants
-Ideal Combined with jewel High-Lite Day

-Juwel High-Lite Day 9000 Kelvin
The JUWEL High-Lite Day provides a maximum brightness in your aquarium.
The special light spectrum of the High-Lite Day fluorescent lamp brings the natural colors of your animal and plant life to their best advantage.
-Brillante Color effect
-Farbtemperatur Of 9000 Kelvin provides bright and invigorating light
-Promotes Plant growth
-Ideal Combined with jewel High-Lite Nature or Colour.
The aquarium is filtered with a jewel Bioflow 3.0 Filter System.

For optimum filtering the RIO 180 is equipped with a powerful Bioflow 3.0. This internal filter combines effectiveness with security and forms the centerpiece of a JUWEL Aquariums. It follows the principle "The water remains in the aquarium!" and thus represents the safest way, an aquarium filter. The Bioflow 3.0 is equipped with five powerful filter media and a silent, powerful Eccoflow 600 circulation pump.
For the right temperature in the RIO 180 JEWEL heater thermostat 200 watts which ensures optimal in the water cycle of Bioflow 3.0 Filter System is integrated.
Thanks to the use of high quality silver contacts and durable borosilicate glass meets the JUWEL automatic heater highest demands in terms function and safety, and of course TÜV / GS certified.

The heater is unplugged.
Other equipment:
The aquarium comes complete without heating. It stands in the living room and has a constant 25 ° C Wassertemberatur.
2x Pterophyllum scalare scalar (1m / 1w)
3x Trichogaster trichopterus-gourami (1m / 2w)
5x Hemigrammus erythrozonus-Glowlight
1x Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi-Black Neon
3x Xiphophorus maculatus Platy (1m / 2w)
4x Trigonostigma heteromorpha-Harlequin
2x Mikrogeophagus altispinosus-mikrogeophagus altispinosus (1m / 1w)
15x Otocinclus affinis Ear grid Harnischwels
6x Ancistrus spec.-brown catfish (2m / 4w)
10x Caridina japonica Amanogarnele
1x Macrobrachium lanchesteri-Glasgarnele
2x Cherax sp. "Black Scorpion" -Black Scorpion cancer (2w)

The Glowlight will soon be on min. 10 increased.
The Keilfleckbärblinge that Glasgarnele and a part of the antenna catfish are submitted.
Antennenwels männchen
Fadenfisch und Glühlichtsalmler
Fadenfisch 1
Glasgarnele 1
Platy 1
Scalar 1
Bolivianischer Schmetterlingsbuntbarsch 1
Bolivianischer Schmetterlingsbuntbarsch 2
Amanogarnelen 1
Amanogarnelen 2
Ohrgitterharnischwels 1
Ohrgitterharnischwels 2
Black Scorpion Krebs 1
Black Scorpion Krebs 2
Black Scorpion Krebs 3
Black Scorpion Krebs 4
Black Scorpion Krebs 5
Black Scorpion Krebs 6
Black Scorpion Krebs 7
Black Scorpion Krebs 8
Water parameters:
The pool runs with me with unaufbereitetem tap water.

Temp .: 25 ° C
KH: 12 ° GCH
pH: 7.5
GH: 8 ° dGH
NO²: 0,025mg / l
NO³: 5mg / l
Fe: 0.1 mg / l
CL: 0mg / l
CO²: 30mg / l

Water change:

Weekly ca 20%

Water additives:

- Easy Life ProFito Vollgünger Weekly 20ml after water changes

- Happy Life Happy Carbo liquid carbon fertilizer daily 6ml
-Dennerle CrustaGran-staple food for the crabs
-JBL NovoPleco food tablets for catfish
-JBL NovoGranoMix staple food
Tetra ProEnergy staple food
Vegetables (eg cucumber or Bio Bio peppers scalded)

Every Monday is fasting.
Further information:
-Abgedeckt The aquarium with the highlight bar is on which there are two flaps to make it escape-proof for the crabs. The openings for the cable are sealed with foam.